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4 Decorative and Fun Painting Techniques. Sponge painting, stippling, rag-rolling and paneling are just a few of the decorative paint techniques that can give your house unique character and charm.

4 Decorative and Fun Painting Techniques

Beautiful dapple color effects can be achieved with minimum materials and the most basic guidelines. Starting off with a sample project to test out your new painting methods is the best way to get the confidence you need to create your own design ideas and bring these techniques into every room of your home. Broken Color Painting With Glazes and Washes Most special painting techniques involve the term "broken color" which essentially means to apply one or more colors in broken layers over a different base coat to create a textured effect.

Most of the time these techniques employ glazes or washes applied over a solid colored background. Washes are simply latex paint that’s been thinned with water to produce color that appears fresher, purer and more delicate than a glaze. Sponge Painting. Your Bathroom Floor Needs Repairs? Here is What You Must Know! Spice Up Your Bathroom With Wall Tiles. Picture a wall tile and you are likely visualizing images of bathrooms and showers.

Spice Up Your Bathroom With Wall Tiles

The reason is pretty obvious. They are excellent for waterproofing. While wall tile in other areas of your home is mostly decorative in nature, the bathroom wall tile serves a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. That being said, choosing the right materials and design is an important decision for any homeowner. Make a Strong Foundation For Your Bathroom Wall Tile Design Laying bathroom tile is not much different from any other tile installation. Choose The Right Bathroom Wall Tile While choosing the correct backing for your wall tile is important of you want it to last, the fun part of a bathroom tiling project is to choose the tile itself. . - Stone: No other material is as beautiful as stone tile, be it marble, granite, travertine, or any of the many other stone options on the market.

Martin Moran - 5 Essential Principles When You Renovate Your Bathroom Windows. One of the most enjoyable experiences after you remodel your bathroom comes from soaking in the tub.

Martin Moran - 5 Essential Principles When You Renovate Your Bathroom Windows

And one of the most enjoyable aspects of soaking in the bathtub is to experience the natural warmth and light of the sun, streaming in from a well-placed and creatively designed window system. Gone are the days when bathroom windows were small and opaque vents, placed high on the wall. Nowadays, many homeowners are creating open and spacious areas that bring the nature inside. 4 Easy Master Bathroom Remodeling Options – Martin Moran – Medium. A small and affordable home remodeling project that can have a really big impact is the master bathroom renovation.

4 Easy Master Bathroom Remodeling Options – Martin Moran – Medium

Any changes you make to your master bath are guaranteed to make a difference in your everyday life. Here are some remodeling ideas to help get those creative juices flowing: Increase The Space If space is an issue in your master bath, consider a renovation that expands it in any direction possible. 4 Ways to Get Creative With Th… Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community.

4 Ways to Get Creative With Th…

Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. LogoA click on the kiwibox Logo brings you back to the startpage. Besides a menue with a lot of useful links opens if you mouse over.NotificationsYou may find all of your news, friendship requests and messages up right in the navigation bar.SettingsJust mouse over a post and the gearwheel will appear. SupermodulThe supermodul summarizes various contents. Get Your Dream Remodel on Real-Life Budget in 9 Steps. Just because your renovation budget is small does not mean you have to give up your big remodeling ideas.

Get Your Dream Remodel on Real-Life Budget in 9 Steps

You can still have the perfect bathroom, new kitchen or basement - you simply have to carefully choose your options. Follow these insider tips and create the dream addition or remodel on a realistic budget. 1. Use Laminate Flooring Instead of Hardwood Hardwood flooring is very popular, but can also be quite expensive. 2. 4 Leading Wall Painting Techniques by Martin Moran. By Martin Moran Project Management Consultant You know you want to do something interesting with the walls, but you are not sure what exactly.

4 Leading Wall Painting Techniques by Martin Moran

And you’ve never liked the idea of a wallpaper. It’s OK. Even the best wallpaper designs get mixed reviews. Drywall texturing is playful but not for people who put a premium on elegance. Vinyl Gutters: Pros and Cons. Plastic gutters are growing in popularity for a number of reasons.

Vinyl Gutters: Pros and Cons

They are made of PVC plastic, making them dent and corrosion resistant, which is a big plus for the gutter material. They are also lightweight, which makes them relatively easy to install. And finally, they are quite a bit cheaper than most other gutter materials out there. Of course, they don't come without a downside, so be sure to inform yourself about the pros and cons of vinyl rain gutters before you choose them for your house. Advantages of The Plastic. Prevent Rain Water Damage: Install Seamless Gutters Now. PVC Gutters: 4 Things to Consider. PVC gutters, also known as vinyl gutters, are an interesting alternative to the traditional guttering systems.

