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Need Eaves? Call the Experts. Posted May 15, 2017 Home improvement projects can be daunting and stressful for even the handiest homeowner.

Need Eaves? Call the Experts

The cost, time and resources required to pull off major renovations and installations at home can frustrated anyone. However, when you enlist the help of a trusted professional, you can ease your stress by knowing the job will be done correctly. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Rain Showers for Flowers and Eavestroughs. Posted April 30, 2017 Spring showers bring flowers, but rain in any season often brings thoughts of eavestrough installation in Etobicoke, where many homeowners need them.

Rain Showers for Flowers and Eavestroughs

There are several things to keep in mind as you consider your need for eavestroughsand installation options. Purpose of Eavestroughs Eavestroughs are installed on eaves, which is the part of the roof that meets or hangs over the walls of a building. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Getting the Best Value From Your New Front Door. Posted March 17, 2017 Does a weathered or damaged front door have you considering door installation in Etobicoke?

Getting the Best Value From Your New Front Door

Getting a new door might be one quick and highly effective way to upgrade your existing home. Before you call a door and window expert to have your new component put in place, there are some details you may want to contemplate. Thinking ahead might help make sure you receive the best value in return for your investment. First, prioritize quality in the products you choose. Once you have chosen the perfect door for your house, do not forget the potential importance of correct door installation in Etobicoke. After picking out the perfect door and having it expertly installed, you can sit back and enjoy your home’s beautiful new component. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Sliding Door Options. Posted February 09, 2017 Using sliding doors in your home remodeling project can open up a variety of style options.

Sliding Door Options

Here are some of the common types of sliding doors in west Toronto that can add to the look, value, and function of your home. Pocket Doors Pocket doors are great when you need to have a door solution in a small space without hinges. These single panel doors slide into a pocket within the wall as they are being opened. Bypass Doors Instead of disappearing into a wall, bypass doors move along tracks located above and below the door frame on either its left or right side. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Sneaky Roof Leaks: Where They Hide. Posted February 27, 2017 Toronto homeowners know that weatherproofing their homes is not something to take lightly.

Sneaky Roof Leaks: Where They Hide

If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, or you’re noticing leaks inside the house, it’s clearly time to consult a company that specializes in roof repairs in Toronto.But where are those annoying leaks coming from? Some of the sources might surprise you. Chimneys, dormer windows, and vents, or anything that projects through the roof, have sharp angles and jointsaround their bases.A material called “flashing,” typically thin sheets of metal, is applied to cover and seal these areas.Flashing can rust or become loose over time.Similarly, plumbing vent pipes often have a rubber “boot,” or gasket, surrounding the cylindrical base of the pipe where the pipe sticks out from the roof.The rubber boot can become damaged in the sun over time and lose its tight seal around the pipe. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. 3 Valuable Home Renovations to Consider.

Posted January 17, 2017 Home remodeling projects offer a host of rewarding benefits from updated style and customized design, to increased function and energy efficiency, to improved home value.

3 Valuable Home Renovations to Consider

If you are interested in enjoying these advantages and are considering home renovations in Etobicoke, here are three valuable projects to consider along the way. 1. Kitchen Kitchens are a central location in many homes; a place where the cooking is done, socializing takes place, and memories are created. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Every Patio Needs a Sliding Door. Posted January 30, 2017 Ontario homeowners love their patios.

Every Patio Needs a Sliding Door

These outdoor decks increase a home’s normal living space during the beautiful Canadian summers. For a truly great patio, though, a standard door just will not work. Sliding doors in West Toronto are a critical element for a wonderful Canadian patio. Canadian homeowners understand how vitally important it is to bring the natural environment inside. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. When to Call a Professional Roofer. Posted December 18, 2015 Many homeowners have a list of home improvements and repairs that they would like to have done to increase their home’s value and to make their homes better overall.

When to Call a Professional Roofer

Some things, however, such as roof replacement and repair get overlooked because they seem like big jobs filled with hassles. If your roof is damaged, it is essential to look into either getting it repaired or replaced because it can be hazardous and have a negative impact on the resale value of your home. Professional roofers in Etobicoke can handle you roofing job no matter what it is, and they can determine exactly what needs to be done. Below are some signs that mean you should contact a roofing professional.

Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Signs You Might Need to Have Your Roof Repaired. Posted November 05, 2016 Depending on what type of material you roof’s made of, the odds are that you’re going to need repairs every few years.

