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Masih Jalala

Masih Jalala Currently working with ADS Security Guards. A licensed security guard and patrol agency that offers commercial and residential security throughout the Bay Area.

Importance of CPR Training for Professional Guards. In 1998, researchers from the University of Nevada and from the Department of Fire Services of Las Vegas published a study about the outcomes and response times for cardiac arrest situations that occur in casinos and resort hotels.

Importance of CPR Training for Professional Guards

The study concluded the best outcomes resulted when security guards initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation prior to the arrival of paramedics on the scene. Top 4 Security Risks at a High School. Students who attend high school have enough to worry about with homework and projects.

Top 4 Security Risks at a High School

However, they also have to face certain security risks. Top security companies in Hayward are available to mitigate these 4 potential risks. 1. Guns When you turn on the news, you might hear about another school shooting, which is becoming all too common at high schools. 6 Steps to Take If You're a Victim of Credit Card Fraud. These days it seems like credit card fraud is becoming almost as commonplace as littering.

6 Steps to Take If You're a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

However, thanks to a host of new laws, consumers actually experience a greater level of protection from the results of credit card fraud than ever before. If you do find yourself the victim of credit card fraud, there are steps you can take to protect your information. Follow these 7 tips, brought to you by ADS Guards, a trusted security company in Hayward. 1. Call Your Credit Card Issuer the Second You Notice a Card Missing. How to Prevent Income Tax Fraud. Tax season is almost upon us, and income tax fraud is a very serious crime that can come with significant punishments, including fines and imprisonment.

How to Prevent Income Tax Fraud

4 Reasons to Hire Security for a VIP Client. Hiring executive security for VIP clients is one of the best things you can do to protect all-important relationships.

4 Reasons to Hire Security for a VIP Client

High-profile people tend to attract a lot of attention. As a result, their presence can entail far greater risk than that of the everyday individual. Here are 4 reasons to hire a private security guard in Hayward if you plan to have a VIP client visiting your company’s premises. 1. Give Your Clients Peace of Mind VIP clients often travel with a considerable amount of cash and valuables in tow. 2.

In addition to protecting the people who support your company, the right security solutions can also protect the positive brand image you’ve worked so hard to build. How Security Guards Manage the Fight or Flight Instinct. In ideal settings, the duties of a security guard in Hayward will involve few direct confrontations.

How Security Guards Manage the Fight or Flight Instinct

Many companies are able to deter unsavory behaviors by simply having security present. However, there will be instances when guards find themselves facing physical danger, which can range from verbal challenges to confrontations with people carrying weapons. During times like these, all guards should be cognizant of their built-in fight or flight response. Recognizing how their bodies are naturally hardwired to respond to danger makes it easier for these professionals to maintain rational thinking and to consciously choose the safest and most appropriate courses of action. What Is the Fight or Flight Response? Whenever people feel as though they are in danger, their brains release a combination of chemicals that prime them for either physical combat or making fast exits. Making Smart Choices in the Heat of the Moment Why Training Is So Important. Do You Need Security for the Company Christmas Party? Though most employees look forward to a company’s holiday party, unexpected occurrences can jeopardize their safety.

Do You Need Security for the Company Christmas Party?

Don’t let potential danger become a factor at your holiday party this year. Hire private security to keep your guests safe. Guest List Management You have chosen the people are on your office’s guest list for specific reasons and have made it very plain who those guests can invite to join the fun with them. However, not everyone wants to follow the rules. Guest Protection. 5 Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud During the Holidays. 4 Ways Security Guards Can Manage Their Stress. Security guards sometimes experience stress at various times during their career.

4 Ways Security Guards Can Manage Their Stress

This stress can be caused by the desire to do a good job, eliminate certain behaviors at the job site, and many other situations. 5 Reasons Shopping Malls Need Guard Patrol. There is a reason the mall cop is a perennial image in American culture: shopping malls are one of the many places where security guard patrol is practically a necessity.

5 Reasons Shopping Malls Need Guard Patrol

Here are 5 reasons why shopping malls need at least a few professional guards on-hand at all times. 1. Having Security Puts Customers at Ease Many customers feel safer if mall security is around, both in the mall itself and in parking areas. This sense of safety makes customers want to take their time while shopping, which is good for business. 4 Cost-Effective Security Measures for Your Business. When you’re running a business, especially a new one that doesn’t have a lot of capital yet, choosing between paying for security services and risking becoming the victim of a crime can be difficult.

4 Cost-Effective Security Measures for Your Business

What Should You Do After Someone Steals Your Identity? After having your identity stolen, don’t hesitate to take action to protect your personal information. The longer you wait, the greater chance you’ll have of being subjected to serious financial damage. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading provider of security guard services in Hayward, is here to guide you through some of the first crucial steps you should take if you’ve become a victim of identity theft. Place a Fraud Alert Make sure you place a fraud alert on your credit reports immediately.

This action lets lenders and creditors know they should take extra precautions before extending credit to someone using your name, even if the person ends up actually being you. What Should You Do After Someone Steals Your Identity? How Should Security Guards Handle Repeat Loiterers? Repeat loiterers can be incredibly problematic for businesses. Though contacting the police and having them forcibly remove loiterers from the property might seem like the obvious solution, many companies prefer to handle loitering without police intervention. Professional security guards have a few tactics they can use to discourage loitering. Connect Them with the Resources They Need Repeat loiterers often return to the scene simply because there are specific structural features that aid them in their basic survival. These individuals may have found a warm, dry, and comfortable place to sleep and could be in serious jeopardy without it. Treat Them Like People Rather Than Problems.

5 Ways to Enhance Working Conditions for Guards. Security guards are frequently first responders to many urgent situations. From medical emergencies to violent attacks, security guards are dedicated to defending private institutions and protecting the general public. Here are 5 ways to offer them better working conditions so they can perform their duties with the utmost professionalism. 1. Ensure They Are Properly Trained Security companies in Hayward recommend analyzing statistics for the job’s venue to ensure the right guards will be hired for the job.