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Où va l’économie numérique ? (1/3) : Vers une innovation sans emplois.


Research. Prospective. Macro data. Social innovation. 1: 10 Tips For Success From George Lois, The Original Mad Man. In 2011, the overarching question for companies both large and small was simple: How can we innovate like Apple?

1: 10 Tips For Success From George Lois, The Original Mad Man

This past year, with the tech giant showing some chinks in its armor, the business community found itself casting around for a new source of inspiration. That came in large part from startup culture. 5 Trends That Will Shape Digital Services In 2013. At Fjord, we work across domains like media, health care, retail, education, and banking, and the work always involves an element of “new.” A new platform or technology, a new business proposition, or new target users. We work at the front edge of mainstream, where innovation meets mass-market appeal. The constant presence of “new” in our work feeds our curiosity, and makes exploration a necessity.

Concept Maps. Designed by Thomas Gaskin.

Concept Maps

Creative direction by Hugh Dubberly. Algorithms by Patrick Kessler.

Entreprise 2.0

Innovation in companies. The Case For A 21-Hour Work Week. To save the world--or really to even just make our personal lives better--we will need to work less.

The Case For A 21-Hour Work Week

Time, like work, has become commodified, a recent legacy of industrial capitalism, where a controlled, 40-hour week (or more) in factories was necessary. Our behavior is totally out of step with human priorities and the nature of today’s economy.


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