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Monitoring. Networking. Optimize Your Web Connection. From Wired How-To Wiki Unfortunately, WD-40 won't help you here.Ethernet cable picture courtesy of Saschaaa via Flickr Your broadband connection screams compared with the dial-up days of yore, but it could be faster.

Optimize Your Web Connection

CentOS / Redhat Linux: Install Keepalived To Provide IP Failover For Web Cluster. Keepalived provides a strong and robust health checking for LVS clusters.

CentOS / Redhat Linux: Install Keepalived To Provide IP Failover For Web Cluster

It implements a framework of health checking on multiple layers for server failover, and VRRPv2 stack to handle director failover. How do I install and configure Keepalived for reverse proxy server such as nginx or lighttpd? If your are using a LVS director to loadbalance a server pool in a production environment, you may want to have a robust solution for healthcheck & failover. This will also work with reverse proxy server such as nginx. Our Sample Setup. Change your Network Card MAC Address on Ubuntu.

Ariadne. Introduction Ariadne is a Java-based plug-in to the Eclipse IDE that visualizes the social networks present in distributed software projects. Ariadne builds a call-graph from an Eclipse project using an appropriate call graph generator. After creating the call-graph, Ariadne automatically connects to the configuration management repository associated with the project to retrieve authorship information about the project. With this information, it creates a structure called a "social call-graph", or a call-graph annotated with authorship information. From the "social call-graph", Ariadne generates a sociogram and can display it as a graph using Prefuse .