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Tools of the Coffee Trade

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Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Review 2021.

Home Roasting

BuzzFeed. Frothing Milk. Another Method for Hacking the Cuisinart SupremeGrind for Espresso : Open up ... This Is the One Device By Which Coffee Experts Swear. For home coffee drinkers, a $30,000 espresso machine probably isn’t an option.

This Is the One Device By Which Coffee Experts Swear

But the good news is, there are a handful of simple, affordable tools that can elevate an ordinary cup of joe to professional-level brew. Eater pooled a handful of coffee pros to find out the one gadget each can't brew without. And while coffee bean quality and freshness are important, across the board everyone agreed on one requisite piece of equipment: Baratza Virtuoso's conical burr grinder ($229).

So, what's the deal? Coffee cheat sheet. Basic coffee cheat sheet. Remembering My Farm Chores. Kids nowadays miss out on the kinds of experiences we had when we were kids.

Remembering My Farm Chores

There was no child labor law, so kids worked right along with their parents. Kids drove tractors when they were ten years old. The tractor was operated with just a clutch; no accelerators.