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Marvin Whitehead Jr

I am married,christian and retired after working 38yrs for one company.

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Marvin Whitehead Jr
Marvin Whitehead Jr

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William I am glad you stop by and connect with me here on PearlTress I have been a member for 3yrs also my new friend,God Bless:)))) by marvin62 Sep 22

Hello Marvin. As the first person in 2013 to place a message on this Pearl, I'm here to add additional appreciation for this creative resource. After more than 3 years, this resource still has a clear edge over Twitter. Looking forward to more of your content. by williamellerbe Sep 22

I want to think everyone for connecting with me here a very good site:)) by marvin62 Nov 24

It also helps you find tools and services that you may not know about (Like the cool JpGraph I found on someone elses pearltree the other day by mkweb Nov 20

I love the graphic interface you can build your network visually so easy! by mkweb Nov 20

Thanks to Andy and mkweb for there connection this a very good place to connect and share your websites:))))) by marvin62 Nov 20

Amsika,thanks very much for your welcome I am enjoying PearlTrees I am Tweeting about now,again thanks... by marvin62 Nov 14

This is a pretty kool site I have to get the hang of it:))) by marvin62 Nov 14