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2 headless opossums Headless Opossum 1 – Roadkill Cyanotypes 19 x 26in. 2012 Headless Opossum 2 – Roadkill Cyanotypes, 25 x 35in. 2012.

Squarescapes - Cody William Smith. Los Angeles Photographer. Fine art, Portraiture, and Landscapes. Photographe amateur, j'ai créé ce blog pour partager mes images et mes créations linographiques. Wittner Fabrice Photographe. The Continuing Adventures of a Discerning Boulevardier. I have a wispy memory of a trip my family took to Mexico in 1980, when I was six years old.

The Continuing Adventures of a Discerning Boulevardier

I remember a town square, an old man, and a home made camera. The camera was a huge wooden box that the man would stick his arm in and after a while, a ghostly black and white image was produced. Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again. Photo © Aldo Tolino. Austrian artist Aldo Tolino’s human portraits are the outcome of a multi-step creative loop which goes along the lines of: shooting a portrait, printing it on paper, then creasing it, tucking it and folding it until a brand new facial expression is created before shooting the printed-portrait-turned-sculpture for the final result. During this process, the more you rearrange the shape of the triangle grid on the surface of the printed-portraits, the more facial expressions you generate. Les bras à terre (Lionel Pralus) Norway lofoten landscape with northern lights. Xavierviacava. Arthur Tress. Panoramic Ocean Photography. Romain Laurent - Photography.

Galleries. Van Turned Into Giant Wet Plate Camera ~ by Photographer Ian Ruhter. Los Angeles-based photographer Ian Ruhter creates amazing photographs using a van that he turned into a gigantic camera.

Van Turned Into Giant Wet Plate Camera ~ by Photographer Ian Ruhter

Converting the Van into a massive camera was a two year labour of love. Ian uses the collodion wet plate process, first introduced in the 1850s, to produce the 36x24 inch images. Each image is one of a kind and costs $500 to produce, “This project isn’t about making images. It’s not about creating the world’s largest camera. The opening of this Video reminds me of the TV show Breaking Bad. Bruno Metra & Laurence Jeanson. Asphalt Archeology : un album sur Flickr. Silent_world. "Silent World" was awarded by the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation prize, and received a Grant from the CICRP center Marseille, European Year of Culture 2013. The silence of the world, like a quotation, is suddenly endowed with an oppressive eloquence.

Small intrusions are the true sparks here, because their disconcerting presence disrupts the majestic calm of the streets and squares. Are the latter guilty or victims? The fate that governs these shots in a tangible way is not the result of decisions taken by metaphysical powers, but stems uniquely from the imagination of the two creators of these photos, Lucie & Simon. Pelle Cass - home. Thoughtful Photography.

Sunset at the Esplanade, 2014.

Thoughtful Photography

Stephen Wilkes. Andrew Lyman - Fleeted Happenings. J E N N Y O D E L L. Danny Santos II - Freelance Photographer in Singapore. When I’m out on the streets, I often encounter faces that make me look twice; faces that stand out in the crowd without trying; faces that are out of the ordinary.

Danny Santos II - Freelance Photographer in Singapore

They range from the exquisitely beautiful to the strangely wonderful. I started to approach these strangers for permission to take a photo of them. Some said no, but most said yes. After taking their portrait, I’d say ‘thank you’ and walk on along. I didn’t ask for their names, or where they came from, or what they do, because I wanted the viewers to see them how I saw them: as beautiful strangers. Read more about the project here. To view all the other photos, please visit my facebook set here or my flickr set here. I saw her sitting on the stairs outside of a mall, talking with her friend.

A year and a half later, I got to connect with her through Facebook. I saw her from afar, walking briskly, standing out of the crowd with her short blonde hair and tall stature. Les marées et le paysage. Abelardo Morell. Gregory crewdson. [abonnement gratuit] Gregory Crewdson est né en 1962 à New York photographie l’Amérique rurale dès ses débuts en 1985 Son travail est présent dans de nombreux musées américains Les images utilisées dans cet article sont tirées du très beau livre Gregory Crewdson: 1985-2005 Sous la direction de Stephan Berg Relié: 242 pages Editeur : Hatje Cantz Publishers Édition : Bilingue anglais-allemand (17 octobre 2005) ISBN-13: 978-3775716222 Sorti en novembre 2008 en français (et superbe) Sous la Surface des Roses Gregory Crewdson Pour l'acheter, cliquez sur ce lien Veuillez noter : Il nous est extrêmement difficile de réunir les autorisations nécessaires à la présentation des photographies originales dans le texte et nous n'avons pas de budget pour la rémunération des ayant-droits.

gregory crewdson

Comment fonctionnent les images de Gregory Crewdson ? Au départ, le parti est le même que celui de Jeff Wall : on est dans une scène de film. L’écœurement du réel Des méthodes inspirées du cinéma. Gallery - Category: Bryan Nash Gill - Image: Bryan Nash Gill_23.