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Martin Pierce

Manufacturers of custom LED door, cabinet and bathroom hardware, door knobs and levers and cabinetry hardware.Martin Pierce Hardware is designed by Martin Pierce and handcrafted on site using the ancient lost wax casting method.

When to Use a Door Knob Versus a Door Lever? — Martin Pierce. When to choose a door knob versus a door lever?

When to Use a Door Knob Versus a Door Lever? — Martin Pierce

When it comes to truly custom hardware where a design is being created for a specific project then the choice between a door lever and door knob is largely a question of taste and budget and less a question of function. If the door knob or lever is being created from the drawing board on-wards then some of the limitations off each can be overcome by a creative design. Door knobs by nature are a handles that can be turned either clockwise or anti-clockwise to release the door latch. By comparison a door lever unless it is operating a multi-point lock has to be depressed to release the latch. This can be an important issue when designing for the kitchen or other wet areas and when designing for the disabled.

Luxury Handles for Windows by Martin Pierce — Martin Pierce. All bags created by Martin Pierce. Sign in Martin Pierce Joined May 11, 2016 - 1 bag - report user Report User total bags (1)

all bags created by Martin Pierce

Golden Door Handles — Martin Pierce. While we have on occasion silver plated our designs thereby earning the description of luxury door hardware, the appearance of opulence can be achieved in silicon bronze.

Golden Door Handles — Martin Pierce

We often visualize bronze door handles in darker more antique oil rubbed finishes but cast silicon bronze has much richer golden tones. Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper with varying amounts of silicon, zinc and iron and trace amounts of other metals and metalloids including aluminum, manganese and phosphorous. While the high amount of copper gives the bronze casting its rich color, the remaining components combine to make the bronze a strong, durable and rust resistant alloy. The strength of the cast bronze and its dense pore free surface allow us to achieve a highly polished finish that looks like gold.

We first started using this high polish finish with our cabinet frogs in an effort to emulate the silky glossy appearance of tree frogs which were the inspiration for their design. Organic Inspiration for LED Wall Sconces — Martin Pierce. We have named our recent wall sconce Dragon Egg as we were riveted by the special effects and scenery of this show but this was a tongue in cheek naming and while the gourd shape may be egg like the texture of the piece is not.

Organic Inspiration for LED Wall Sconces — Martin Pierce

The custom sconce started life in Martin’s sketch book and went through several design modifications before being created as a three dimensional piece. In this and in the next few posts we will be looking at how our new LED wall sconces and illuminated door handles came to life. The Dragon Egg sconce took its direction and feel from our Morphic custom door handle collection, which was based on coral and other oceanic forms.

Martin began the design by deciding the overall shape and settled on the gourd. He then focused on the characteristics of the open area and moved away from geometric shapes to a more random and sinewy look. How did we then make the pattern and subsequent castings? The blank was then turned on a wood lathe to create the gourd shape. Making Unique Cabinet Knobs from 2 Dimensional Art — Martin Pierce. I have recently been sorting through our digital collection of Martin Pierce’s drawings and wanted to share these with our blog followers.

Making Unique Cabinet Knobs from 2 Dimensional Art — Martin Pierce

As a door hardware designer, our clients who are themselves designers frequently ask us to create unusual cabinet knobs as statement pieces for residential projects and also for public spaces in commercial settings. If we are to be awarded the commission, then the first task is to come up with a beautiful drawing that will capture the interest of the designer. Some designers will have already sketched out their own ideas but for the majority of commissions we are given little to go by, which we like, as this gives Martin a broad creative license. When to Use a Door Knob Versus a Door Lever? — Martin Pierce. Making a Statement with Colorful Entry Door Handles — Martin Pierce.

While oil rubbed bronze door handles are naturally beautiful and over time develop their own unique patina, designers seeking a more dramatic entry statement may want to consider powder coated steel as an option.

