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Milkman - Scandinavia and the World. Create Comics Online. AdventuressTravel,Home Page. The Nib - Political cartoons and non-fiction comics. ON A SUNBEAM. Viewcomic reading comics online for free. Cartoons - THE ETYMOLOGY NERD. Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 1. 1 Nov. 2013 Yessss!

Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 1

It has begun! With a rather non-postapocalyptic cover for the prologue of a postapocalyptic tale. On Monday I'll post a few pages at once, either three or four depending on where I feel is the best spot to cut the scene. Oof, I still have to fix some things with the first pages before that, most notably he font I'm using. And here's today's A Redtail's Dream pages up for some quick typo-checking. Links to Infographic Sites — Cool Infographics. It's free to submit your infographic to these sites for consideration, but there are no promises or guarantees that your design will be posted Cool Infographics is a free submission site that only posts the best infographics.

Links to Infographic Sites — Cool Infographics

Use the Contact page to submit your infographic. Best Infographics is for genuinely unique infographics that have some trait or quality that can be seen as the “best” Directory of Infographics is a collection of infographics related to social media, technology, world, business and more. all around the internet. Infographaholic encourages you to include a description with links back to the original posting of the infographic, or a relevant page. Infographics Archive offers a free submission option in addition to their 3 paid tiers Infographic Database will moderate and review every submission. First Second Books You searched for history. (a recommendation list) Here is a whole list of comics that we like from a single subject category: history.

First Second Books You searched for history

Now that comics are all popularized, more people seem to be using them to do things like write nonfiction. So without further ado: some of our favorites! Jason Lutes did an amazing job on this book. Read the Rest… This just in from the American Library Association Midwinter conference: AMERICAN BORN CHINESE IS THE FIRST GRAPHIC NOVEL TO WIN THE PRINTZ AWARD. Knitter's Review – Reviews of yarn, books, tools, events, and the most extensive knitting event calendar on the Internet. CARA BEAN COMICS. SchoolArts Magazine - September 2015. 5 tips for better crits. 5 tips for better critiques 1) State the obvious (it may not be) If you want students to take part, they need to know what to talk about.

5 tips for better crits

Are you critiquing formal design properties or overall visual impact? Concept or technique? Process or final product? Spend about 10 minutes at the start of class discussing these questions to get things rolling. Then we go over the list item by item and decide which are MOST important. 2) Level the playing field Critiques can be stressful for students.

Critiques: tag, teams & The List. IT WORKED FOR ME (submitted by Cindy Lowrey, Cleveland, Ohio) Thumbtacks and beyond It's been a while since I've been in the classroom, but I remember critiques well.

Critiques: tag, teams & The List

The long, painful silences and more stirring in seats than children in bed on Christmas Eve. I used the thumbtack trick all the time, but my technique was that each student got one thumbtack and placed it on the piece they thought was working the best. I like your idea better. If you have time, using two colors & having a "second look," probably yields more "chosen" pieces. Playing Tag A trick I used when I didn't want to do all of the talking was the "tag, you're it!

" A student volunteers (or is picked randomly) to stand up and talk about a piece. RESOURCES for designers - software, books, websites. Experience Design 1, Nathan Shedroff.

RESOURCES for designers - software, books, websites

Lots of graphics and dense type can be a bit hard to take at times, but the ideas, recommendations and references are well worth the effort. An inspiration for anyone involved in design of on-screen experiences (July '03) BoredPanda - The Only Magazine For Pandas. Ideas / Blogs / Resources - ART ED GURU. Ideas / Blogs / Resources - ART ED GURU. Is There is a better way to teach art? - ART ED GURU. How i build a choice based lesson - ART ED GURU. The STEAM Journal. Welcome to The STEAM Journal inaugural issue - Luminare - Volume 1, Issue 1 published on 3/13/13 Light exists in many forms and exists in many places, likewise we hope the 33 items (and the cover art) in this first issue of The STEAM Journal will shed light on STEAM.

The STEAM Journal

Please take a few minutes to take a survey: Covers. Journals at Claremont. Journals at Claremont. 167 papers to date74,563 full-text downloads to date19,698 downloads in the past year Updated as of 12/22/18 Welcome to The STEAM Journal, a transdisciplinary, international, theory-practice, peer-reviewed, academic, open access, online journal with a focus on the intersection of the sciences and the arts.

Journals at Claremont

The STEAM Journal integrates perspectives from a variety of contexts and fields. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This publication features the bridges between Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and the Arts. Journals at Claremont. STEM to STEAM. Our February issue is here, co-edited by... - SchoolArts Magazine.

American Art and Clay Company. American Art and Clay Company. How to Get Free (or Almost Free) Comics for Your Classroom. Last Updated: 12/20/17 Eager to get started using comics and graphic novels to help your students improve reading skills, increase exposure to STEM topics, or just generally spark a love of learning across a wider range of learners?

How to Get Free (or Almost Free) Comics for Your Classroom

If you’re like many of the educators we often talk with, the biggest challenge may be how to afford those comics in the first place. There’s good news. Home - Pop Culture Classroom. Best Comics & Graphic Novels of 2018. With 2018 coming to a close, Diamond provides you with a master list of the Best Comics & Graphic Novels of 2018 as named by various review sites including Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post, NPR Books, and more!

Best Comics & Graphic Novels of 2018

This year, of all the Best of Year lists we compiled, several titles were mentioned on multiple lists. Bingo Love from Image Comics garnered the most recognition among the Best of Year lists. For the full collection of Best of Year lists, see below. This article will continue to be updated until the end of the year. NPR's Best Graphic Novels of 2018 All the Answers | GalleryBe Prepared | First SecondBelonging: A German Reckons with History and Home | ScribnerBingo Love | Image ComicsBorn to be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey | Little, Brown and CompanyCake: A Cookbook | Penguin PublishingChe: A Revolutionary Life | Penguin PublishingCheck, Please!

Laws and Sausages - Lesson One: Part 1.