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Marwadi University

Marwadi University is a private university located in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. It was established in 2016 by the Marwadi Education Foundation through The Gujarat Private Universities. It offers 54 different courses.

B.Com or B.Com (Honours), Which One to Choose? All of us would have wondered at least for once that why some courses have similar names, yet they are studied independently.

B.Com or B.Com (Honours), Which One to Choose?

And if you are a commerce student, then B.Com and B.Com (Honours) would have definitely made way into your minds. And that is what we want to discuss today. Usually, when students from commerce stream are planning to go for a B.Com, they are not clear about the difference between B.Com and B.Com (Hons.). And that continues to keep on puzzling them. However, students do know that the cut-offs for both are different. Let us get into detail and check out the difference between both the courses.

Cybersecurity: Meaning, Eligibility and Skills. An increasing number of cyber threats in organizations and government bodies have made cybersecurity the most in-demand, growing, and a promising field to pursue a successful career.

Cybersecurity: Meaning, Eligibility and Skills

There are numerous questions we all have when we talk about the cyber world. If you want to protect the digital assets for organizations from cyber-attacks and, you think it is interesting to do so, then researching to get an idea on cybersecurity career is of greater importance. Everyone would have definitely wondered once in a while about the skills and qualifications required to pursue a career in this field.

Civil Engineering – Meaning, Eligibility, Course and Scope. India is evolving as a developing economy, and we all know how significant infrastructure is when it comes to economic development.

Civil Engineering – Meaning, Eligibility, Course and Scope

Infrastructure is the backbone of the economy, and a civil engineer oversees the development of infrastructure. So with more budgets allocated to the development of infrastructure the demand for civil engineers is growing, which has led to a promising career path in this field. An aspirant can opt for Bachelor in Civil Engineering to become successful in this field. How essential is Physiotherapy in Sports. Muscle aches and pains are frequent in our day to day lives.

How essential is Physiotherapy in Sports

There can be varied reasons to suffer from such pain, especially when you are nearing old age or when you have, sports injuries, accidents or chronic illness. Physiotherapy, here, plays an integral part to help cure these pains. You will need physiotherapy in treating your muscular injuries in a sooner or later stage of treatment When we discuss the role that physiotherapy plays in sports, then both are conjoined with each other. Top Engineering College in Rajkot. Marwadi University (MU) is one of the leading private universities in Gujarat, established in 2016.

Top Engineering College in Rajkot

We, at Marwadi University, aim to strengthen human capabilities. We aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of our students and help them discover their true potential. Our primary purpose is to provide students with cost-effective quality education. A Stock Market Course - BBA in Financial Market. Financial markets are common for all countries, and they play a significant role in the economic growth of the country.

A Stock Market Course - BBA in Financial Market

Financial markets refer to a marketplace where trading of all financial securities take place. It comprises platforms such as the stock market, the bond market, foreign exchange, and derivates among many others. Here we are focusing on how the study of financial markets in an undergraduate program will help pursue a career in the stock market field. With more heads turning towards the stock market investments, educational and career opportunities in the field of the stock market are exceeding. Let us now learn in detail. Stock Market – Overview The stock market refers to a public platform where activities like buying, selling and issuing shares of companies that trade on stock exchanges take place. Role of Mathematics in Data Science.

“In today’s world, where technology is ever-evolving, the scope of professional opportunities in the data science industry has been exceeding immensely.

Role of Mathematics in Data Science

Let us understand what data science is and what is the importance of mathematics in the field of data science.” What is Data Science? Data Science is a detailed study of the vast amount of data, which utilizes different scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems for extracting worthy outputs from data. 5 ways Artificial Intelligence is reinventing Human Resource.

We can say that Artificial Intelligence has developed exponentially over the past decade, and now it is believed that AI will reinvent the Human Resource department.

5 ways Artificial Intelligence is reinventing Human Resource

AI can now perform complex tasks like learning, speech recognition, reasoning, sensory perception, problem-solving, among others, and this can assist HR in repetitive tasks like hiring, onboarding, learning & development. This will allow HR teams to focus more on creative & strategic work. Let’s look at the five ways AI is transmuting HR functionality: 1- Resume Screening: We know that screening the resumes is not that difficult task, but it is quite time-consuming.

In this process, AI can be very helpful in examining the hundreds of candidates from job networking sites by searching through the applicant’s online presence via a social media platform. Marwadi University- Life at Campus. At Marwadi University, we believe in delivering our students the best college experience along with academic excellence.