Making a Statement with Colorful Entry Door Handles — Martin Pierce

We are fortunate in Los Angeles to have access to highly skilled powder coating experts like Dan Regan owner of Primo-Powder. We began working with Dan when presented with the challenge of powder coating the inside of a custom Morphic pull that had been specified by Mike Hong of MHA. The problem was two-fold: 1. How to perfectly match in powder the client’s brand color of that was sampled as a painted chip. 2. What was surprising was that it was far more difficult to match the color than it proved to be applying it.

Making a Statement with Colorful Entry Door Handles — Martin Pierce. What To Consider When Choosing Door Handles For A Home Renovation — Martin Pierce. 3.

What To Consider When Choosing Door Handles For A Home Renovation — Martin Pierce

Is the door exterior or interior - if an exterior door, is it protected from the elements or will it be exposed to rain, snow or sea spray as these will contribute to the corrosion and rust of the handle. While bronze does not rust, it will over time develop a patina and is often referred to as a “living finish”. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and while not rust proof, 316 stainless steel is the preferred alloy for coastal properties exposed to sea water. 4. Service Unavailable. Reflection of KAUAI Beauty in Martin Pierce Work — Martin Pierce. Thankfully, there were more accessible trails near Princeville including the Okolehao Trail, a 2.5 mile hike that climbs to 1,250 feet, which while muddy underfoot was home to a multitude of orchids, hibiscus and golden palm and bamboo.

Reflection of KAUAI Beauty in Martin Pierce Work — Martin Pierce

At the beginning of the trail we spotted a very well camouflaged frog which was especially rewarding as the arid conditions in our home, Los Angeles, have rendered frogs scarce in our local Nichols Canyon and Griffith Park. There is one coastal road that takes you from Lihue to the remote and breathtaking craggy cliffs of Na Pali, where on route, tree lovers are rewarded with the sight of hundreds of Koa ,Eucalyptus and native Pine trees. The Koa trees are part of the acacia family and have wonderful airy feathery canopies that reminded me of the tree canopy used in our Hedgerow style of door handles.

Princeville is also the location of the St. Anatomy of a Custom Patio Door Handle — Martin Pierce. Service Unavailable. Martin Pierce. Service Unavailable. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO BAT LOVERS — Martin Pierce. When Martin and I were in Belize several years ago we stayed at the luxurious Blancaneaux Lodge, a Coppola resort and took a guided excursion by canoe to Barton Creek Cave.


The ancient Maya once used this cave as a burial site and the interior is filled with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites and a thriving bat colony.The ceiling of the cave was fairly low so with our head held flash lights we could see the fine details of the bat faces and their fury bodies as they hung from the cave ceiling in clusters. More recently, in Paso Robles, in the hot month of August with the doors open to cool the house a large bat with a 16" wing span flew into our bedroom. After much flapping the bat tired and so Martin was able to carefully hold the bat by its wings and emboldened by his action I stroked the incredible downy coat of its fur and touched the soft fine translucent leathery skin of its wings. Color As An Accent for Bronze Door Handles — Martin Pierce. As a large portion of our door handles are cast in bronze we have the ability to add subtle shading to the pieces by oxidizing them and then sealing them with oil and wax.

Color As An Accent for Bronze Door Handles — Martin Pierce

However, those of you who are art collectors will also know that bronze can be finished with more sophisticated colored patinas. Some of these colors, specifically Verde Gris, will often develop naturally on bronze and we have all seen the beautiful blue green hues on the domed roofs of old churches and civic buildings that have developed after decades of exposure to the elements. As our time scale does not permit the patina to develop naturally we are able to create several colors of patina by applying pigments directly to our bronze.

To ensure an intense color that permeates the surface we heat the bronze up to 200° and apply the pigment by hand often with a very fine brush. Unique Bronze Towel Rails — Martin Pierce. We are known for casting unusual custom door handles and our creative designer clients often will come to us with their ideas for a new concept which is how the dialogue began with a design group in Florida who specialize in luxury yacht interiors. As I am not well versed in specifics of yacht interiors I had assumed all yacht fixtures needed to be very light weight and made in corrosive resistant stainless steel, so was pleasantly surprised when we were asked to use our fiddlehead fern motif to create towel rails and robe hooks in solid bronze. While the major component of a towel rail is a simple bar the fun and artistry comes in creating wall mounts to support the rail.

