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I am attempting to gather information on mushrooms and fungi.

Perfecti. Perfecti. Dane Osis and His Morel Motherload « Oregon Mushroom Stories. Dane Osis and His Morel Motherload Posted by Lola Milholland on April 6, 2012 · 5 Comments Dane Osis is a 35-year-old Park Ranger at Fort Stevens State Park, just outside of Astoria.

Dane Osis and His Morel Motherload « Oregon Mushroom Stories

Central Oregon Mushroom Club. Most Recent Archives. Most Recent Archives (This Year) June 1st, 2007: submitted photos: June 1st, 2007: B-Dodo the estranged, black morel - general location = Oregon, above Parkdale, Growing Conditions = Heavy timber lands about 4000' Additional Comments = A great day on Monday May 28th, 10lbs of Morels, batches of Yellow Corals, 4 giant Gyromirta Gigas and a solitary King Bolete!!!!

Most Recent Archives

The biggest Morels I've ever found in my life!!! Glory be, seems the season is moving to higher elevations. 2012 Morel Sightings Map. Morel Mushroom Report. The Largest Mushroom Society in the Pacific Northwest. MDCP Morel Taxa. By Michael Kuo The morels described below are based on unpublished DNA testing of morels sent in to the Morel Data Collection Project . I have not used scientific names (with two exceptions), since most of the scientific names currently in use represent European species, and DNA comparisons would have to be made before these European names could be applied to North American mushrooms. The names used below are either random "taxon" numbers assigned by Dr. Carol Carter or Dr. PNW edibles. Edible Forest Mushrooms. Commercially-Harvested Edible Forest Mushrooms Productivity and Sustainable Harvest Research in the Pacific Northwest David Pilz, Randy Molina, & Jane Smith.

Edible Forest Mushrooms

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, 3200 Jefferson Way, Corvallis, Oregon 97331. Mike Amaranthus. Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Siskiyou National Forest, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526. Commercial Harvesting. Edible Wild Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

This guide covers wild edible mushrooms of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, the Rocky Mountains and Western Canada.

Edible Wild Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

This list only contains "safe" mushrooms - those that can be reliably identified and have no deadly-poisonous look-alikes. As a safety precaution, all mushrooms should be cooked and eaten in small quantities if not previously consumed. Warning: do not attempt to identify a mushroom by matching the pictures alone; compare all the listed characteristics. Never experiment with a mushroom that you cannot positively identify.