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La stratégie "globale" de Google pour imposer Google + Une semaine après le lancement du réseau social Google +, le géant du moteur de recherche a lancé plusieurs initiatives pour imposer son service.

La stratégie "globale" de Google pour imposer Google +

Google souhaite d'abord rendre les profils de Google + publics, rapporte le site spécialisé Search Engine Land, mardi 5 juillet. A partir du 31 juillet, l'internaute ne pourra plus garder privé son profil Google, désormais totalement intégré à Google +, et devra laisser apparaître, au minimum, son nom et son prénom. "Aujourd'hui, presque tous ces profils Google sont publics. Nous pensons que la meilleure manière d'utiliser "Google Profiles" est d'aider à trouver des personnes et de les connecter en ligne.

Ce que ne permettent pas les profils privés", fait valoir Google. Inside Google+ — How the Search Giant Plans to Go Social. Google, the world’s largest search company, is formally making its pitch to become a major force in social networking.

Inside Google+ — How the Search Giant Plans to Go Social

The product it announced Tuesday is called Google+, and observers might wonder whether it’s simply one more social effort by a company that’s had a lousy track record in that field to date. ‘On Facebook I overshare. On Twitter, I undershare. If Google hits that spot in the middle, we can revolutionize social interaction.’ — Shimrit Ben-Yair, product manager in charge of the social graph. Parts of it certainly seem to appear similar to what we’ve seen before.

The second important app is Circles, an improved way to share information with one’s friends, family, contacts and the public at large. But as I learned in almost year of following the project’s development, with multiple interviews with the team and its executives, Google+ is not a typical release. The parts announced Tuesday represent only a portion of Google’s plans. Some think the battle is already lost.

Google and Social Media

Google Office In Zurich. We all know how Google pampers its employees with lavish office environment and all kinds of facilities and these are a set of photos inside the Google building in Zurich, Switzerland from Picasa. Bathtubs where you can sit and relax while watching an aquarium, a hallway slide, peculiar meeting rooms makes you envious with awe for those who can work in the Google workplace. Check out more of the Google office in Zurich with 37 more pics after the jump. Source: Picasa Related Posts. Google révèle la liste pays lui demandant de supprimer des liens. La Grande-Bretagne et les Etats-Unis comptent parmi les pays faisant le plus de demandes au groupe internet Google pour qu'il supprime des liens ou livre des informations sur ses utilisateurs, selon des tableaux publiés lundi 27 juin portant sur le deuxième semestre 2010.

Google révèle la liste pays lui demandant de supprimer des liens

Google report reveals British government web snooping. French search engine seeks multi-million euro damages from Google. High performance access to file storage A French search engine is demanding damages of €295m from Google, in a legal spat over Mountain View's dominance of the market. 1plusV, a local rival to Google in France, alleged that Mountain View's command of the search engine biz had blocked the development of services offered by competitors in the country.

French search engine seeks multi-million euro damages from Google

The French outfit charged that Google's dominance prevented lesser-known companies from lapping up ad revenue, and claimed that the world's largest search engine prioritises its own sites in query results over that of its rivals. Paris-based 1plusV said it sought lost profits from Google in a lawsuit filed to the Paris Commercial Court this morning, reports Bloomberg. The firm is also calling on Google to publish details of alleged antitrust business behaviour on its French homepage for three months. It claimed that the the actions included "suffocation of technological competitors" and "manipulation of 'natural results'".

Google And Gaming

Google+ Unveiled: 7 Things You Need To Know. Google Kills Tags In Favor Of Boost. Google is killing Tags, an advertising product for local businesses which allowed them to enhance their Google Maps or Places listings.

Google Kills Tags In Favor Of Boost

For a flat $25 monthly fee, local merchants could make their their natural listings stand out a bit with a yellow tag and a few words pointing to offers, photos, menus, or links back to their website. Tags were introduced with Google Places, the search engines local listings effort, about a year ago after being tested for a few months. Google sent an email today to merchants using the service notifying them that it will be shut down in two weeks on April 29. One tipster who sent us a copy of the email writes: Seems google is killing this offering.

