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Top 5 CHI: Fall Edition - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Summer has officially come to a close and we’re pretty sad about it.

Top 5 CHI: Fall Edition - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

It seems like we got gipped this year; and just can’t come to terms with the fact that we’re closer to that dreadful white stuff and those bone-chilling temperatures. However, on a positive note, our next favorite season is Fall! And what better way to stumble into Fall than with a guide to find the best Bloody Marys Chicago has to offer! Woo hoo! Some of the many reasons we love Fall: All of which inspired the third installment of our Top 5 CHI – Fall edition. Garnish Game Bloody Mary Sunda | River North | $40 | Brunch: Sat & Sun 10:30am-3pm Apparently the Buckeyes aren’t the only ones with some serious game.

Briney Mary Bloody Mary Mix - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Verona, PA | Briney Mary from Pittsburgh Pickle Co.

Briney Mary Bloody Mary Mix - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

The Mix Hailing from right outside da ‘Burgh in Verona, Pennsylvania, home to Heinz, Primanti Brothers and pierogies. A two-time platinum award winner at the Drunken Tomato Awards 2020 for unique and mild mixes, Pittsburgh Pickle Company (PPC) created this mix using their pickling brine in the mix, hence the name, Briney Mary. Staying connected to their roots was of high importance when crafting. For starters, the blend is truly locally made, each bottle being filled by hand, one at a time. The Ingredients Briney Mary is all-natural, uses fresh ingredients like horseradish root in addition to tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce.

The Flavor. Top 5 CHI: Keepin' It Cozy Bloody Marys - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Our February edition is all about making sure your Sunday Funday is lit!

Top 5 CHI: Keepin' It Cozy Bloody Marys - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

Your guide to to some of the best Bloody Marys in Chicago this winter where you can cozy up next to the fire and warm your bellies. Oh the weather outside is…Actually for us Chicagoans, this winter hasn’t been half bad! (Knock on wood) This time last year, we were just coming off of that wicked Polar Vortex that brought us extreme, sub-zero temperatures, so I would consider 2020 to date – #winning. But, we all know that February (and March), can be a bit of a crapshoot, bringing us lots of surprises provided by Mother Nature herself.

Homemade Refrigerator Dill Pickles - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Let’s get pickled!

Homemade Refrigerator Dill Pickles - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

Make your own crunchy, refrigerator dill pickles with this easy, clean and simple recipe. I love pickles, but often have a hard time finding ones at the grocery store that are both crunchy and free of unnecessary, garbage ingredients. So I figured why not create a refrigerator dill pickle recipe. The Recipe Prep time: 15 minutes Servings: Approximately 50 pickles (depending on size of cucumbers) Cook time: 5-10 minutes The Ingredients 5-6 pickling cucumbers1 bunch of dill1/2 red onion4 cloves of garlic2 cups of water1 cup of distilled white vinegar10 black pepper kernels1 tbsp sugar1 tbsp salt 1 tsp celery saltRed pepper flakes (desired amount) The Directions Step 1: Start with your brine.

Step 2: While you’re brine is cooking up real nice, get to slicing those cucumbers! The Dill-y Bloody Mary Recipe - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. My Top 5 In The Chicago Bloody Mary Fest 5 - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. It’s hard to believe that the we’re just one week out from the 6th Annual Bloody Mary Fest at Theater on the Lake in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood!

My Top 5 In The Chicago Bloody Mary Fest 5 - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

It’s honestly one of my favorite festivals in the city! Throughout the year, I’ve had a chance to visit each of these establishments to refresh my memory on their mixes. In preparation for this year’s competition, I thought I would rank my top 5 from last year’s 5th Annual Chicago Bloody Mary Fest. #5: Centennial By far, Centennial has one of the most unique mixes I’ve ever tasted. . #4: Flo The Rojo Bloody Mary from Flo packs a little bit of heat with a side of bitterness. Flight of the Bloody Marys - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. What better way to spend New Year’s Eve day than experimenting for National Bloody Mary Day!