However, with this custom project we were also tasked with making a curved towel rail to fit the wall surface in the master bathroom which was no easy feat given the very specific radius of the wall. Service Unavailable. Martin Pierce's Custom Door Handles Shown in New Video Release. “The big advantage to showing our custom hardware in this format is you get to see and understand what we mean by functional art”. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 09, 2016 Martin Pierce Hardware has now brought out their first comprehensive but succinct video showing their range of creative and unique door handles.

The first video appropriately named Luxury Door Handles and lasting a brief 2 minutes starts with detailed rotating views of the Hedgerow style patio door handle. A Textural Approach to Luxury Door Hardware — Martin Pierce. Trees That Inspire Door Handles — Martin Pierce. Celebrating Christmas with Martin Pierce Cabinet Knobs, Capitol Records and Patron — Martin Pierce. Enjoy a virtual tropical vacation with our nature inspired door hardware — Martin Pierce. While many of you across the U.S. and Canada are digging yourselves out of yet another winter storm we are continuing to bask in unseasonably warm weather here in Southern California. I don't share this to make you feel bad but, rather, to introduce you to some of our custom hardware collections that will have you dreaming of blue skies and warmer climates.

Few places on earth have the variety of foliage and flowers as Hawaii. The islands are alive with colorful hibiscus, the state flower, leafy green ferns, elegant orchids, fragrant plumeria and exotic protea. We designed our orchid pull in silver plate that offers the ultimate in luxury for a client's island home. Along with amazing beaches and the unbelievable landscape, the islands are also alive with tropical birds and other native animals that have sparked fun and mysterious folk-lore tales. To begin your virtual tropical vacation you can view our entire collection of architectural hardware at Choosing Cabinet Pulls for Christmas Ornaments — Martin Pierce. Looking Forward to 2017 With New LED Lighting — Martin Pierce. In 2017 we will be photographing and making videos of these new pieces and our hope is that designers will share these with their discerning clients. To further that goal in 2017 we will be partnering with the well-established Interior Design site and their partner Architonic to launch our new illuminated door handles as well as our new door hardware so that designers can easily access this material on this site as well as on our home site.

In 2017 we will be represented in Moscow by EMPORIO.RU. a showroom known for luxury hardware brands. Ergo Bathroom Accessories. Morphic Bathroom Accesories. Cabinet Pulls New. Service Unavailable. Martin Pierce: Door Handles For The Office And Home. Grapevine Hardware. Lizard Hardware. Willow Hardware. Hedgerow Hardware. Ergo Hardware. Morphic Hardware. Blog - Martin Pierce. Not to be confused with national Red Rose day (June 12th), National Rose day (rosay) falls on the second Saturday in June, June 11th this year, and it is one that will be celebrated at Martin Pierce Hardware!

We have often shared our enjoyment of the Paso Robles wine region and, while not specifically rose, thought that, in celebration of this newfound holiday, this would be a good time to share with you some of our favorite wines. I am, alas, a creature of habit, which means I tend to opt for viognier and sauvignon blanc wines over roses, chardonnays and cabernets. That being said, I did develop a fondness for Rose wines, in large measure due to our proximity to the Anjou wine growing region in France while living in England.

We had very dear friends who lived in the Anjou region. They would often visit us in England due to the fact that both Anjou and Lewes, Sussex support opera companies at Glyndebourne and Opera de Bauge respectively. Four Lanterns Hammersky Riverstar. Company. Martin Pierce: Door Handle Styles How They Evolve. Martin Pierce: New Modern Door Handle Design. Martin Pierce: The Evolution Of Different Styles Of Martin Pierce's Door Handles. Martin Pierce – Custom Made Furniture Available to Design Professionals. Martin Pierce Uniquely Artistic Bathroom Accessories - Los Angeles. Martin Pierce - Custom Door Handles, Hardware, Knobs and Cabinet Pulls.