Marwadi University- Life at Campus

We focus mainly on preparing students to stand out from the crowd by imparting life skills, leadership skills, and by fostering the spirit of respect towards society so that they have a very successful career ahead. It is our goal to develop such an environment at the campus where students can explore and enhance their skills. Our academic team, which comprises Researchers, Scientists, and Innovators, has designed a 360-degree educational model which includes three stages i.e., Knowledge, Skills & Development. This model consists of both theoretical and practical knowledge that will help students improve their academic abilities, English-language skills, and subject-knowledge required for 21st-century aptitude. Physiotherapy- One of The Most Promising Field. It is very common to suffer from aches and pains, especially as you grow older, have suffered a sports injury, or have a chronic illness.

Physiotherapy- One of The Most Promising Field

And for that pain, most physicians suggest Physiotherapy. It is one of the most promising fields if you are aspiring to pursue the medical stream. As a physiotherapist, you will look after the muscular health of individuals. Check out all the details concerning this field below. Marwadi University Awarded "Param Shavak" With great pride and pleasure, we would like to announce that the Gujarat state government has bestowed Marwadi University with the indigenous supercomputer ‘Param Shavak’ to boost our educational development. And this makes Marwadi University one among the few handfuls of universities in Gujarat, which has the facility of a Supercomputer.

We highly appreciate the opportunity that has been presented to us with the forthcoming of Supercomputer at our campus. As per the CDAC, Param Shavak is an affordable supercomputing solution in a box, which aims at providing computational resource (Capacity building) with advanced technologies to perform high-end computations for scientific, engineering, and academic programs to address and catalyse the research using modelling, simulation, and data analysis. Future Prospects of Supercomputer at Marwadi University The Supercomputer will promote high-end calculations and research work in the field of AI, CE/IT, ICT, ML.

A special mention to Mr. B.Tech Admissions 2020-21. The admissions for B.Tech are now open in Marwadi University register today to secure your seat. Marwadi University is a private university located in Rajkot, Gujarat. It was established in 2016, and since then MU has earned a reputation of the best engineering college in Gujarat. Courses: Successful Career in Automobile Engineering. Automobile Engineering is the branch of engineering, which deals with designing, manufacturing, mechanical mechanisms, and the operations of automobiles. It implements the elements of mechanical, electrical, software, and safety engineering. The role of an automotive engineer is to design, develop, fabricate, and test vehicles or their components from the very beginning of the concept stage to the end production stage.

Production, development, and manufacturing are the three significant functions in this field. Now that we know in general what is Automobile Engineering and what is the role of an Automobile Engineer, let’s look at all the details of this particular branch of engineering. Eligibility Criteria: An aspirant must have passed 12th in PCM/ PCMB stream is eligible to apply for B.Tech & B.E courses.The candidate must have passed 12th with at least 50%.A candidate must have taken part in engineering competitive exams. Entrance Exams for Automobile Engineering: Integrated Law Courses after 12th in India. Law is the most integral part of the constitution and, so is law education. Becoming a lawyer is a dream of many students, but they still get confused about law courses, a career in the law sector, etc. And some are not even aware of integrated law courses, and if they are aware, they are not sure if it is the best decision for their career.

A lawyer is an individual who has knowledge of the law and legal procedures and practices law. BBA- Course, Duration, Curriculum, Specializations, Advantages, BBA is one of the most sought-after professional degree that teaches you about the fundamentals of management and business. Students who have passed HSC are confused as to which course is better for them to pursue. If you are interested in learning different aspects of business or management, BBA is one of the best degrees. It will jump-start your academic career in the management field. Diploma Courses in Engineering.

MBA or M.Com, Which is Better for a successful career?. 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing An MBA Program. Doing your Post-graduation from Business School can make or break your career & so you have to take that decision wisely. Best B.Sc course to consider. Tips on how to choose the right college. Selecting a college is a crucial decision to make. Tips to Prepare for CAT 2020 Exam. The CAT 2020 entrance exam has been scheduled for 29th November. It is one of the most competitive exams held every year.

Best management jobs for a bright career ahead. After completing an MBA, one would expect a fulfilling and rewarding career. Benefits of Becoming a Software Engineer. In a technology-driven society, where web development and applications hold great importance the software engineers will never lack employment. All you need to know about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town and has changed how the world operates today. We are all surrounded by it which probably means that it has become essential. Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry. It might not be wrong to say that pharmacy plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. Startups an attractive choice for millennials.

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B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) College Rajkot. Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. International education and Marwadi University. Best Time management skills for students. Awesome skills you learn through studying. MU provides all-round development to its student. Know why to study at Marwadi University. Importance of Multiculturalism in University. 5 tricks to crack placements from Marwadi University. The best tips to prepare for UGC-NET exams. Some of the best tips to crack UGC-NET exam.