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Key Aspects to Consider for an Improved Smile with Dental Implants. Understanding the Differences Between Complete and Partial Dentures. Useful Information You Need to Understand When Getting Dental Implants. Restoring a Healthy Smile with Some Help from an Experienced Dentist. A Family Dentist Dispels the Most Popular Myths about Sleep Apnea. Give Your Confidence a Boost and Have Healthy Teeth with Invisalign.

Clear aligners, also known by the popular brand name Invisalign, are now becoming popular teeth straightening options for teens and adults alike. If you are interested in having a set crafted for your needs, it helps to know the details about the procedure. This allows you to make an informed decision if Invisalign is the way to go. Preparing for Clear Aligners First off, a family dentist in Corning, NY will perform a thorough examination of your teeth. She can identify if you have issues with overbite or underbite, figure out if your chewing is normal, and know if you are a good candidate for clear braces.

At times, x-rays may be needed, so the dentist can check the alignment of your jaw and your teeth. As soon as she obtains all the information she needs to properly diagnose your dental condition and determine the best possible treatment option, she will sit down with you to discuss in detail the following steps. Like this: Like Loading... A Better Smile: Dental Implants can Help Give Patients Full Smiles. Signs You Need Dentures and How It Can Help You Solve Your Problem. Dental Dentures from Dentists: Why are These a Sustainable Solution. Dental Dentures from Dentists: Why are These a Sustainable Solution Losing a tooth is a big problem for many. While having one or two missing teeth may not quickly affect your oral functions, down the road you will notice its impact.

One common solution is denture, but these are removable and so can be lost or damaged, and accidentally dropping your denture may cause a huge embarrassment. Fortunately, it’s now possible to have a more permanent solution to your problem. How Dental Implants Work Essentially, dental implants are synthetic replacements for your lost tooth or teeth. How a Dentist in Corning, NY Can Help You Avoid Periodontal Diseases. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because your teeth look pearly white, it means that your oral health is in top shape. It’s very possible that although your teeth may be healthy, your gums aren’t.

For this, you will need a dentist focusing on the treatment of periodontal disease near Corning, NY. What is Periodontitis? In a nutshell, periodontitis is the disease of the structures around the teeth, which is the gum area. What makes it easy for people to overlook the possibility of a gum disease is that the symptoms tend to appear like any regular oral condition. Bleeding gums, for example, can be because of overly hard brushing or flossing. Like this: Like Loading... The First-Timer’s Helpful and Insightful Guide for Wearing Dentures. A Dentist Explains the Power of a Smile: Smiles Affecting the Audience. The smile is a wonderful tool in conveying emotion. There are also studies that say smiles have psychological effects to others and to the individual themselves. A smile has a greater impact with the help of proper dental appearance and maintenance. This can help in creating the effect and benefits of smiling even more successful.

The Benefits of Smiling First, smiling is contagious, though in a good way. Like this: Like Loading... What You Need to Know About the Various Materials for Dental Implants. Good Dentist for Effective Prevention and Cure for Periodontal Disease. There are numerous processes which any person has to undergo in the course of their lives for their mouth, and teeth. One of the most common issues handled by a good dentist is one of the most sensitive parts of the mouth, that is the gums. The Gums and Its Problems The gums are sensitive structures around the teeth that cover the root of the teeth. These are the red parts of the mouth around the teeth, to say simply.

Its primary reason for being there is to keep the root of the teeth safe, as exposed roots are very sensitive and will cause pain for the person. One common periodontal disease that is ignored by the masses and those who experience it is gingivitis. Like this: Like Loading... How Dental Implants in Corning, NY Can Greatly Benefit Your Life. Consulting a Dentist: Periodontal Disease Symptoms and Treatments. Periodontal disease may be a severe oral health condition to deal with.

This occurs when the structures that surround your teeth, such as the alveolar bone or gums, become infected. Such conditions require prompt treatment from a professional dentist. Below is some helpful information on periodontal disease. Symptoms Knowing what to look for in regards to periodontal disease is not as difficult when you know the symptoms. Like this: Like Loading... Types of Dentures from Corning, NY Dentists to Get Your Smile Back.

What Are the Different Things You Need to Know About Dental Implants. Most dental professionals would tell you that, when it comes to dental implants, you are looking at more than 90% of success rate. This means that, once you have your dental implants, there is very little risk that it would come off or cause your gums to be inflamed; but what, exactly, are the factors that could increase the success of a dental implant? The Dental Implant Procedure A dental implant is not something that is installed on your first visit. In most cases, you would be subjected first to a complete dental exam from clinics in Corning, NY. Like this: Like Loading... Healthy Teeth for All: What a Family Dentistry Office Can Do for You. If you think that you need to visit a different dentist in Corning, NY for all of your various teeth and gum needs, you may want to think again.

