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Downtown Houston Nightlife - Discover Some Great Spots We Found. Texas by Night 4 places to check out the Houston nightlife. I’ve been enjoying my time in Houston so far meeting with some of our Houston SEO clients and I was really looking forward to discovering the best of the downtown Houston nightlife. Love the people, love the food, and love the energy you can breathe all around you, all the time. And the best way to experience that energy is by going to those places that only open up when the sun goes down, and the music gets louder. That being said, parties are not created equally, and not two clubs are the same.

With so much to do, and so many possibilities to go around having a good time enjoying the downtown Houston nightlife, finding the right place that fits your mood and your group of friends can be tricky. Sometimes we want a relaxed place with a nice ambiance that lets you just sit back and knock a few drinks with your buddies. The Commoner & The Boulevardier Right in the heart of downtown Houston sits The Boulevardier. Texas Hookah Lounge.