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Panache. Ways We Work. Maykel brought us over to a cafe that was located within the building for a quick pitstop before heading onward with the tour.

Ways We Work

Amandah and Maykel were talking about product ideas and how they evolve to become full fledged products within the company and he mentioned that a lot of ideas are tested and ultimately scrapped for various reasons. Maykel added that within the company if someone has a big idea and they can prove its value via a prototype, they can bring that idea to management and pitch it like a startup founder would.

If it passes, the idea then makes its way up the management chain for review. Ultimately, if good enough, the idea could make its way to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, for a final review. If the idea passes, it’ll get prioritized within the current structure of the company and potentially brought to life. The Tools Designers Are Using Today. HyperScience. Web designer's ultimate list of free resources - AcasA Programming.

Whether you build a site or an app you need to use some resources in your design process: images or fonts, background patterns or color suggestions.

Web designer's ultimate list of free resources - AcasA Programming

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and need some inspiration? In this article I’ll show you the best free resources to use in your next design. Bulletproof contracts, simple e-signing, integrated escrow for freelancers. Narzędzia dla webdesignerów. Ważną częścią pracy dobrych webdesignerów jest bycie na bieżąco z trendami i narzędziami usprawniającymi pracę.

Narzędzia dla webdesignerów

Codziennie pojawiają się setki artykułów na temat webdesignu i nie sposób przeczytać ich wszystkich. W tym poście zajmiemy się narzędziami wspomagającymi webdesignerów w ich codziennych trudach, jak i wspomnimy o stronach, które pomogą Wam ogarnąć zakamarki internetów opowiadających o webie i być zawsze jeden krok przed wszystkimi! UX Project Checklist. Best Free Open Source Web Resources for Web Developers. Junior: about us. Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery Plugins. Color Hunt. Web Design Resources – 200 Billion Galaxies.

Our Favorite Japanese Design Blogs. Although we’ve traveled and lived all over the world, in exciting and exotic locations, Tokyo holds a special place in our hearts.

Our Favorite Japanese Design Blogs

The hustle and bustle of Tokyo is intoxicating. It’s a fast-moving city with millions of inhabitants and yet there are moments throughout the day when it feels completely still and quiet. It’s difficult to explain. Within hours of landing in Tokyo, I made it a personal life goal to one day be able concoct a reason to live in Tokyo even if it’s just for a while. Soon… One of the most impressive and inspiring things about Japan is the art and design community that seems to permeate all aspects of life in Japan.

Today, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite Japanese design blogs to keep you inspired. Gurafiku Gurafiku is a great resource. 50 Watts While not strictly a Japanese design blog, 50 Watts does have an excellent collection of book covers from Japan. Spoon & Tamago Spoon & Tamago is one of our true favorite Japanese Art and Design blogs. 7 elements of a website redesign process. Shopify Plus, the enterprise version of our hosted ecommerce platform, launched in February 2014 and was still in its first iteration when I asked if it was time for a redesign.

7 elements of a website redesign process

It’d been just over a year, but we had a better understanding of our customers and who we were. The old brand just didn’t fit anymore. We didn’t follow any particular process, but doing the following 7 things in tandem helped us get where we wanted to be. 1. Interviews. Professional Code-Free Websites to Service your Clients. NavNav - 90+ Responsive Navigation Bar Menu Tutorials, Examples, and Demos (CSS, jQuery, JavaScript) Free to-do app UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch. Pricing. How long are your contracts?


We don't do contracts. You can cancel your monthly or annual subscription at any time from within your dashboard. Examples and Showcases. We Are Royale. SketchnoteLove. Material Design, Daily – MaterialUp. Feedmusic. Revelator. Design Teardown: taking SoulCycle mobile. SoulCycle is a full-body, candlelit indoor cycling class that goes beyond the physical.

Design Teardown: taking SoulCycle mobile

You don’t just work up a sweat—you leave feeling inspired and energized. The 45-minute experience is such a draw that when online reservations open up every Monday at noon, many classes fill up within minutes. Savvy SoulCycle riders have their own tactics for securing a spot: opening multiple browser tabs, using different devices, and even enlisting the help of friends. Developing a mobile app was the natural next step to ease this process, especially for dedicated riders on the go.

