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MET Student at Boise State University, curating on social learning and music education.

YouTube Music Lessons Are Popular, But Won't Get You To Carnegie Hall. More and more, aspiring musicians are turning to YouTube for free music lessons.

This article discusses the pros and cons of using YouTube to learn how to play an instrument. I taught PreK-6th grade general music for four years in public schools, but I have taught flute and piano lessons privately for many years as well. This information is useful for both teachers and students who are looking to YouTube as a resource for lessons. – matibag043

But are they effective at moving you from chopsticks to Tchaikovsky?

YouTube Music Lessons Are Popular, But Won't Get You To Carnegie Hall

Last year, all top 10 searches on YouTube with the word "lesson" in them were music related, and searches for guitar tutorials jumped 50% in 2011 from 2010. Edmodo - First Colonial High School Bands. Schoology - Parchment Bands.

This is an example of a high school band that uses Schoology for video assignments. As a general music/band/choir public teacher and private instructor in the past, this is very helpful in my profession. – matibag043

The ZOEN - Online Music Lessons.

I have not used Facebook much for personal or professional use, but this is a Facebook page which serves as a place to search for music private teachers. It has a tab with a search feature, as well as information on each instructor such profile information and rates. – matibag043

Music major Addison Horner teaches piano with Instagram. Hashtag Music Logo Contrary to popular belief, Instagram is not just reserved for pictures of latte foam designs and bathroom mirror selfies.

This is an article about a musician who uses Instagram who teaches piano lessons using Instagram. He hopes to take this idea and make it into a business later down the road. This is beneficial in my content area as a private instructor. – matibag043

Music major Addison Horner (’16), for example, uses the app as a tool for music education.

Music major Addison Horner teaches piano with Instagram

His honors thesis project, Hashtag Music, involves creating a 10-month-long curriculum on Instagram that teaches young adults to play the piano. According to Horner, the project began as an experiment to merge music education and social media. Horner’s primary audience consists of Instagram users between the ages of 18 and 25, but he intends the program to be accessible to people of all ages. Oops! I Flipped the Elementary Recorder Class · just a little more. This is the second year of teaching my elementary recorder class with technology and the resulting progress of my students could not be more profound.

In order to maximize time in class when teaching recorders, this teacher flips her classroom and utilize e-mail and wikispaces so students can learn pieces on their own time. She briefly mentions Thinglink as well. This relates to my content area as a general music teacher, as well as choir and band rehearsals. I can also use it with private students if I felt it was necessary. – matibag043

This year, we have completely flipped the recorder unit of study.

Oops! I Flipped the Elementary Recorder Class · just a little more

For a look back at the baby steps we took with technology in my class last year, read this post. I honestly think I could write ten posts on the amazing way technology is changing my music class, but I will focus on the recorder class first. I want to tell you how I accidentally flipped the elementary recorder class. Do you have an iPad or smart phone at home? When I asked this question last year, just a handful of students raised their hands. Who controls the learning? Because of all the technology the children have at their disposal at home, this year, the children are controlling the learning.

“If you build it, he will come!” This quote inspired me. Using Social Media and Technology to Strengthen Your Choral Program. Tips on Teaching by Skype - Music Teacher's Helper Blog Music Teacher's Helper Blog. Skype and other online learning options are increasingly attractive for people who are comfortable with communicating via computer, and especially for people who have few local learning choices.

Skype has been used for private instruction for many years. This article gives you some tips on how it can best be used in private lessons. I could use this in my private studio, should I choose to teach online. – matibag043

For music teachers, working online presents some special challenges.

Tips on Teaching by Skype - Music Teacher's Helper Blog Music Teacher's Helper Blog

Here are some tips. If you’ve tried Skype teaching or learning, please contribute your thoughts as well. In my next post I will discuss ways to work with students online in real time, without the delay of Skype! Let’s take a look at setting up for a Skype lesson, verbal skills, visual and sound issues, online materials and what to do in the case of technical difficulties. Edmodo - Grissom Bands. Edmodo: Flipping the music classroom by Peter Briggs on Prezi.

This Prezi presentation discusses Edmodo and how it can be used in a flipped classroom model for music educators. He describes in detail how Edmodo works, its features and examples of music education topics such as theory, performance and student interaction. Great information for music educators who have not used a platform like Edmodo before. – matibag043

Login to Schoology.

To access a blended course I created using Schoology and Weebly, use Schoology Access Code GC4C7-899S6 to access the materials. There is a virtual icebreaker and a listening assignments section. The weebly course is The Weebly site is still under construction, but the flute tutorial section is almost complete. – matibag043

Top on Twitter: which music teachers should I follow? “Without music, life would be a mistake,” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche famously said.

Top on Twitter: which music teachers should I follow?

There’s no denying that music ignites passion in many and research shows that it can have a very positive impact on children’s discipline and confidence in class. Three years ago the government launched a national plan to give children of all backgrounds the chance to learn an instrument. But, despite efforts, an Ofsted report in 2013 showed quality music education was reaching just a minority of pupils. So, who are the teachers out there keeping the subject alive on social media channels? We’ve picked a few top tweeters to help you tune up your lessons. Don’t forget to follow #musicteachers for more tips and ideas.

Laura Jackson, @mrsjacksonmusic Secondary school teacher Laura starts most of her tweets or posts with a music clip or picture. We love this tweet and (more or less ... ahem) cracked the code. Nadine Andre, @nadineonkeys Anna Gower, @tallgirlwgc Ben Jose, @Mrjosemusic. Official Music Educator Tweeters List! - Music & Technology -MusTech.NetMusic & Technology -MusTech.Net. Music Educators To Follow On Twitter (update 5/27/2011): (*If you are listed here, you may use this awesome logo!)

This is a long list of who you can follow on Twitter as a music educator. I have just discovered this list, as well as recently started using Twitter for professional development so I have no recommendations on anyone. As a general music/band/choir public teacher and private instructor in the past, this is very helpful in my profession. – matibag043

Tweet This Link Directly (Note: You can edit the text before you send)!

Official Music Educator Tweeters List! - Music & Technology -MusTech.NetMusic & Technology -MusTech.Net

This list is an important list. I decided to start making a list of interesting and useful MUSIC EDUCATORS to follow on TWITTER. The majority of this list is compiled of actual Music Educators, Music Professors, and Musicians that are sharing their teaching knowledge through the TWITTER medium. If you are using TWITTER and are a Music Educator, THIS IS A MUST FOLLOW LIST. Start or Add to your Twitter PLN now, by adding all of these educators: The easiest way (currently) to add these all to follow is to use the following online program: –> Connect your Twitter account (via oAuth) and then add the following information when asked: “pisanojm/mused”.