PVC Gutters: 4 Things to Consider

Though you may not see them on a lot of properties, they've actually been around for about half a century. Originating in Scandinavia, where temperatures run wild, from -40F in the winter to +60F in the summer, they are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Of course, this sturdiness is important when it comes to exterior installations, especially guttering that has to endure some serious rain and snowmelt. But as there is no such thing as a perfect product, even these tough vinyl systems come with a downside that you have to consider before purchasing. Long Live Vinyl Plastic is an extremely sturdy substance, which makes it a perfect solution for outdoor installations.

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New Carpet Installation: Pros and Cons. For many homeowners, carpet is one of the most popular and used flooring option.

New Carpet Installation: Pros and Cons

When you consider the fact that there's no other flooring material out there that comes close to how comfortable your carpet is, or the variety of carpet types, it's no surprise so many residents choose the carpet to floor their bedrooms, living areas and hallways. Tough no material is without its drawbacks, installing a carpet has several benefits. So, if you're considering to do it, you better have more information about its pros and cons. What Are The Benefits of New Carpet InstallationCarpets are an excellent choice for many reasons. If you compare it to other flooring projects, installing a carpet is an extremely quick process.

The main factors that play here are the quality of the chosen carpet and the size of the installation. Regular Carpet Cleaning For Healthier Home. Basic Tips on Carpet Repair and Replacement. Deep Carpet Cleaning: To DIY or Not to DIY. Few homeowners professionally clean their carpets on a regular basis. Even fewer are aware that almost every major carpet manufacturer in the business recommends that their carpets be cleaned once or twice a year by licensed carpet cleaners. That might seem like a tall order to some, but regular carpet cleaning and maintenance is the best way to get the longest life, better looks and optimal comfort from the carpets you paid for. Carpet Cleaning Methods Deciding it's time to hire a carpet cleaner to come and clean your carpets is the easy part. Choosing who to call and which method is going to be best is the real challenge. DIY vs Professional Carpet Repair: Pros, Cons, Costs. Having carpets in your home, chances are that at some point you'll need to call for carpet repair.

At that moment you will have to make several choices: - Who will do the work? - Can I do it myself?... Having carpets in your home, chances are that at some point you'll need to call for carpet repair. At that moment you will have to make several choices: - Who will do the work? - Can I do it myself? - Should I repair my carpet or replace it altogether? Prevent Costly Repairs With Regular Carpet Cleaning. 4 Essential Techniques For Efficient Carpet Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning is not as simple as you might think. With so many carpet cleaners in your local area to choose from and many carpet cleaning techniques that can be applied, it can be very hard to determine who to call.

Don't worry. Here is some compiled information to help you find the right carpet cleaner for your particular job. To meet your needs, most carpet cleaning contractors will generally offer one of these four techniques. Regular Cleaning to Prevent The 5 Most Common Carpet Repairs. My Home Stinks. What Should I Do? When you are aware of the source of the worst smells in your house, deep cleaning will get rif of them. Usually, the easiest way is to focus on one feature at a time (like carpet or upholstery) and on one room at a time.

Thus, your cleaning time will be more thorough and efficient. Unfortunately, most odors will probably spread through the whole house, because of the air ducts and heating systems. So, if you want to know more about some common smell traps and how to tackle them, keep reading. Area Rugs and Carpeting. What Are The (Dis)Advantages of a New Carpet Installation. Carpets have many good qualities as flooring, that other materials simply can't match. They're not only cost effective, but are comfortable underfoot, soften the room's sound quality and come in many different styles, colors and grades. Installing a carpet is a viable option for your old property or if you've just moved into a new house. If you are on the market for new flooring and still haven't decided what material will best match your needs, carpets are an option that's well worth considering.

Basement Carpeting: What You Should Know. 5 Tips on Working With House Cleaning Services. Carpet Repair or Replacement: 3 Basic Facts to Make Your Choice Easier. Every homeowner knows that it's much cheaper to have your carpets repaired, rather than replace them with new ones. How To Determine If You Should Hire Cleaning Services. By Martin Moran Project Management Consultant For many homeowners, the ideal of hiring cleaning services for their homes instantly creates feelings of guilt. Basic Tips on Carpet Choosing and Installation. We all know that carpets are not the best floor covering for all situations. Get Your Carpets Clean: When And How. By Martin Moran Project Management Consultant We all love our carpets and we know they tend to get dirty with time. Comfort Carpets For Your Home Interior: Install...

