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ReversibleDoubleThicknessMittens. Mittens Pattern. Medium size MATERIAL: 1 skein Knitting Worsted (4 oz. skein) 1 set sock needles each No. 2 and No. 4 1 stitch holder 1st and 2nd round: * K 2, P 2 repeat from * around. 3rd and 4th round: * P 2, K 2 repeat from * around.

Mittens Pattern

Cast on 40 sts. with No. 2 needles, join being careful not to twist sts. Work in ribbing K 1, P 1 for 2 ½ inch. Mittens - Single Crochet Adult. Mittens - Single Crochet Adult.

Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

BriggsLittle_MakingTracks. 10007BriggsLittle_FamilyRovingMittens. Mochi Plus Springy Ringed-Cuff Mittens - Crystal Palace Yarns - free knit mitten pattern. Mini Mochi Springy Ring Mittens - free mitten pattern. Mini Mochi Springy Ring Mittens - free mitten pattern. 10007BriggsLittle_FamilyRovingMittens.pdf. BriggsLittle_LetsDoTheTwist.pdf. Easy Textured Fingerless Gloves. Nice and warm!

Easy Textured Fingerless Gloves

I love this textured yarn! However, it took me a while to figure out what to do with it. I guess I have a tendency to want to try elaborate stitch patterns, but with a textured yarn fancy stitches just don’t show very well. Added to which they were not so flattering to showing the yarn off well. So, I have kept this project simple, which makes it nice and quick to work up a pair of fingerless gloves and matching scarf (look out for this pattern next week!) Carved coconut shell button I thought these carved coconut buttons matched the natural feel of the yarn, which is an alpaca mix so it is lovely and warm! Scroll down for pdf patterns! V-stitch worked in textured yarn You will need: 140m SMC Aventica Supreme yarn (aran or worsted weight)Size 5mm hook2 large buttons (approx. 28mm diameter) Pattern (make 2): To make longer or shorter gloves just add or remove multiples of 3 to the starting chain, and increase or decrease the number of V sts (dc, ch1, dc) accordingly.

Ch 39. Dainty_bubbles. Double_Mitts. Vintage-Inspired Armwarmers - Changing the Way You Crochet - Crochet Me Blog. Pretty Pleats Skirt Availability: In Stock Price: $7.00 A trendy skirt with vintage appeal.

Changing the Way You Crochet - Crochet Me Blog

More Finished Size: 19 (23, 27, 32, 36, 40, 46)'' circumference at waist and 1612 (1834, 20, 2214, 2412, 25, 25)'' in length. Garment shown measures 27" and is modeled with 3" ease.Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura (75% wool, 25% bamboo; 460 yd [421 m]/312 oz [100 g]; ): #1540 aged cedar (dark gray; A), 2 balls; #1541 sage (B), 2 balls; #1600 camel (multi; C), 1 ball. /downloadable/download/linkSample/link_id/71/ Mittens - Single Crochet Adult. Felted DROPS mittens in 2 threads ”Alpaca” DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.90 GBP DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 2.90 GBP DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.30 EUR DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 3.30 EUR DROPS 156, 157 & 158, together with our latest baby catalogue, DROPS Baby 25, can now be purchased on all DROPS stores for only 1£ per copy!

Felted DROPS mittens in 2 threads ”Alpaca”

- regardless you buy yarn or not! The catalogues are only available in a limited number of copies, so visit your closest DROPS store today! Double Knit Reversible Twice-As-Warm Mittens - Douglas' Interesting Pages. Obsessive crafting disorder: Seed stitch mittens: a pattern. I wanted to make some mittens in seed stitch to go with my hat made with the Autumn pattern by Jane Richmond.

obsessive crafting disorder: Seed stitch mittens: a pattern

Nothing I could find was catching my eye, so, with necessity as the mother of invention, I decided, what the heck, I would write my own pattern! Mini Mochi Springy Ring Mittens - free mitten pattern. Double Knit Mittens. Last winter, when my hands were very, very cold, I spent a few weeks trolling Ravelry for a double knit mitten pattern that I liked.

Double Knit Mittens

There weren't a whole lot, and the ones I found either assumed a knowledge of double knitting I didn't have yet, or used techniques (mostly for casting on) that I found needlessly complicated. So I did the easiest thing I could think of, teach myself how to double knit and write my own pattern. Yeah, it seemed easier to me at the time. So, for future reference, and maybe to save someone else a few weeks of work, here it is.

Eventually I will put up some in progress pics to illustrate techniques. Free Thrummed Mittens Knitting Pattern. L32456.pdf. The Thumb Trick: Sometimes called an afterthought thumb, I first read about it in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.

The Thumb Trick:

I really like this method because it's seamless; sometimes when patterns have you place stitches on a holder and then cast on the top stitches you can get an odd seam right in the crease where your thumb meets the hand, and that can be uncomfortable. The only trouble that some people may have with this method is that you cannot immediately try on your mitten in progress, as you can with mittens where the stitches are put on holders. But if you want to you can just knit a few more rows and then pick up the stitches instead of waiting until the mitten is done, threading the waste yarn through them so you can try on your mittens as you knit.

The trick: Knit to where you want to place the thumb hole, and take a length of contrasting yarn, and knit the thumbhole stitches with it instead of your working yarn: Coiled Mitts - Mochi Plus. Description: These crocheted mitts are accentuated by the beautiful slow-stripes of Mochi Plus.

Coiled Mitts - Mochi Plus

The colors change by themselves. Working in the back of the stitch pushes the line of V's forward, creating horizontal "coils" that are reminiscent of vertical knitted ribbing. Crochet Mittens Free Pattern - Mrs. Murdock's Mittens. Author Brenda K.

Crochet Mittens Free Pattern - Mrs. Murdock's Mittens

B. Brooklyn Fingerless Mitts. Easy Textured Fingerless Gloves. Newfie_mittens. Easy_Mittens_with_Thrums. Basic Fingerless Mittens. Author Julia V Introduction A pair of simple fingerless crochet mittens I worked up as a last minute Christmas gift. I wrote down the pattern because I really liked how they turned out and I didn't see anything like it around. They are worked in an Aran weight yarn on a 5mm (H) hook, so they work up rather quickly.

Materials List. Cartridge Rib Fingerless Gloves. Here is a great quick knit project. You could knit them for yourself, or as a gift, and because they don’t take too much yarn, it could be done in something luxurious without breaking the bank. With the exception of a couple of u-turns, this is a really easy project. The ribbing used on these gloves is called Cartridge Belt Rib. It is normally done flat, but I have reworked the pattern to make it work in the round. This pattern makes gloves that are about 7″ (17.79 cm) around. Mochi Plus Springy Ringed-Cuff Mittens - Crystal Palace Yarns - free knit mitten pattern. 685.pdf Isadora fingerless gloves.