Flight of the Bloody Marys - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

I decided to take to the kitchen, playing, testing and tasting as I put my own spin on four different Bloody Mary recipes, dubbed Flight of the Bloody Marys, inspired by varying themes – Classic, Asian, Italian and Mexican. I had a total blast playing chef-turned-mixologist as I made an absolute mess in the kitchen. Luckily, I had my wonderful, supportive fiancé with me to assist. Jason's Classic Bloody Mary Recipe - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Result: My take on a classic Bloody Mary, this chunky, thicker mix has forward flavors of garlic, worcestershire and horseradish.

Jason's Classic Bloody Mary Recipe - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

Orange juice adds a subtle sweetness and the stout gives it a smoother drinkability. Rim: Celery salt Garnish: Lemon and lime wedge, green olive stuffed with pimento pepper. Jason's Asian Bloody Mary Recipe - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Result: My take on an Asian-inspired Bloody Mary definitely brings some heat!

Jason's Asian Bloody Mary Recipe - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

Flavors of ginger, heat from the chili garlic sauce and citrus from the orange juice seem to stand out. Garnish: fresh shrimp and scallion stalk Ingredients (served in 12oz. glass with ice): 4oz. tomato juice1-2oz. vodka of choice(2) tbsp orange juice(1) tbsp, heaping, diced tomatoes(1.5) tbsp scallion or green onion(1) tsp chili garlic sauce (Sriracha brand)(1) tsp tomato paste(1) tsp lime juice(1/2) tsp fish sauce(1/2) tsp soy sauce(1/2) tsp garlic powder(1/4) tsp ginger(1/4) tsp celery salt(1) dash black pepper. Chop it Like it's Hot: Flavor Dynamics at The Chopping Block - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary.

So, I’m always curious to learn more about flavor profiles of food and drink, especially when it comes to my Bloody Marys.

Chop it Like it's Hot: Flavor Dynamics at The Chopping Block - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

Things like why to add salt, when to add a little sweetness or when its best to harvest certain ingredients. Insert The Chopping Block of Lincoln Square on a Saturday morning. I signed up for this class called Cooking Lab: Flavor Dynamics and embarked on an educational journey. The class sets out to help you gain a better understanding of tastes, how to balance your seasoning appropriately, how to use aromatic ingredients and educates you on ethnic flavor palettes. CH Distillery Tour: I Drank, I Toured, I Witnessed - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. What can I say, I like to know where my vodka comes from and with so many Bloody Marys in the city using CH Distillery vodka as their spirit, I had to go see what they were all about.

CH Distillery Tour: I Drank, I Toured, I Witnessed - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary

I enlisted in their ‘Witness the Science of Alcohol’ Tour, hosted by the incomparable, extremely entertaining and highly knowledgable guide, Patrick. He reminded me of a mad scientist, but I truly appreciated how passionate he was about his job, CH Distillery and more importantly…vodka. Chicago Bloody Mary Fest: Q&A with Brian Ferber - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. With the sixth installment of Chicago’s Bloody Mary competition under his belt, I had a chance to sit down with Brian Ferber (@Culture_Content), the founder and organizer of Bloody Mary Chi, to get a little more insight into the festival. Like Game Day Sunday (Funday) for Avid Bloody Mary Fans Back in October, I attended The Chicago Bloody Mary Fest featuring Chicago’s Bloody Mary competition 6. If you’re having trouble imagining what this experience could be like, just picture copious amounts of Bloody Marys everywhere! This was my second time attending and man, do I love this event. I mean how could you not?!

For starters, it’s hosted at Theater on the Lake, over-looking the beautiful Lake Michigan with its Caribbean-like waters (but seriously, sometimes it does look that way). Plus, they’ve thought of everything. In the end, a winner is crowned by the people, dropping their voting tickets into canisters on the main stage. 7-Day Bloody Mary - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Result: Simple, mild deliciousness with a side of ginger and horseradish. A classic take on a Bloody Mary that produces loads of flavor as the ingredients bask together for seven days. This is an easy way to make a batch of Bloodys! 7-Day Bloody Mary Info Prep time: 10 minutes Servings: Approximately 5. Garnishes Reign at 10th Highwood Bloody Mary Fest - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. 12 mixologists battled it out for the people’s and judge’s choice awards during the annual Highwood Bloody Mary Fest proving presentation and garnishes are king. Highwood Bloody Mary Fest Situated about 28 miles north of Chicago is the city of Highwood, IL.

