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Crowdsourcing landscape – Discussion « Getting Results from Crow. Click on the image to download a high-resolution version The Crowdsourcing Landscape is intended to be a starting point for conversation. This is Beta version 1.0 of the landscape. Based on your comments and feedback we will improve it and create the next versions. We won’t be able to include all crowdsourcing platforms in the visual, as it would get too crowded, but we will shortly launch a wiki of crowdsourcing tools which we will try – with your help! – to make as complete as possible. Later we will start separate discussions around a number of different aspects of the framework. Six Social Media Trends for 2010 - The Conversation - Harvard Bu. By David Armano | 9:54 AM November 2, 2009 In 2009 we saw exponential growth of social media.

Six Social Media Trends for 2010 - The Conversation - Harvard Bu

According to Nielsen Online, Twitter alone grew 1,382% year-over-year in February, registering a total of just more than 7 million unique visitors in the US for the month. Meanwhile, Facebook continued to outpace MySpace. So what could social media look like in 2010? In 2010, social media will get even more popular, more mobile, and more exclusive — at least, that’s my guess. 1. 2. 18 ebooks sur web2.0 et médias2.0 en Français.

Ebooks gratuits, une petite mise à jour de mes trouvailles qui font suite à ces deux billets: Communauté et 2.0 Tirer le meilleur parti de Twitter (127 pages) Entre marché et communauté : une discussion de la culture participative à l’exemple de Google Maps (11 pages) Les espaces sociaux virtuels: approches, pratiques émergentes et perspectives (39 pages) Facebook expliqué aux enseignants Mais aux autres aussi (57 pages) La Puissance Du Web Communautaire (117 pages) L’émergence de réseaux sociaux sur le Web comme nouveaux outils de marketing (155 pages) Le web 2.0, un outil clé pour la formation tout au long de la vie La vie privée sur les sites de réseau social (54 pages)

18 ebooks sur web2.0 et médias2.0 en Français

Comment convaincre votre patron de l'utilité des médias sociaux? 6 Steps to Find your B2B Audience on Twitter. We all know Twitter is a great tool for connecting and sharing information. But using it to find the right audience for your business can be a bit difficult, especially in the B2B environment. So how do you go about finding this elusive crowd? Here’s several options using both Twitter search and third party tools to help you find and follow meaningful connections. 1. Determine your keywords and key phrases If you already have a list, you’re ready to start. After you have your keywords, here’s how to proceed: 2.

A. B. But then take it a step further: Répartition des acteurs du web par tranche d’âges. B2B Blog Content To Drive Traffic and Boost SEO. We have written about blogs a fair amount on Social Media B2B lately because it seems to be a good way for business to business companies to begin to understand the social web and the building of a community around their business.

B2B Blog Content To Drive Traffic and Boost SEO

A new blog is started with lots of ideas and energy, but invariably, you hit a wall where you don’t know what to write about. Sometimes that happens after just a few posts, or it may happen after a few months, but at some point in the early life of a blog, you will wonder what to write about. And business blogs are saddled with the additional responsibility of needing to drive traffic and enhancing the search results of your site. So we offer the following list of ideas for blog content for your B2B blog: 1. Please leave additional ideas for good business blog content in the comments. Du qui suis-je au où suis-je [1/5] publie une série de cinq articles sur les enjeux des réseaux sociaux de géolocalisation.

Du qui suis-je au où suis-je [1/5]

Ils sont écrits par 4 étudiants de Sciences-Po Paris dans le cadre d’un travail de réflexion. Ils sont un préalable à la rédaction d’un livre blanc commandé par Mobicampus, service d’informations mobile pour les étudiants.