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Relay Questions - Surds.doc. Surds inquiry. Formative Assessment Lessons. Mathematical goals This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to: Use the properties of exponents, including rational exponents and manipulate algebraic statements involving radicals.Discriminate between equations and identities.

Formative Assessment Lessons

Surds multiplicationSquares.pdf. MathsPad - Is it Rational? Surds - StudyWell. Standards Unit Surds. Simple surds starter.pdf. Surds pairs - Number - Surds - Search results - Search. Published: 15/12/2011KS4 2 pages Surds pairs Practise simplifying surds by matching cards showing equivalent values.

Surds pairs - Number - Surds - Search results - Search

You could increase the difficulty by blanking out some values for students to find themselves.