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Enter the CILIP Blogger Challenge. Who can enter?

Enter the CILIP Blogger Challenge

Anyone can enter who works or studies in the library, knowledge or information sector or has an interest in this or related areas. You don’t have to be a CILIP member to enter and you don’t have to live in the UK. You could, for example, be: A librarian, archivist or information scientist A student studying an information science module A researcher, lecturer or teacher Someone with a professional interest in library and information issues. What sort of topics could I write about?

You could, for instance, provide a new perspective on a library, information and knowledge related topic such as: Everyday life e.g. Judging criteria and guidelines Each submission will be judged on the quality of the writing and the criteria below: 1. The word limit is 500-1500 words. Learning Resources Conference 2012, 8th November 2012. Boys' reading skills 'must be tackled' 1 July 2012Last updated at 21:17 ET By Hannah Richardson BBC News education reporter Some boys think reading is "uncool" The reading gap between boys and girls in England is widening but there is no official strategy to address it, a report says.

Boys' reading skills 'must be tackled'

The All-Party Parliamentary Literacy Group Commission says some boys find reading "nerdish" and receive less parental encouragement than girls. It calls for action in schools, home and communities. The government said it was focusing on getting every child to read using phonics and reading for enjoyment. The Boys' Reading Commission took evidence from teachers, 226 schools and 21,000 young people in the UK . Its report, compiled by the National Literacy Trust, found that although there had been improvements in boys' reading since the National Literacy Strategy was introduced in 1998, in recent years the gender gap had started to widen again. Continue reading the main story. 23 Things for Professional Development. Lol or pulchritudinous: which words do children really use in their writing? ’Twas a caliginous night. . .

Lol or pulchritudinous: which words do children really use in their writing?

Fingers on your buzzers, please. Which of the following would you expect children today to use in their writing: gr8, lol, apotropaic, caliginous, cerulean? Yes, that’s right, the last three. This is just one of the happy findings from the BBC Radio 2 500 Words short story competition, run by the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. Literacy events. The power of storytelling: engaging families in early language development - London Use Talk for Writing to build links between school and home.

Literacy events

Presented by Pie Corbett for Early Years and Key Stage 1 professionals, supported by Julia Strong. Map and directions to Savoy Place, London Who should attend? Primary school headteachers; literacy coordinators; early years, reception and Key Stage 1 teachers and teaching assistants; curriculum coordinators; early years and primary literacy consultants. Hello · Manchester Children's Book Festival 2012 · presented by Manchester Metropolitan University.

School Library Survey: Thank you. A huge thank you to everyone who filled in our recent surveymonkey hosted questionnaire.

School Library Survey: Thank you

We reached our total of just over 1000 responses much more quickly than we had anticipated. We will undertake a detailed analysis of the data as soon as possible, but here are a few of the headlines that jump out of the data on a first look. 60% of respondents were state schools 25% were academies 71% of respondents were from secondadry schools 72% of respondents had librarians in charge of their libraries. 20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know About. Carnegie winner Patrick Ness attacks library cuts.

23 June 2011Last updated at 16:27 By Tim Masters Entertainment and Arts correspondent, BBC News All the books in Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy have been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal Author Patrick Ness has criticised Education Secretary Michael Gove over library closures as he accepted a prestigious children's fiction prize.

Carnegie winner Patrick Ness attacks library cuts

Ness was awarded the Cilip Carnegie Medal for his novel Monsters of Men at a ceremony in London. "We must accept that it is not only libraries that are under threat, but librarians as well," Ness said. The prize is awarded by children's librarians for an outstanding book for young people. Ness's winning novel is the third and final book of the Chaos Walking trilogy about the power struggles on a planet where private thoughts are audible. The US-born author described decisions to partially staff libraries with volunteers as "a one-sentence, Big Society idea whose consequences and ramifications they haven't even remotely considered".

Book disposal and recycling services – The Book Rescuers. iLibrarian. Renaissance Learning. The time for Libraries is NOW. 78,324 views Featured in: Education.

The time for Libraries is NOW

The writing's on the library wall - and I don't mind - News - TES Connect. Comment:Last Updated:9 March, 2011Section:FE news Around 10 years ago some strange things started to happen to my college’s library.

The writing's on the library wall - and I don't mind - News - TES Connect

For a start the name of the place changed. It wasn’t called a library any more - it was to be known as the learning centre. (Interestingly, though, the people who ran it weren’t rebranded as learning centerians, having to content themselves instead with the dusty old tag of librarian.) But it wasn’t only the sign above the door that changed.