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Human Interface Guidelines 2.2.2. Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backwards In Usability. One step forward, two steps back.

Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backwards In Usability

The usability crisis is upon us, once again. We suspect most of you thought it was over. After all, HCI certainly understands how to make things usable, so the emphasis has shifted to more engaging topics, such as exciting new applications, new technological developments, and the challenges of social networks and ubiquitous connection and communication. Well you are wrong. In a recent column for Interactions (reference 2) Norman pointed out that the rush to develop gestural interfaces - "natural" they are sometimes called - well-tested and understood standards of interaction design were being overthrown, ignored, and violated. Recently, Raluca Budui and Hoa Loranger from the Nielsen Norman group performed usability tests on Apple's iPad (reference 1), reaching much the same conclusion. Why are we having trouble? · The lack of established guidelines for gestural control · Visibility (also called perceived affordances or signifiers) · Feedback · Scalability.

Why No mailto: Link? Hide your mailto: links and keep your e-mail Inbox clean. If you place your e-mail address somewhere visible on your website, it will be only a matter of time until your e-mail account will get more and more spam messages.

Hide your mailto: links and keep your e-mail Inbox clean

There are lots of spam bots checking the Internet for email addresses on regular websites, forums, blog and mailing lists. Once caught by some spam bot your mailbox is in need of a strong spam filter or sometimes it might be better to use a new e-mail address. In this article we show you different ways, how you’re able to show your e-mail address to human visitors and hide it for spam bots. Don’t forget, the solutions mentioned in this article are not a total protection against spam. If you share your e-mail address online, the chance that your e-mail address get on a spammer’s list is big. With each solution we give a review for: The simple solution, an image from your e-mail address Just providing image version is very simple and easy. Hide the @ symbol There are different ways to hide the format of an e-mail address.

The eCommerce Conversion Funnel, Part One. Our first in a series of six topics discussing the eCommerce Conversion Funnel.

The eCommerce Conversion Funnel, Part One

When broken down to its core components, successful eCommerce websites will use some variation of the following to convert a visitor. 1) Targeting & Acquisition 2) Landing Page Effectiveness 3) Optimizing Checkout & Cross Selling 4) Analyzing & Segmenting Visitor/Keyword Data 5) Modifying & Testing Hypotheses born from Analysis 6) Repeat In reality, very few eCommerce websites devote the required amount of attention to each stage of the process. The majority have some grasp on Steps 1-3, but steps 4-6 are often neglected or given less emphasis. Clearly, the most successful eCommerce websites understand the importance of all 6 stages, and devote the proper tools and manpower needed to insure that each stage is fully realized. Targeting & Acquisition The first step is the most obvious one, targeting and acquiring qualified visitors. This leads to a small dilemma for the marketer.

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