Signs You Might Need to Have Your Roof Repaired

However, if you’ve never dealt with these types of details before, you may not be very familiar with the symptoms of a roof that needs to undergo some repairs soon. Here are some of the most common signs that you’re in need of roof repairs in Toronto sometime in the near future: Bare Shingles If you’ve been noting that a disproportionate amount of your shingles are beginning to look bare, it may be time to call the professionals. Missing Shingles This is perhaps one of the most obvious issues, but one which homeowners overlook all the time. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc.

Get Creative With Your Windows and Doors Renovation. Posted June 20, 2016 Many older homes need exterior improvements.

Get Creative With Your Windows and Doors Renovation

It is particularly common for older homes to need new windows and doors. This is because these areas often have gaps and cracks around the framing. When this occurs, the outdoor elements can easily enter your home. If you need new windows and doors in West Toronto, you may want to get a little creative. Lower the Windows Several homes have windows that were hung higher on the walls.

Choose Different Styles. Rejuvenating Your Home with New Doors and Windows. Posted September 16, 2016 Take a moment to think very carefully about what your doors and windows look and feel like both from the inside and outside of your home. It’s so easy for us to ignore these details, but doors and windows shape a home’s experience.

Whether your doors and windows are cracked on the inside or outside or whether they just look flat and devoid of life, it’s worth getting some new, beautifully designed doors and windows in Etobicoke. The first thing to remember about windows is that you don’t necessarily just have to install a newer, cleaner frame with a different design. With the right contractor, it’s easy to vary the size of the window. Another option is to use a different frame shape. Don’t forget to think about both doors and windows in Etobicoke. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Little Known Facts About Your Home’s Siding.

Posted December 30, 2015 There are many things that can be beneficial to know about the exterior of your home. Your siding, for example, might seem straightforward but there are lots of little facts about your siding that can help you as a homeowner. The more knowledge you have about the siding that makes up your home, the easier it is to know when it is time to call siding contractors in Etobicoke. Here are a few simple facts to keep in mind about the siding on your house. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. The Eyes of Your Home. Posted September 16, 2016 Both windows and doors play extremely important roles in your home. Not only are they the barrier between you and the elements, they are also the frames though which you see the world.

As you’re searching for new doors and windows in Etobicoke, keep in mind several important tips. Choose quality. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc Address: 82 Six Point Road, Toronto Address: Ontario, M8Z2X2, Canada Telephone: (416) 233-7086 Locate on map : Locate on map Website: Visit Website Opening Hours: By Appointment. A Guide to Upgrading Your Windows and Doors. Posted May 15, 2016 The Toronto climate can be tough on your home's exterior, especially doors and glass inserts.

If you are looking to upgrade your windows and doors in West Toronto, there are several options. While vinyl windows are the most well-known type, they may not be the best option for severe climates. You might want to consider fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows have incredibly strong frames. Fiberglass window frames are even stronger than wood-vinyl composites, while still maintaining the traditional look of beautiful wood frame windows. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Increase Your Investment’s Value with New Windows. Posted August 20, 2016. Signs You Need New Windows in Your Home. Posted July 20, 2016. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Consider an Infinity Window Replacement. Posted January 29, 2016 There are numerous options out there for a window replacement in Etobicoke, but many homeowners are choosing to go with one of the strongest brands out there: Infinity.

They are an excellent choice for various reasons, but you still need a reliable installation to get the maximum benefits. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Important Reasons to Replace Your Windows. Posted June 10, 2016. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Get Creative With Your Windows and Doors Renovation. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Door installation Etobicoke. Walker Contracting Inc. 3 Home Improvements That WillReduce Your Heating Bill. Posted May 25, 2016 When you live in Ontario, you have to be ready for the weather. If your heater breaks right before winter, that’s not a problem you can ignore. Walker Contracting Inc. Can Sliding Doors Save Energy? Posted March 25, 2016. Home renovations Etobicoke. The Importance of Replacing Your Windows. Posted February 25, 2016 There are many reasons for window replacement in Etobicoke.

Siding Company Olathe-Two Four Exteriors, LLC

Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Roof repair new toronto. We’ll be honest: Any contractor can install new shingles and make your roof look nice. But it’s what the contractor does underneath those shingles that really matters. When you tear off an old roof, a host of problems often lurk beneath the surface—rot, leaks, structural issues… you name it. Unfortunately, many contractors are too inexperienced or unskilled (or just plain lazy!) To fix these problems. The result? At Walker Contracting, we install the best products AND fix underlying problems to ensure the longest-lasting roof. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc. Window Installation New Toronto.

Hands-Down It’s The Infinity Window By Marvin. Gorgeous. Efficient.