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Katie Windridge

As a busy mother of 2 beautiful girls, Katie Windridge founder of MatchstickMonkey is a passionate product designer and gets excited about new and original ideas which can help those around her. Through years of product design and taking products from concept to market MatchstickMonkey was born. Both of Katie's girls were bad teether's so she set out to design a teething gel applicator and teething toy that worked and babies actually liked to use. After several samples and prototypes she now has a perfect design that is safe and babies love using it.

Matchstick Monkey - Teething gel applicator by Katie. MatchstickMonkey™ is a teething gel applicator aiding pain relief, getting teething gels or granules right to the source of the pain.

Matchstick Monkey - Teething gel applicator by Katie

"Finally a teether that actually works! A must have for all mums" MatchstickMonkey™ is a silicone monkey which young children just love to hold, with thin flexible arms it's really easy for young children to hold on to. MatchstickMonkey™ is a fun safe monkey design to help keep their mind off their teething pain. Baby websites. Baby steps... Kids & Baby. About babies. BABY HEALTH. Baby toys. Toys / Baby. Baby brands. Baby Stuff. Baby Bear. Baby, Toddler & Children Clothing websites. New Baby Ideas. Baby things. Teeth and Gums.

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