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Fount · Identify any web font you see. Tagxedo donne des formes à vos nuages de tags  Voici un site qui vous permet de générer des nuages de tags assez sympas. Vous pouvez bien évidemment modifier la couleur des tags, celle du background, l’organisation des tags dans le nuage, voir l’historique des modifications et sélectionner une ancienne version, de retirer et d’ajouter des mots (les mots courants par exemple), de sauvegarder votre nuage en différents formats et bien d’autres choses encore, mais aussi et surtout choisir une forme bien spécifique (celle d’un visage ou d’un mot). Soyouneedatypeface.jpg (Image JPEG, 1983x1402 pixels) - Redimens.

Tools and Resources to Improve your Typography on the Web. 4th February, 2010 Tom Kenny Articles Typography on the web has previously been confined to a set of web-safe fonts due to their dependance of being on every computer but now that has changed.

Tools and Resources to Improve your Typography on the Web

It’s one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of web design when you get it right but can also be one of the most difficult to do so. Here are some tools, resources and free fonts to help you on your quest for quality typography. Font Embedding Font embedding has become the saviour of typography on the web. @font-face Advantages: Easy to setup (see previous post)Behaves exactly the same as regular textEven works in IE6+ (albeit through Microsoft’s proprietary format) Disadvantages: Limited use of fonts due to no form of copy protection TypeKit Huge selection of commercial fonts to choose fromAll the benefits of @font-face but with copy protection You don’t own the font for use in Photoshop designs etc.Relies on JavaScriptIsn’t free (although it isn’t expensive) Typotheque Seemingly expensive Cufon sIFR. 20 Useful Typography Tools.

Typography is a crucial component of a design.

20 Useful Typography Tools

When used effectively, it sets the mood and solicits emotion about the design. Working with typography can be challenging, but fortunately, there is a plethora of free tools on the web that can help you work with type. In this article, you’ll find 20 tools for working with typography. You’ll find an assortment of tools that’ll help you with testing, identifying, sizing, and even making, fonts. 1. Typetester allows you to compare various fonts and styles on one page. 2. FontStructor is a free, web-based tool for creating your own fonts. 3. Font Tester is a free web-based tool for comparing different fonts. 4. Typechart lets you quickly evaluate an assortment of web typography. 5. OpentType Font Tester is a web-based tool that allows you to test over 20 OpenType fonts. 6.

CSS-Typoset Matrix is a matrix that displays font sizes, line-heights, and margins (in pixel and em units) for various base font sizes. Wp-Typography. Published: July 3, 2009 updated: February 18, 2010 KING­desk Web Design is proud to make avail­able wp-​​Typography, a merger and expan­sion of the wp-​​Typogrify and wp-​​Hyphenate Word­Press plu­g­ins and Smar­ty­Pants functionality. Features wp-​​Typography is now a one-​​stop-​​shop for improved web typog­ra­phy in Word­Press. It fea­tures the fol­low­ing capa­bil­i­ties (includ­ing gran­u­lar control): Hyphen­ation Spac­ing con­trol, includ­ing: glu­ing val­ues to units, widow pro­tec­tion, and forced inter­nal wrap­ping of long URLs & email addresses. Requirements wp-​​Typography has the fol­low­ing requirements: the host server must run PHP 5 or later text must be encoded UTF-​​8 all markup must be valid xHTML, specifically: every ele­ment must be closed, every attribute must have a value enclosed in quotes, and tag names and attrib­utes must be lowercase.

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