Prolific Interactive teamed up with SoulCycle to bring their booking experience to the iPhone. An agency partnership The word “agency” tends to conjure up ideas about client interactions and designer workflows, but it doesn’t have to be such a loaded term. To do that, we immersed ourselves in the brand and put ourselves in the cycling shoes of the folks who’d eventually use the app. What we did: Build, measure, learn. 9 basic principles of responsive web design.

Responsive web design is a great solution to our multi-screen problem, but getting into it from the print perspective is difficult.

9 basic principles of responsive web design

No fixed page size, no millimetres or inches, no physical constraints to fight against. Designing in pixels for Desktop and Mobile only is also the past, as more and more gadgets can open up a website. Therefore, let's clarify some basic principles of responsive web design here to embrace the fluid web, instead of fighting it. Walkthroughs inspiration. Vessel – Early Access to your favorite videos Slack – Team Communication.

Walkthroughs inspiration

Responsive Icons for IOS8 Android - Download Free Icons Pack. Symu - symu-wip_v4. Howdesign. In this month's "Top 10" websites for designers, you'll find sites featuring great typography, images, motion and more.


TETHR – The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Ever Made – by InVision. Mobile App Prototyping Made Easy. Is Your Responsive Design Working? Google Analytics Will Tell You. Advertisement Responsive web design has become the dominant method of developing and designing websites. It makes it easier to think “mobile first” and to create a website that is viewable on mobile devices. In the early days of responsive web design, creating breakpoints in CSS for particular screen sizes was common, like 320 pixels for iPhone and 768 pixels for iPad, and then we tested and monitored those devices. Coolors - The super fast color palettes generator! Howdesign. Start a free online store - Ecommerce website for everyone - Tictail : Tictail. The Pattern Library. Precursor—fast prototyping web app, makes collaboration easy. d3 pattern fills, sample.

Group: circles. How to Create Animated Pre-loaders using only CSS3. The modern, lightweight alternative to animated image pre-loaders Pre-loaders are essential on the web, they enhance the user experience by providing visual feedback to the user whilst waiting for content to load. CSS3 pre-loaders are an alternative to image based pre-loaders and have the advantage of being scalable and Retina ready. A pre-loader is a simple animation which is small enough to be displayed instantly, whilst other content is being loaded. Pre-loaders are often used when dynamically loading page content or processing server side operations to indicate progress.

The .gif filetype is typically used for pre-loaders, due to the compressed file size and support for animation. Dynamic buttons with Illustrator. A few designers asked me how to create these dynamic buttons with Illustrator, that I have mentionned in my Speed Design with Illustrator website. Here is how: Select the text. In the Appearance panel add 2 new fill layers, using the icon at the bottom. Huncwot. Top 10 Websites for Designers—Animated Illustrations. The Evolution of the Web. Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results. Atomic: Interface design software for professionals. Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins. Illustrator_Cheats_Small.pdf. Curiosity: Explore the web’s best learning videos. Ultimate 2015 Web Design Trends Guide (+Predictions) Posted on 02'15 Jan Posted on January 2, 2015 along with 34 JUST™ Creative Comments At the start of 2014, we posted our web design trend predictions for 2014 and then half way through the year we updated that list and it’s safe to say that a lot of those predictions held true and are actually continuing to evolve into 2015.

So, let’s take a look at the what new technologies, practices and patterns we will be using in 2015. A brief history of web design for designers. Explained with animations. My interest in coding my designs was lost at the the moment I realized how much trickery had to be done to make it happen. Seemingly simple issues could be solved in so many ways. Yet it still might not have worked on some browsers.

One thing that always made me wonder is why there's a division between design and code. Why difficult things become more simpler, but simple things become more difficult? 日本国内の秀逸なレスポンシブWebデザインを集めたギャラリーサイト. The top 10 web designers of 2015. It's that time again! Voting is now open in the 16th annual net awards and the leading lights of the web world are waiting to see whether they win one of the most sought-after prizes in the web design world.