It’s a quaint town boasting an impressive dining scene including some stellar Bloody Marys and programming out the wazoo. One of those events, in it’s 10th year, is the Highwood Bloody Mary Fest – a day-long celebration of the finest (tomato) cocktail ever invented where patrons drink Bloody Marys from in and around the city, listen to live music and relish in each other’s company while noshing on some local eats. The pinnacle of the itinerary includes a “Best of the Best” competition in which establishments compete for the coveted People’s Choice & Judge’s Choice awards.

The Contestants I had the pleasure of being involved in both sessions of the pre-judging ahead of the Highwood Bloody Mary Fest as well as judging the day of. Jason's Shaken Not Stirred Bloodytini - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Result: A Bloody Mary and a martini walk into a bar…(Haha!) And their worlds collide creating a boozy, tomatoey, slightly spicy martini with a touch of smoke! I used Pope’s Kitchen products and Blaum Bros.

Hellfyre vodka to create this Bloodytini recipe. The Bloodytini Recipe Prep time: 5 min. Pico de Gallo Recipe Using 10 Ingredients - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Simple, clean and easy pico de gallo recipe to take your Taco Tuesday to the next level. The result is a fresh, citrusy salsa that goes well with tacos, tortillas & Tecate! Chips and salsa, of any kind, is one of my all-time favorite snacks. I could literally eat it any day, any time and in fact, I’m not ashamed of say that I’ve eaten it as an entire meal before. A jar of salsa and a bag of chips down the hatch. After purchasing multiple containers of pico at the grocery store each visit, it was time to make a little of my own. The Recipe Prep time: 45 minutes Servings: 1.5 quarts Cook time: 5 minutes The Ingredients Produce10 Roma tomatoes(4) cloves of garlic(2) jalapeno(1.5) limes(1/2) large red onion(1/2) cup of fresh cilantroSpices1 tbsp of chili powder1 tbsp of garlic powder1 tbsp of onion powder1tbsp of lime zest.

Jason's Bloody Maria Recipe - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. Buying Produce in Season - Eat, Drink, and...Bloody Mary. It’s March 1st and a new harvest season is upon us! One of my goals in the new year is to educate myself more on produce as a whole and gain a better understanding of what buying produce in season means. Not only do I want to become more knowledgable about what I’m putting into my body, but also the impact on my finances, the overall economy both locally and nationally and let’s face it, the best tasting stuff out there for making some fantastic Bloody Marys! When it comes to making your own mix at home, we all know that many ingredients come from a garden somewhere out there. While the popularity of Farmer’s Markets has made it much more accessible to buy fresh, local ingredients, there’s no reason to miss out during months outside of summer time.

Why not arm yourself with some knowledge to make healthier decisions all year round?! Here’s what I’ve learned about buying in season. Time To Try An Aquavit Bloody Mary. Your next drunken tomato cocktail should be an Aquavit Bloody Mary. Jason's Green with Envy Bloody Mary. Jason's Italian Bloody Mary Recipe. A Weekend Fit for a Foodie King! 2nd Annual Fulton Market Harvest Fest & 5th Annual Chicago Bloody Mary Fest. Bloody Mary Logan Square. Bloody Mary Bridgeport. Where to Get a Great Bloody Mary in Chicago. Is Bloody Mary a Healthy Drink? Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to give up on partying and relaxing at a bar with your friends and loved ones. Drinking is usually equated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

However, it's time to break that stereotype and educate yourself! Bloody Mary near East Village. Are Bloody Marys’ Good for Weight Loss? Find out about Best Bloody Mary Brunch near Chicago. Why is Bloody Mary Mix Good and Healthy for you? Best spicy bloody mary mix. What's the best vodka for Bloody Marys? Are Bloody Marys excellent? What should be on a Bloody Mary bar? How to build the ultimate bloody mary brunch? What are the best Bloody Mary mixes?

Bloody mary east village. Chicago bloody marys. Bloody Mary Reviews. Bloody Mary Recipes. Bloody Mary Mix. Best Bloody Mary Chicago.