Tue, June 16, 2015 - 4:49 AM. 5 Essential Carpet Repair and Cleaning Solutions. Carpet Cleaning Challenges You Could Face When Small Kids Are Involved. 3 Basic Tips to Help You Choose Your Carpet Cleaners. Most homeowners can clean their carpets on their own without any issues. However, there might be situations in which competent cleaning services are required in order to do a proper job.

The 4 Principles of Quality Carpet Cleaning. Nowadays it's hard to find a home without carpets. Regular Carpet Cleaning: Pros, Cons and Costs. All carpets need to be deep cleaned on an annual basis, but most homeowners simply don't use the services of professional carpet cleaners. It feels like a tall order for many, especially for the residents who have been diligent about removing shoes and weekly vacuuming.

Keep Your Cleaning Project on Budget. Types of Carpets for Your House: Cleaning And Maintenance. How to Choose and Clean Your Carpets When You Have Pets. 7 Points to Consider When Looking For Cleaning Services. How to Get The Most of Your Professional Carpet Cleaning. 3 Basic Elements of Professional Carpet Cleaning. Hiring a House Cleaning Service: Points to Consider. Top 10 Reasons to Schedule House Cleaning Services. 3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Move­ Out Cleaners. My husband surprised me with a cleaned house, and I actually liked it! 8 Tips For Hiring Home Cleaning Services.

Important Points When Choosing Professional Cleaning Services. 3 Steps to Hiring The Right Cleaning Services. What You Should Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning. A Few Important Points For Quality Tile Cleaning. 4 Absolute Tile Grout Cleaning Tips. Beautiful Rooms and Protected Flooring With an Area Rug. 4 Step Guide to House Cleaning Contracts. 4 Essential Tips to Ease Your New Carpet Installation. To Hire or Not to Hire a Cleaning Company? That is the Question! 7 Tips on How to Hire Professional Home Cleaners. How to Clean and Remove Pet Odors From Carpeted Areas.

5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Clean Your Home. 4 Steps to Hiring The Correct House Cleaning Se... Stainless Steel Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair. 4 Essential Facts For Efficient Carpet Cleaning. 4 Basic Reasons to Regularly Clean Your Carpets. 4 Basic Principles For Quality Carpet Cleaning. Regular Cleaning to Prevent Premature Carpet Re... From a Broom to Super Vacuum Cleaner or the Evolution of Cleaning. Efficient Dry Carpet Cleaning Method to Keep Your Carpets Clean For Long.

Why Should You Hire Professional Company to Clean Your Carpets? Essential Principles When Cleaning Wool Berber. How to Benefit From Regular Carpet Cleaning Services. Helpful Tips For Clean, Better Looking and Durable Carpets. Essential Tips: Proper Carpet Cleaning and Care. How Do You Benefit from Quality Carpet Cleaning. How Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Help You. The 3 General Principles of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance. The Quest of This Season - Spring Cleaning.

3 Essential Solutions to Keep Your Carpets Look Good For Longer. Do You Know How to Childproof Your Home? Pro House Cleaning Services Take the Heat off Your Busy Days. 4 Absolute Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning is Worth Every Penny. 4 Vital Secrets for Proper Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance. Bring Back The Glory of Your House With Expert Cleaning Services.

7 Easy To Follow Tips For Quality Carpet Cleaning. Reasons Why You May Need Professional Carpet Cleaning. Why Choose a Licensed Carpet Cleaning Contractor. 2015 – Natural in fashion and make up, eco-friendly at home. 4 Essential Reasons Why Maid Services Are They The Right Choice For You. Efficient Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Professional? Clean Your House Today Tomorrow Will Be Late. Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Method. Essential Tips: Choosing The Correct Cleaning For Your Carpets. 6 Essential Reasons to Use Maid Services for Your House Cleaning. Why Rely on Hot Water Extraction When it Comes to Cleaning Carpets. There Is Nothing Like a Carpet Floor When It Comes to Comfort. Banish All Bad Smells From Your Home. Installing Rugs for Looks and Longevity. House Maintenance Tips: Preventing Mold and Mildew.

7 Essential Spring Cleaning Myths and Mistakes. Stamped Concrete Maintenance and Cleaning Tips. 3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Cleaners for Your Move­out Cleaning. 4 Easy Steps to Find The Right Office Cleaning Services. The 3 Big Reasons Why You Should Hire Cleaning Services.