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Pioneer Woman Homeschooling. Première visite ? Je vous présente sur cette page les valeurs de ce site : Ma vision de la beauté, c’est la Slow Cosmétique, que j’ai inventée au fil de mes années d’expérience.

Première visite ?

Cliquez pour découvrir ce que c’est. Je me bats pour qu’on consomme des produits de beauté vraiment naturels et qu’on se libère de diktats marketing. Découvrez-les en direct des fabricants sur Ma vision de la santé, et parce que je suis avant tout un passionné d’huiles essentielles, c’est l’aromathérapie à la rescousse de la médecine traditionnelle.

Je vous propose sur cette page des liens directs vers les notions de base qu’il faut absolument maîtriser pour profiter à fond de ce qui est dit sur ce blog et dans mes interventions… Pas de panique, dans quelques minutes vous serez incollables sur le bio et l’aromathérapie 1) Cliquez pour voir la VIDEO : Un cosmétique BIO, c’est quoi ? Je vous explique en vidéo les chartes, les labels et tutti quanti pour ne plus vous faire avoir dans les rayons des supermarchés. Professional articles. La vie en orange... - Déco & Talons hauts-les tribulations d'une parisienne à Munich. 30 octobre 2011 7 30 /10 /octobre /2011 12:00 Halloween oblige, voici une petite selection mobilier et accessoires dans les tons de saison : By Kare : By Das Depot : By Butlers : By Maisons du Monde : Et n'oublions pas de féliciter au passages les enfants de l'école française de Munich qui ont réalisé ces magnifiques citrouilles :

Kitchen Craft: Soap Clouds! {And homemade kiddie tub soaps} You know what question Kate and I get a lot?

Kitchen Craft: Soap Clouds! {And homemade kiddie tub soaps}

“How do you girls do it it all??” Our schedules are full, just as many of yours are, and it comes with the constant struggle of balancing Mom-life with work-life. And like most other Mothers out there, when it comes down to it and one has to take priority, the Mom gig wins- no contest. If something has to fall through the cracks it’s not Mom thing; it’s usually the doing-laundry, cleaning-bathrooms, or showering-before-noon thing. So to answer the question, how do we do it all? We call these “Soap Clouds.” Place a piece of waxed paper, parchment, plastic wrap, or paper towel in your microwave. Start your microwave for a couple of minutes on high power.

Coming Soon (PSD) — Freebies Gallery. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert Maternity, Newborn, Child, Family and Senior Photographer. “A picture is the expression of an impression.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert Maternity, Newborn, Child, Family and Senior Photographer

If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?” ~Ernst Haas Want more {wall art wednesday} fabulosity? Check it right here loves! Eclectic, fab + fun. More loveliness from Ashley Ann Photography’s blog. {image via ashley ann photography} I’ve come from a land down under. Why I’m Heading to My First TBEX. “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen After five weeks at home, I’m getting on plane again and I can’t tell you how excited I am to get out of town.

Why I’m Heading to My First TBEX

I’m headed to Colorado on Friday for the annual Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Conference. It’s my first time attending and it’s thinking about the concept of “showing up to succeed” that convinced me to shoo away the doubts and just go. When I first started blogging in December 2008, I had no strategy, no plans to make income from my site or seek sponsorship. I didn’t anticipate the growth of the travel blogging industry. I posted for the sheer joy of showing others how amazing travel and culture are - from food to music – and photography was my medium.

It didn’t take long for me to realize, while in Jamaica, that blogging is a full time gig. Within eight months of travel and over the next two years, my travel images were published in several outlets and I had landed a major Tourism Board photography assignment. . ~ Lily P.S. Home Decor: Vintage Desk/Table How-to. Here is the How-To I promised for the charming and inexpensive desk.

Home Decor: Vintage Desk/Table How-to

If you would also like to do the shelves, go Here to view my past How-To on the craft shelves (the same process and materials were used). Note: This plan will make a table that is 4' long 30" high and 20" wide. If you need a different size you will need to alter your materials accordingly. First: Make a plan! Decide where you want your table to go and how large you want it to be. Next: Collect materials.

Materials Needed for Desk 1 - 4"x4" board 10' long ,for table legs 1 - 20" x 48" x 1" board, for table top (we used pine) 2 - 1"x4" boards 6' long, for desk face panels. Des hébergements web à prix exceptionnel!