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Designing A Facebook Fan Page: Showcases, Tutorials, Resources - Advertisement Despite its privacy issues, Facebook clearly has a key role in global Internet activity. It has become a kind of universal social network, being used for both personal and business needs. For many individuals, companies and organizations, Facebook has become an integral part of their branding strategy and promotional campaigns.

Facebook provides many tools for maximizing the effect of your presence on the social network, most of all by means of business pages, also known as fan pages. Using a variety of applications and Facebook API tools, one can get creative not only with the page content, but with the design, too. In this post, we’ll give you an idea of how to use Facebook for your business and self-promotional efforts. By the way, it’s been two years since Smashing Magazine’s Facebook fan page launched (now with 18,500 fans). Showcase Of Well-Designed Facebook Fan Pages Giants of the Industry Big brands demonstrate the best use of Facebook by far. Resources And Tutorials. What makes a good design blog ? A great article on aspects what should be added to a blog in order to generate profit, to increase traffic and to make an overall better blog, weather it’s a design blog or a non design blog which are fundamental aspects.

RSS And Email Subscription It’s essential to have an RSS and email icons or buttons which can indicate to visitors to the site that they can subscribe to updates from the blog. Icons need to be clear easy to see and attract the user’s attention at a quick glance. RSS icons on most blogs appear on the top right of the blog which is the ideal location to put an RSS icon because that’s most likely where people will first look when attempting to subscribe to a design blog whether its via RSS or E-mail.

Allowing readers to subscribe to your RSS feed or join your mailing list, is a great way to keep visitors returning back to your blog when ever new content is published on your blog which is a must have on any type of blog. Allowing discussion with a comments section Search bar. Tutoriels Webdesign: réflexions autour de la conception d’un blog… Et oui, le temps a passé depuis la première partie de ce tutoriel qui remonte au 13 novembre dernier… Pour faire suite aux différents aspects abordés la dernière fois, nous allons voir aujourd’hui principalement le contenu de notre sidebar et faire un petit tour sur la page article.

Tutoriels Webdesign: réflexions autour de la conception d’un blog…

Ensuite, il sera temps de repasser sur les croquis et d’aborder les premières étapes avec Photoshop. 12 best free wordpress themes of 2011 (so far…) « Blog of Francesco Mugnai. 12 best free wordpress themes of 2011 (so far…) on June 8, 2011 imbalance Demo | Download BigSquare Demo | Download Upstart Blogger Futurosity Magazine Demo | Download Simply Delicious Demo Download Pressure Demo | Download Bueno.

12 best free wordpress themes of 2011 (so far…) « Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Editing a WordPress theme with Dreamweaver – Part 3: Adding a logo, header styles, and menu. Additional Requirements WordPress 3.0 or later Learn more XAMPP (if you have Windows) Learn more MAMP (if you have Mac OS X) Learn more This is Part 3 of a four-part tutorial on editing WordPress themes using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. You'll need to complete the steps in Part 2 before completing this part of the tutorial series. This article is divided into the following sections: Adding a logo to your WordPress theme Most WordPress themes use a text title and tagline, which can be specified in the General Settings of the WordPress administration panel. Determine your logo height The logo will be placed in the header.php file, which is one of the theme files available in the MyTheme directory you set up in Part 2 of this tutorial. Follow these step to determine the maximum height of the logo for this theme. Notice that the height property shows that the div is 83px in height.

Note: If you can't see the Properties For area of the CSS Styles panel, you may need to resize the panel and make it taller. <? Créez votre thème Wordpress de A à Z. Update du 5 Octobre 2011: les tutoriels ont beau datés de 2007, ils sont en cours de modifications pour y ajouter les fonctionnalités des dernières versions de WordPress.

Créez votre thème Wordpress de A à Z

Quoi qu’il en soit, ils sont toujours d’actualité et ont été mis à jour plusieurs fois. Peut-être que vous aimeriez créer votre propre thème pour votre blog et que vous ne savez pas trop comment vous y prendre ? Et bien, dans les semaines qui vont venir, je vais vous expliquer les différentes étapes à suivre, pas à pas, pour que n’importe qui (ou presque) puisse créer son propre thème.

On va voir l’installation de WordPress sur votre ordinateur, les différents types de fichiers, leurs hiérarchies, et les interactions entre eux. On va ensuite apprendre à créer un thème relativement simple avec Photoshop et comment l’intégrer dans les différents fichiers. Quoi qu’il en soit, quelques petits prérequis seront nécessaires.

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