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Logiciel percussion djembé

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DrumTools. DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerful VSTi allowing for instant creation of 1–8 measure drum performances including drum/percussion loops, fills, intros, endings, solo, and then simply trigger them by MIDI notes from your sequencer to easily turn separate performances into complete drum track perfectly matching your song. Drum part generating components SlicyDrummer is a powerful drum loop generating tool providing user with an easy and convenient way to quickly construct pro quality drum/percussion loops by simply combining the prerecorded individual drum instrument patterns.

SlicyDrummer Library includes more than 2000 patterns for individual drum instruments (kick, snare, hi-hat, ride cymbal) and percussions (conga, cowbell, tambourine, maracas, hand clap, etc.). Patterns are prerecorded in such a way that they can be easily combined to make up professionally performed drum loops. Fill-In Drummer is a unique drum tool specially developed for work with drum fills. Features. MangoDrum :: Home. MangoDrum - Purchase The trial version of mangodrum will run for 30 days and some features such as printing and saving are disabled. To unlock these features and to run the application after the end of the trial period it is necessary to purchase a licence.

A Single User licence costs £35 and will allow the full version of MangoDrum to be installed on a single machine. MangoDrum is written for Windows™ (XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8). MangoDrum will also run on a MAC as long as you have an emulator, such as Parallels Desktop, which allows you to run Windows™ apllications on a MAC. Interested in a MangoDrum Band Pack for your group? Bank Transfer By electronic payment to the following account – please use the reference MD1113: Acc No 01712144, Sort Code 402814 Cheque Make your cheque payable to One Voice Music and send to One Voice Music, 40 Bowershott, Letchworth SG6 2EU Paypal Click on the Buy now button to make your payment.

Sales & enquiries Tel: 0843 289 9530 Email: Djembe v1.0 – African Percussions Sampler | Djembe Boom Boom Software. RhythmLab: Software for investigating rhythm. I wrote RhythmLab because I couldn't find any software which would easily let me construct and visualize polyrhythms (rhythms in which a measure is divided into different subdivisions in different voices: for example, 5 against 7). RhythmLab is distributed under the Gnu General Public Licence as a tarball (click here to download) containing source and an x86 Linux executable linked against libc6, gtk 1.2.1, and audiofile 0.16.

You'll probably want some percussion samples, as well (see under Links). The code is intended to be portable to other Linux architectures and other POSIX platforms supporting OSS and pthreads, but hasn't been tested (patches are welcome). (appearance may vary depending on selected theme) Per-track controls From left to right and, within that, top to bottom: Volume scale: by default, is adjustable from 0 to 11. Period scale: controls the the number of beats into which this track is divided. Delete track button: deletes this track. Top Controls Menus. Rhythm Trainer. Yankadi * Djembe practice program. Yankadi features summary Yankadi allows you to write music and rhythms, print the music, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into other programs like Word, or even create web-pages with rhythms, all from the program itself.

Writing music can be done by actually typing the notes, or you can use the palette: simply click a button to insert a note. There are many handy features for managing scores, lines and music parts. You can also let the computer play the music: play djembe parts, doundoun parts, bells etc. together at the same time, and practice your own parts together with the computer. Yankadi has an 8-channel mixer with volume, pitch and pan (balance) controls, beats-per-minute controls for really slow practice, and an attaque setting to hear accented beats louder, and so on.

Please see the complete list of features! Minimum requirements: Windows 95, sound card, DirectX installed, fairly fast computer to play music, 256-colour screen, 5Mb disk space free. Yankadi Features. Yankadi * The Djembe Notation and Practice Program! Features list Yankadi is a djembe notation and practice program. It is a fully developped serious program with a multitude of features, designed to help the djembe enthusiast to learn rhythms, write new rhythms and have fun practicing and playing this African hand drum. Don't be put off by the amount of features listed below! Using Yankadi can be as simple as opening a "score" file, clicking on the Mixer and pressing Play...! Writing music made simple! Bar line: for handing, counts, accents! Score editing Yankadi offers many handy features to manage a "score" (one window with music), including moving parts and lines around, joining and breaking lines, assigning instruments to parts and so on.

Drag and drop Yankadi offers complete drag and drop facilities. Palette The palette contains three sets of 48 buttons. Music notation Yankadi supports both complete western notation, and more simplified "tribal" notation systems. Register! Jaliya: Tour of Percussion Section. Archive The Archive is the library and the administration center for the notations. Here we find more than 300 authentic Percussion notations of traditional Westafrican rhythms for Djembe Ensemble (Djembe, Kenkeni, Dundun, Sangpan, Dundunba), collected from various resources including internationally known master percussionists. The notations for Djembe Ensemble are available separately as Jaliya Percussion Edition for 50 Euros. We select a title from the list.The properties of the notation are shown and may be adjusted. Now we can Load the notation for playback and editing. Notation Player/Editor Here we see the Editor interface, the controls for the Notation Player and the Instrument Visualization.

The wellknown rhythm Djolé is loaded. The control bar allows several playback related and other operations: exit the notation, save your modifications and return to the Archive• show and hide the Editing Area• show and hide the Instrument• loudspeakers on/off• show and hide the Tuner• metronome• Tuner. GrooveLab - the drum machine. Midi Sound Generator: Drum Rhythms.

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The Rhythm Trainer. Order page. Hydrogen | advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. Drum Software, Percussion Software, PercussionStudio, rhythm software, drum computer. Y-Rhythm Visualization. Achieving high rhythmic accuracy requires serious training.

There are good reasons to believe that an important barrier to progress is the lack of proper feedback. It is usually difficult for a percussionist to properly hear and understand the slight mistakes he makes, especially at high playing speeds. To solve this problem, we propose a visualization technique called Y-Rhythm that clearly shows temporal inaccuracies during the performance. Basically, this technique allows to see what can't be heared. The Y-Rhythm Trainer application downloadable here is a very valuable tool for practicing rhythm but is not at all a rhythm tutorial. It is intended to be used by percussionists (or any musician) who just need to understand their rhythmic inaccuracies to be able to correct themselves.

The screenshot above shows a somewhat regular rhythm (blue dots) followed by a series of triplets (green dots). Each beat dot is given the color of the closest duration line. Contact: Pierre Dragicevic (www)