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Treasure & bond. Mr. Kate guides and inspires people to dress funky with thrift store finds, decorate their places with DIY and flea market projects, cook easy and healthy yummies and be involved and aware of the world around them. Oficio. Sfgirlbybay - StumbleUpon. Posted by victoria //// 69 Comments.

sfgirlbybay - StumbleUpon

Le Love. TIPPED OUT - - StumbleUpon. All photos: Kristin Ess + post designed by kristin ess Lots of emails this week asking for a tutorial on Lauren’s temporary bright colors.

TIPPED OUT - - StumbleUpon

Here I’ve replicated the process for you in 7 steps on an extension. While I never recommend bleaching out the ends of your hair at home, if you want to do the fun colors yourself, maybe get the tips bleached out by a pro + then play with the temporary colors on your own. The best things about this color– you’re able to hide it in a bun for work if you need to, AND you’re only doing a couple of inches on the bottom so it won’t kill you to cut it off if you get over it quickly. TOOLS: highlighting comb, clips, foils, color brush, hair bleach with the appropriate volume (always seek a professional when using bleach), light pink color, dark pink color, light blue, dark blue, clear gloss. Step 1 Highlight the tips of the hair using hair bleach with the correct volume.

Step 3 Shampoo and lightly condition bleach out of the hair. Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more. Gift box packaging tutorial. For the past few weeks I've been constantly reminded of how I need to throw out the mindset of "I just need this/that before I can do my project", and rather just use what I have.

Gift box packaging tutorial

One of my big problems is that I make something as a gift and then usually can't find appropriate packaging. So I've decided to start making my own. It works out WAY cheaper and if I keep it simple it only takes 10min. Here is a basic tutorial so that you can make your own too. First choose and download a free template from Mirkwood designs for the type of box that suites your need then follow the tutorial. The tutorial below is for 'milk box' packaging, template here, but the same technique applies to all the different box shapes. Print straight onto cardboard or trace the template like I did, because the cardboard I had was too big. Cut it out and with the back of your scissors trace along all the lines that need to be folded. Now fold your box and stick it together. See Me Everywhere. Most favorited all-time - page 7. Easy Leather Clutch.

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Easy Leather Clutch

How About Orange. It's the last stiffened fabric project and then I'm moving on!

How About Orange

I wanted to try an oversized, realistic fabric rose just for fun. Make a template with six petals. I traced around a dinner plate and a small bowl on the back of some ugly wrapping paper. (Tip: if the paper is too curly, iron it flat and your life will be better.) I've included my feet so you can admire my cute socks. Prepare some stiffened fabric. Using the template, cut three flower shapes from the prepared fabric. In the first flower, cut a slit along one of the fold lines to the center. Decor8 » Blogroll: A-M. Skip to content decor8 Fresh finds, inspiring interiors & ideas for creative living Friends Linking back is always appreciated!

decor8 » Blogroll: A-M

To make it easier there are many sizes to choose from below that you may use on your blog. Please note: Due to an overwhelming number of requests and limited storage size on my server, banner exchanges are not available at this time. Your comments... – Get Your Creative Dose. Quite a while ago I ran across the site of UK based Surface Designer Rachael Taylor . Her work is fantastic. Full of color, pattern, and imagination, Rachael takes the beauty of an object and creates lovely pieces such as pillows, fabric, tableware, lamp shades, greeting cards, and wall art. Her list of clientele includes: Paperchase, Graham & Brown, Target, and Hanes Paper just to name a few. Rachael was so kind to take a few moments to share with us an insight into her inspiration and her process as a surface designer. To purchase some of her pieces, please visit her Etsy shop ! I have always been a creative/visual person from a young age & loved things like art, drama, dance, drawing etc.

I look at a range of blogs like Print & Pattern , Poppy Talk , and websites like wgsn . Everyday is different which is what I love. The days I’m left to work on my own designs, I try not to have a plan or structure. Design For Mankind - Part 3. Let’s Swap Thanks to Swapdom for helping me clean out my closet this weekend!

Design For Mankind - Part 3

The first freelance article I ever published at the ripe age of 20-something was a piece on the rise of bartering. Summer Boulders. Cristina Martins. Your House For Modern Scandinavian. Most favorited all-time - page 18. Design For Mankind. Unique Jewelry, Unique Bags & Ladies handbags.