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Home - Original Designs von Graziela Preiser auf Bettwäsche, Geschirr, Stoffe, Kinderschlafanzüge und vielem mehr. Jewelry. Lanvin Inspired Bracelet. Barneys is selling this necklace, (and no those are not real pearls,) for $890.

Lanvin Inspired Bracelet

Seriously? $890 for some ribbon and faux pearls? I made this bracelet in about 30 minutes using supplies I had lying around. I'm sure I could replicate the necklace completely with a trip to the craft store.Here are the basic instructions. I used some satin ribbon, a broken pearl necklace and thread. I started about 12 inches from the end of the ribbon sewing the pearls on with a basic running stitch, leaving a space the size of a pearl between each bead. back view For my bracelet I used eight pearls Once my pearls were on I started pulling the thread, just like you would if you were gathering fabric.

This is what it looks like all gathered I tied a simple knot by the last pearl, at each end of the bracelet Thats it. Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski,... Adjustable Sliding Knot for Necklaces. How to Make A Macrame Bracelet (or Necklace) & Curbly. Taking a long road trip this summer?

How to Make A Macrame Bracelet (or Necklace) & Curbly

Well, we know how boring those can be. That's why we're gonna show you how to make some awesome hemp bracelets. It'll keep you awake and you can keep the driver awake. Plus, hemp is for both guys and girls, so guys, get our your hemp too and let's get ready to hit the road! For more how to's, be sure to subscribe to our show on iTunes and stop by our website, Threadbanger for more tips and tricks on DIY fashion. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Bright colors and ribbon at Frayed Ribbon Necklace This adjustable necklace design features a double-strand section of silk dupioni ribbon that will fray with wear until it is lively and fringed.

Bright colors and ribbon at

The assorted shapes and bright colors are happy and cheerful, but the design could also be made with muted ribbon and a less eclectic bead assortment for a more restrained look. Ingredients: - 2-16 inch pieces of peacock silk dupioni ribbon, 3/4 inches wide - 2 antique brass Basket Weave Ribbon End Bars, 1/2 inch - 5 inches of antique brass Really Round Cable Chain, 5x6 mm links - 11 antique brass Rectangle Jump Rings, 9x12 mm - 12 antique brass Headpins, 1 1/2 inch - 12 assorted Elaine Ray Ceramic Beads, 6-25mm - 24 antique brass Teeny Weeny Posey Caps, 6mm - 1 antique brass Spring Clasp, 12 mm.

Sliding Knot Instructions. I just love this necklace finishing technique.

Sliding Knot Instructions

No clasp to buy, and so easy to get the necklace on and off fast. This sliding closure is a row of square knots knotted around the necklace strands. It looks neat and tidy yet decorative, and is really simple to execute. Once you know how to make it, I bet you'll find yourself using it over and over to finish off hemp and corded projects. Love this website? Instructions for Making a "Square-Knot-Sennit" Sliding Closure Step 1: Before You Add the Closure Tie a knot on each end of your necklace or bracelet. Did you enjoy this article? Make a Threaded Crystal Ring. How to Make A Macrame Bracelet (or Necklace) & Curbly.

All Womens Jewelry From Edge Of Urge. Woodland belle. Beginner jewelry making how toエs. (FULL TUTORIAL ADDED!) My version of a $385 bracelet! :) chain and thread. -... For starters: the bracelet I made...

(FULL TUTORIAL ADDED!) My version of a $385 bracelet! :) chain and thread. -...

So I was browsing some high end designer jewelry a while back, and though I never buy designer things, it's sometimes interesting to look through such items. I came across this bracelet that i thought was really cute...except it was $385! $385 bracelet. Looked simple enough. So I decided to make my own; except with brass chain, since well, I like brass chain better. materials. - Thick curb chain (I used brass chain from Michael's, $2.99)- Embroidery thread, of your color choice(s).- Clasp, charms, jump rings- Jewelry pliers, clear nailpolish 1) Measure a length of chain that will fit comfortably around your wrist.

For the sake of this tutorial though, I separated the strands - let's clall them Red/Purple and Blue/Purple! 2) Tie the strands together, then string Blue/Purple under & through one end of the chain. 3) Red/Purple goes over Blue/Purple, then under and through the chain 4) Red/Purple goes over the chain, and Blue/Purple goes over Red/Purple. Kumkum. Abby Seymour. Coco Cardenas. Unique Jewelry, Unique Bags & Ladies handbags.