Many people who are not familiar with the full range of services available through a reputable family dentistry practice are surprised to learn that the dentist they know and trust can provide a full range of services for all of their needs. Dental Services for All Ages One of the primary benefits associated with visiting a reputable family dentist is that all of your family’s dental needs may be provided by the professional that they are already comfortable with. Some local residents may go to one dental office for pediatric care for the kids and another dental office for their own needs. They may also have a cosmetic dentist and even an orthodontic professional they work with.

Like this: Like Loading... Tips from Your Dentist: Teach Your Child How to Brush Their Baby Teeth. Once your child's first tooth starts to erupt, it is time to begin a regular dental hygiene routine. As your child grows, he or she will be able to begin learning how to do brushing and flossing with some assistance from you. Since many kids resist brushing their teeth or lack the fine motor skills needed to do a good job, it is important for you to supervise them and provide continuing assistance with getting their baby teeth clean. Do It Early Instead of waiting until your child has all of his or her baby teeth, start brushing early.

You can use a small finger brush when your child has just a few teeth. Once your child has more than four teeth, it is time to upgrade to a toothbrush for toddlers, and some infant to toddler toothpaste as recommended by your dentist in Corning, NY. Starting a good dental hygiene habit early in life helps to integrate teeth cleaning as a normal part of a morning and bedtime routine.

See a Cosmetic Dentist and Learn How You Can Get a Brighter Smile. MISSING OR DAMAGED TEETH: WHY GET DENTAL IMPLANTS INSTEAD OF DENTURES? Statistics from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons show that nearly 70 percent of adults aged 35 to 44 can lose a tooth due to several factors. Years ago, when people lost their teeth to accidents or diseases, the only option they had to restore their smile is to get a set of “false teeth” or removable dentures. Most denture wearers, however, complain about how uncomfortable it is to wear them and how difficult it is to keep them secure. Now, people have no need to worry about experiencing these things should they lose a tooth or two. Medical advancements paved the way for more permanent solutions for tooth loss, specifically dental implants. These have been a popular choice for those who are suffering from a lost or a damaged tooth, and are definitely the better option compared to dentures. Like this: Like Loading...

Dentist in Corning, NY: Keep Your Mouth Free from Periodontal Disease. Have an Improper Bite? A Family Dentist Can Treat Your Bite Problems. An improper bite comes with many issues. It can cause difficulty in chewing and speaking, and most of all, it could keep you from flashing that potentially heart-melting smile. Corning folks suffering from an improper bite can seek the help of a family dentistry practitioner in the area to address conditions like these. Dental treatments will help stabilize a person’s bite, as well as improve his overall health. Whether or not you should seek treatment for your improper bite is totally a personal decision. Many people, after all, have lived with such problems their entire life and have never felt the urgency to seek treatment – or so they say. Those who did go out of their way to undergo the necessary treatment, however, attest to feeling more comfortable and being more confident with their properly aligned teeth. Corning Children’s Dentist: Schooling Your Kids in Dental Hygiene.

It’s summer again, the perfect season for those long awaited family outings, beach parties and just chilling at some fun outdoor activity. However, while you and your kids may be having a great time at these events, probably munching a few sugary goodies, this may also be the best time to give your kids a few insights into the world of proper dental hygiene. The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation reports that the most commonly known chronic childhood disease is tooth decay. The statistics indicate that more than 25 percent of children, aged two to five years old, are diagnosed with at least one decayed tooth.

Now that schools are out for the summer holidays, it is crucial as a responsible parent to reinforce with your kids to keep up or improve their dental hygiene routine. Cosmetic Dentist in Corning Offers $99 One-Time Club Fee with Perks. A regular dental examination is an important aspect of complete oral care because it allows the dentist to identify and prevent any potential problems in your teeth. Teeth whitening is equally important because having a nice white set of teeth allows you to look your best. Now, your local cosmetic dentist in Corning, NY allows you to have the best of both worlds! Maria E. Marzo DDS, PC General & Cosmetic Dentistry, introduces to you its latest promo, the Smile for Life Whitening Club. With just a one-time $99 membership fee, we will supply you with a fresh tube of bleaching gel with each preventative care visit, completely free of charge!

Like this: Like Loading... Marzo Dentistry: Expertise & Gentle Care Combined for Dental Patients. To further improve the quality of dental services she provides to her patients in Corning and the neighboring towns, Dr. Maria Marzo never rests on her laurels. She has gone above and beyond her dentistry training to become a prosthodontist that has specialized training in restoring and replacing teeth, making her an expert in dental implants, veneers, dentures, and many other procedures aimed at bringing back the health and beauty of a smile. So what makes prosthodontists special? Prosthodontists take lead roles in providing comprehensive dental care.