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Time fountain diy

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Lewis Evans time fountain 2. Water droplet sculpture using LEDs and Arduino. Time fountain arduino forum. The Time Fountain (Also know as Magic Fountain) ++ The Time Fountain. Views: 11,965,237 The Time Fountain All > Tech > Inventions > The Time Fountain by natetrue Time fountains are now for sale!

++ The Time Fountain

You can buy a fully assembled fountain ($200), a kit ($100), or the chip alone ($30). The pre-sale is over, sorry if you missed it! I suppose it might be called a "Backwards in Time Fountain" or a "Time Manipulation Fountain" but I figured those titles would be a bit long. Let's start with a video, shall we? It all started when my friend Jesse told me that if you get a strobe light fast enough, you can make it look like dripping water is going in slow motion or even backwards. So if the strobe light captures consecutive instants of time just out of sync with a periodic occurrence such as dripping water from a faucet, it can appear that the drops are moving slowly or even backwards. Of course, since we had no strobe light of sufficient speed, Jesse and I never really pursued the concept. I then knew the name of the dye. Did I mention Fluorescein is fluorescent?

Strobe light makes water drops fall in slow motion. Using strobe light to make water drops fall in slow motion. We can make water droplets appear to fall in slow motion by pumping them out of a tube using a pump that pushes the droplets out at regular intervals.

Using strobe light to make water drops fall in slow motion

Many pumps operate at 60 Hz because AC power in the United States oscillates at 60 Hz. If we force droplets out of a tube at 60 Hz and illuminate the droplets with a 60 Hz strobe light, the droplets will appear to be essentially motionless. If you want to make one of these devices, here's what you need. A reciprocating pump. I used a Gorman-Rupp 14825-690 oscillating pump I picked up on eBay.

. (9.8 m/s^2)*(1s/60)^2 = 0.27 cm so each pair of droplets will be separated by an additional 1/4 centimeter compared to the pair above it. It is possible to custom-tune the frequency of a low voltage pump to match the frame rate of either a strobe or a high-speed digital camera. Stopping Time (Visually) Recently, Nate True of posted a very nice project involving some water, some electronics to provide the illusion of time distortion.

Stopping Time (Visually)

(Time fountain) I have been long since interested in high-speed photography. Many years ago I built a very simple device using some aluminium foil, an air rifle, a couple of ligth triggered Flash units and, of course, a camera.

Fontaine laminaire

Creation: The Time Fountain Owner's Manual. Views: 86,733 The Time Fountain Owner's Manual All > Tech > Inventions > The Time Fountain Owner's Manual by natetrue Congratulations on purchasing your new second-generation Time Fountain!

Creation: The Time Fountain Owner's Manual

Only five of these have ever (and will ever) be made, so you're one of the lucky ones! If you didn't get yours this time around, don't fret. (And in case you missed it, the first-generation, original Time Fountain can be found here.) As the Time Fountain may have settled during shipping, take a moment to make sure everything is intact. Make sure the splash guard is centered and level. Verify that the top reservoir is intact. Using water, fill the bottom reservoir until it's almost spilling over. Plug in the fountain (using the included power adapter) and turn it on (using the included inline power switch, located on the power cord).

The pump will not work immediately because it still has air in it. At this time, there should be an overflow stream coming down the back inside of the fountain. Sincerely, Nate.