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Mary Runninghorse

Paranormal. The VICE Guide to Eating Pussy. Men suck at eating pussy.

The VICE Guide to Eating Pussy

Not because they don’t like it but because it’s really fucking hard. You have to learn it. Giving good head is the key to just about everything in life (including getting good head later on), so it’s time we broke it down. Like this. The secret to giving good head is to read the signs. Think of eating the puss as your way of saying, “Although I am about to rock your insides with 3,000 lbs. of explosives, here’s a little intimate treat session to show you how I really feel.” Break it down! 1) Be Down Don’t go down unless you’re down. 2) Don’t Say Hi to Dry A dry pussy is an unhappy pussy. Once you’re sure the beaver is wet, give it a few light, teasing strokes with your finger. Extra tip: Be like Prince and bring up a wet finger that both of you can share like a 1950s milkshake with two straws. Important: Don’t play your trump card too soon by putting your fingers all the way inside. Start by kissing her boobs and stomach and slowly working your way down. Your Guide for Sex Tips.

Bottoming 101. This is gonna be a LOOOOONNNNNGG post because I have a lot to say on the subject.

Bottoming 101

Also I totally fucked up what passes for a normal sleeping pattern for me doing this so I hope you're all fucking grateful. All puns intended. I've been reading lots about what its like to be a bottom from all kinds of sources recently. You know how some weeks certain things just keep cropping up in your life for no obvious reason? And I take issue with a lot of what I've read. Some Basic Points: Bottoming does not *have* to hurt. - it probably will to start, but doesn't with experienceBottoming does not make you gay/less manly/a slut/desperate/whatever.

An Anatomy Lesson: Right, now that that's out of the way, let's start with some basic anatomy shall we, as a friend just said, it's important to have a knowledge of this stuff and how to abuse it ;) This shows more than I need but it's plenty useful. Right lets go over all the important things about this entire area. The Golden Rules of Bottoming:

100 Cum Swallowing Tips. Techniques of Dominance. BDSM Fetish Kink Checklist. Finding out more about yourself...

BDSM Fetish Kink Checklist

The questions below will help you identify your main interests and will probably point out a few things you're uncomfortable with and one or two of your off-limits areas. If you have a partner this can be a great tool for both of you - as well as for current and future conversations. The checklist was originally designed to be answered by a submissive but a dominant can easily use it by picturing themself on the other side of the dynamic described.

This is not an interactive form at this time. So what you need to do is just select the text of the checklist below and then copy and paste it into your favourite text program (Notepad, BBEdit, Word) or even into an email message to yourself if you like. Here's how to use this checklist. Das Reich der Geister und Gespenster. Cryptozoology Online: Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) - the world's best cryptozoology organisation - main page. Your True paranormal and ghost stories for 2011. Paranormal Oddities. Secret Crypt! Foren-Übersicht. Homepage - Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler, Kids. Baby Games Online - Free Fun Online Computer Games for Infants and Toddlers. Our favorite free web activities for toddlers.

Baby Games Online - Free Fun Online Computer Games for Infants and Toddlers

Many of these may well be educational, but our priority here is that they entertain...otherwise someone's gonna start prying the keys out of the keyboard. This abstract web toy is not designed specifically for babies, but it makes ours laugh like crazy. Each letter key pressed yields a different reward. Paint like Jackson Pollock Painting with the mouse at its most basic, with cool effects. The Fungooms Click on the mushroom characters to explore a collection of simple, unique, and beautifully designed mouse-only games for preschoolers, all set to soothing, enchanting music. Yukyuk Dancers Fun little animated dancers that you can click to change their dance moves as they boogie to the music. Fisher-Price Toddler Games We recommend the following games for toddlers at this site: Learn your ABC's, ABC's Zoo, Little People Animal Sounds, Learn your Colors and Shapes, Count the Score, and Little People Who's at the Door?

Who am I? Night Animals. Planet of Women- Health, Fashion & Beauty. Eye makeup is very important.

Planet of Women- Health, Fashion & Beauty

Eyes represent the entire character of anybody. Because eyes are the most substantial segment of our face. Eyes are classified as an entrance towards the heart and soul that demonstrate your internal natural beauty. Women of all ages wish for gorgeous eyes. Eyes are additionally regarded as the device that will enable anyone become attractive.