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Sexual Abuse

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New Policing Responses to Crimes against Women and Children. Attitudes towards Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse in 1970s Questions. Child welfare, child protection and sexual abuse, 1918-1990. New Policing Responses to Crimes Against Women and Children. Child sexual abuse facts and statistics. Timeline: a history of child protection. The first act of parliament for the prevention of cruelty to children, commonly known as the "children's charter" was passed.

Timeline: a history of child protection

This enabled the state to intervene, for the first time, in relations between parents and children. Police could arrest anyone found ill-treating a child, and enter a home if a child was thought to be in danger. The act included guidelines on the employment of children and outlawed begging. The act was amended and extended.

It allowed children to give evidence in court, mental cruelty was recognised and it became an offence to deny a sick child medical attention. Child Abuse Exam Question.