While it’s true that Local is now under senior VP Jeff Huber, there is probably a simpler explanation for why it is getting sunsetted. These are much more useful, especially in mobile search. Analysis: Google's Page and Wall Street: Who needs who? SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - It took fewer than 400 words for freshman Google Inc CEO Larry Page to set the tone for a strained relationship with Wall Street that could haunt him for years.

Analysis: Google's Page and Wall Street: Who needs who?

The 38-year-old tech visionary -- who with Sergey Brin created the algorithm that today powers the world's most-used search engine -- risks alienating a powerful investor constituency that will be crucial to his efforts to ensure Google remains at the top of its game, say some industry observers. Investors had hoped to hear Page sketch out his vision during a Thursday post-earnings conference call. Instead, Page came on the line for a few minutes, expressed his optimism in the company, then signed off without entertaining questions on a stunning 54 percent cost spike. Of course, there are plenty of CEOs who do not pander to Wall Street, including Apple Inc's Steve Jobs. But RCM Capital Management portfolio manager Walt Price said even the Silicon Valley icon tackles shareholder concerns head on. Aide Referencement Google. Cl - Command line tools for the Google Data APIs. GoogleCL brings Google services to the command line.

cl - Command line tools for the Google Data APIs

We currently support the following Google services: Blogger. Google Removes More Than 11 Million Domains From Search Result. By Ricky on July 6th, 2011 In what might possibly be the largest websites ban ever in its history, Google has removed more than 11 million domains from its search result.

Google Removes More Than 11 Million Domains From Search Result

Google's decision to ban these websites is because of the huge number of spam and phishing websites hosted at this domain. According to a recent report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the domain hosts around 5000 phishing websites. Although the TLD .cc is officially owned by the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the domain is not an officially recognized second level domain. The domain is owned by a Korean company and they are the one providing the 11 million sub domains. According to Matt Cutts from the Google Spam Team, Google classifies as a free host and so they have the right to take action on as a whole. Music Beta by Google. How Google's Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever - Whiteboard Friday. It's here!

How Google's Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever - Whiteboard Friday

Google has released Panda update 2.2, just as Matt Cutts said they would at SMX Advanced here in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. This time around, Google has - among other things - improved their ability to detect scraper sites and banish them from the SERPs. Of course, the Panda updates are changes to Google's algorithm and are not merely manual reviews of sites in the index, so there is room for error (causing devastation for many legitimate webmasters and SEOs). A lot of people ask what parts of their existing SEO practice they can modify and emphasize to recover from the blow, but alas, it's not that simple. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses how the Panda updates work and, more importantly, how Panda has fundamentally changed the best practices for SEO. Howdy, SEOmoz fans. Être embauché chez Google : pour “happy few” seulement. Marissa Mayer. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Marissa Mayer

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Mayer. Marissa Mayer Marissa Mayer en 2012. Eric Schmidt. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Schmidt. Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt en 2011. Google extends Chrome to spot insecure code. Google building Skype-alike software into Chrome. Heads up, Skype. Shortly after releasing software for audio and video chat as an open-source project called WebRTC as open-source software, Google is beginning to build it into its Chrome browser. The real-time chat software originated from Google's 2010 acquisition of Global IP Solutions (GIPS) , a company specializing in Internet telephony and videoconferencing. The obvious beneficiary for the project is Gmail, whose audio and video communications ability today requires use of a proprietary plug-in. 5 extensions Google Chrome pour Twitter. Alors que je vous proposais récemment 30 extensions Firefox pour Twitter, je me suis dit qu’il serait dommage de ne pas en faire autant pour Google Chrome.

Rapidité, efficacité et simplicité ont suffit à la firme de Mountain View à s’imposer avec pas moins de 10% des parts de marché des navigateurs web, soit 1 internaute sur 10. Twitter, de son côté, n’en finit plus de s’affirmer comme Le service de micro-blogging à la mode. Alors pour allier les deux et améliorer votre expérience utilisateur, j’ai décidé de vous présenter 5 extensions Google Chrome pour Twitter… 1.

TwitterWatch TwitterWatch est l’outil le plus simple pour garder un œil sur des mots clés Twitter ! 2. Un nouveau moteur de recherche "officiel" en Chine. Le Quotidien du peuple, le journal officiel du Parti communiste chinois, a lancé ce mardi 21 juin son propre moteur de recherche, avec le soutien technologique de Baidu, le numéro 1 du secteur en Chine.