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The Best iPhone And iPad Apps For IT Professionals [Feature. With the right iOS tools, IT pros can manage a datacenter from anyplace The iPhone and iPad are great mobile work solutions for many professions and IT is no exception.

The Best iPhone And iPad Apps For IT Professionals [Feature

With the right collection of apps, virtually every IT job role can become mobile. Systems administrators, user interface designers, and even help desk agents can use their iOS devices to keep tabs on the technologies that they manage and resolve problem at any time from almost anyplace. IT tools for iOS cover a wide range of ground from basic remote access to network diagramming. Here are a set of tools that no IT department should be without. There are a lot of iOS apps that make great additions to any IT professional’s mobile toolkit and they cover a wide range of IT roles. AD Helpdesk and ADManager Mobile – Both of these tools provide a mobile interface for managing Microsoft’s Active Directory.

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Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of applications for people who are, lets see….creative?

Say Goodbye to Adobe Creative Suite

Yes. Its a whole suite of applications that can be used to edit, enhance, beautify photos, create vector art, create vector animation, desktop publishing, website design, video editing, DVD menu designs and so on. Computers and Technology. How-To Geek - Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek. HTG Explains: Do You Really Need to Safely Remove USB Sticks? You’ve probably heard that you always need to use the Safely Remove Hardware icon before unplugging a USB device.

HTG Explains: Do You Really Need to Safely Remove USB Sticks?

However, there’s also a good chance that you’ve unplugged a USB device without using this option and everything worked fine. Windows itself tells you that you don’t need to use the Safely Remove Hardware option if you use certain settings – the default settings – but the advice Windows provides is misleading. Quick Removal vs. Better Performance Windows allows you to optimize your USB device for quick removal or improved performance. Expand the Disk drives section in the Device Manager, right-click your device, and select Properties.

Select the Policies tab in the Properties window. Data Corruption Danger The Windows dialog shown above is misleading. However, even if the USB device doesn’t appear to be in-use, it may still be in-use. Write Caching If you select the Better Performance option, Windows will cache data instead of writing it to the USB device immediately. 8 Deadly Commands You Should Never Run on Linux. 11 Ways to Make Your LastPass Account Even More Secure. LastPass offers a lot of security options for locking down your account and protecting your valuable data.

11 Ways to Make Your LastPass Account Even More Secure

We’re fans of LastPass here at How-To Geek – it’s a great service that a lot of you already use. You’ll find most of these options in your LastPass account settings dialog – either click here to access your account settings or log into your LastPass vault and click the Settings button in the sidebar. How to Create a Secretly Disguised Folder Without Extra Software. How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems. Internet connection problems can be frustrating.

How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

Rather than mashing F5 and desperately trying to reload your favorite website when you experience a problem, here are some ways you can troubleshoot the problem and identify the cause. Ensure you check the physical connections before getting too involved with troubleshooting. Someone could have accidentally kicked the router or modem’s power cable or pulled an Ethernet cable out of a socket, causing the problem.

Image Credit: photosteve101 on Flickr. How-To Geek » How to Hide Zip Files Inside a Picture Without any Extra Software. Since images are read from the header down, and zip files are read from the footer up, you can easily merge them as one single file , and no one will ever know.

How-To Geek » How to Hide Zip Files Inside a Picture Without any Extra Software

Read on to find out how. Embedding Zip Files Inside GIF Files Note: During tests GIF images were the only image type to give consistent results, therefore we recommend you use them as well. The first thing you will need to do is drill down into the directory that’s holding both your GIF image as well as your zip file, so press the Win + R keyboard combination, type cmd into the run box and hit enter. When the command prompt opens you can use the cd command to change directories. All it takes to merge the files is one simple copy command, the trick is to use the /B switch like so: copy /B newfile.gif This assumes: The original image is named picture.gifThe zip file you want to hide in your image is called YourMenu.zipThe combined file will be called newfile.gif. The Best Articles for Creating a Dual-Boot PC or Tablet. If you like to use multiple operating systems but don’t have extra computers to spare, we at How-To Geek have can help you set up your computer or tablet to run more than one operating system.

The Best Articles for Creating a Dual-Boot PC or Tablet

Windows 7 and 8. 10 of the Best Articles for Learning More About Photography. If you’re a budding photographer or a seasoned professional, we provide tips and tricks for taking better pictures, some history of photography, and information about the future of photographic technology.

10 of the Best Articles for Learning More About Photography

Here are 10 of our best articles about photography. Linux. TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library: 100+ free ready-to-use applications for virtual machines, the cloud, and bare metal. Five tools for configuring Samba. Samba lets Linux, Windows, and Mac communicate with one another, but it can be tough to configure.

Five tools for configuring Samba

These tools will help reduce your Samba headaches. Samba is one of those pieces of software that makes life possible within a homogeneous environment. You want Windows, Mac, and Linux to talk to one another, you use Samba. But for some, configuring Samba can be a challenge. Thankfully, tools are available that can help nearly every skill level with the task. Note: This list is also available as a photo gallery. 1: system-config-samba This is the GUI tool that all new Samba admins should be using. Software. Gizmos Freeware Reviews.