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SENSE&GRACE - Part 3. Merry monday, I am exited to share some good news.


In the next week or two I will be launching a catalog here at my blog, where you can easily click on and view the items have I for sale. And the other one is, I just join venture with another talented women Cristina from Daxalma. We join toghether the two companies and started working to create wedding details from trash. Today I am sharing with you one our products, a flower made from disposable spoons. Recently I sold this flower for a wedding seating arrangement and also for a small event and some for mother’s day. Flower place cards at my Etsy shop. Etched Glass Monogram - Thistlewood Farm. Have you ever wanted to know how to create an etched glass?

Etched Glass Monogram - Thistlewood Farm

Or even better… to etch a monogram? This is the etched glass place. Kentucky. *sigh* As in “My Old Kentucky Home.” As in the “Bluegrass State.” As in the Derby. As in mint juleps and sweet iced tea. And the perfect monogrammed glass to put it in. (please note: use gloves when making this project and follow all safety precautions on the label) Step 1. Take home and photograph the glasses on your back porch and on your kitchen hutch. Try to decide which photograph location you like best. Remain completely indecisive and work both photographs into the post while hoping that no one notices you have two photographs of glasses without any monograms on them. Step 2: Purchase round stickers from the dollar store. Remove stickers in the center, leaving the circle outline.

Stick circle outlines onto glass and place a letter sticker into the center of the circle. I just bought regular stickers at Hobby Lobby and took the W’s out of the package. DIY Basics: Customize Your Dishes with Chalkboard Paint. Sometimes the things we use the most are the ones most in need of a little love.

DIY Basics: Customize Your Dishes with Chalkboard Paint

Take your everyday dishes and jazz ‘em up with help from chalkboard paint. You can easily turn a mismatched collection of dishes into a matching custom set, and you can change them up every time you use them by drawing, writing, and doodling with chalk. Materials: - dishes (Ikea has great inexpensive options) - chalkboard paint - chalk - paint brush (1/2 inch works great) - painter’s tape - oil-based Sharpies (for extra customization) Make sure your dishes are clean and dry, then apply painter’s tape.

Apply two coats of chalkboard paint and let air-dry for 24 hours. Awaglass:the hourglass from Studio Note. Studio Note is a design firm that works primarily on Japanese concepts of navigating between design and contemporary art.

Awaglass:the hourglass from Studio Note

Among their creations I suggest “Awaglass” an hourglass whose sand is replaced by a liquid, the goal is the same but the result is just beautiful. You be the judge through video and images below To learn more about the studio, click here. Vendita online Baci Milano CONVIVIUM Doppio Bicchiere Convivium. 22 Cool And Creative Drinking Glasses.

Whether you like wine, cognac, champagne or fresh orange juice, you always need a proper glass for your favorite beverage.

22 Cool And Creative Drinking Glasses

While even the cheapest white plastic cup can do the job, it probably won’t be as tasty as it could be using something more appropriate. And if you want something really unique and cool – you’ve come to the right place! We’ve handpicked 22 Cool and Creative Drinking Glasses, and now want to share it with you. Maybe not all of the glasses are available for sale, but we’ve tried our best to provide the links to the pages where we found them.

Now scroll down the list, and tell us which one of these glasses you’d like to use during the next party! 1. For those who like to glug their beer right from the bottle. 2. The “Moist and Marry” drinking glasses are sure to spark conversation at any dinner table as guests peer at the image of a dog urinating on a fire hydrant imprinted on their glass. A day in the land of nobody - Vetro by Nathalie Schneider and Roberto di Filitto. Tagged Napkins. High Speed Photographs of Liquids Tossed in Mid-Air by Manon Wethly. Belgium-based photographer Manon Wethly creates the kind of art that only lives in her photographs: she tosses different containers with various liquids up in the air and captures the beautiful shapes they create.

High Speed Photographs of Liquids Tossed in Mid-Air by Manon Wethly

Calling her project the Flying Stuff, Manon already spilt a good deal of coffee, wine, juice, milk and other liquids in order to freeze their matter-of-seconds beauty and elegance. Besides, she’s mostly been doing it with her iPhone! Manon is is driven by the thrill of not knowing what the final result will turn out to be: ”It is absolutely fascinating to see what kind of shape an object or liquid gets when it is ‘flying’. Clicking at exact the right second most often brings the most spectacular and surprising results. Most of them are shot with iPhone but I started to practise with bigger guns too,” she says. Website:, via: junk-culture. DIY Basics: Balloon Bud Vases. Sure October means costumes and treats, but it also kicks off a whole season of celebration.

DIY Basics: Balloon Bud Vases

How to Turn Plates + Glasses into Colorful Cake Stands. Look at all that color!

How to Turn Plates + Glasses into Colorful Cake Stands

It’s kind of amazing, right? The Pointer Here by Maximovich Design the-pointer-here-by-maximovich-design-3 – GBlog. Flip-Flop Straws. SUCK UK Products. Toshi cabinets by Luca Nichetto for Casamania. Venetian designer Luca Nichetto has created a collection of cabinets carved with geometric patterns for Italian brand Casamania.

Toshi cabinets by Luca Nichetto for Casamania

Called Toshi, which means 'city' in Japanese, the cabinets by Luca Nichetto for Casamania have geometric grooves in their outer surfaces. "Toshi is a family of cabinets relating to the mosaic decorations that can be found in some buildings in Tokyo" explains the designer. Made from milled and lacquered MDF, the cabinets come in a variety of shapes, heights and colours, and can be combined in numerous configurations. Smaller containers in contrasting colours are also available, designed to compliment the family of sideboards. The cabinets are mounted on either a low, recessed base or metal square-section legs that raise the cupboards further away from the floor.

Luca Nichetto recenltly teamed up with Japanese studio Nendo to create a range of products including a knitted room-divider and a scaly carpet, which were presented in Milan last month. Maison d'être.