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Delphion Research intellectual property network - international. StartupNation Blog » Blog Archive » Secrets to Accelerating Y. As a business owner, I love being my company’s “evangelist.”

StartupNation Blog » Blog Archive » Secrets to Accelerating Y

I get huge kicks from educating and exciting people about becoming a customer. But frankly, there’s an even more important—though arguably less exhilarating—aspect to closing new business. We call it, the art of follow up. My feelings about this were confirmed and further fueled at a recent networking event in Phoenix where Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft, presented his thoughts on the way to make following up work for you.

Because entrepreneurs like me are among the most passionate people on earth, and we love pitching to prospective customers, we often forget the importance of following up with prospects and even current customers to get more cha-ching! The key precept of following up effectively with customers to win more business is understanding that people don’t buy when you’re ready. Here are some recommended ways to master the art of follow up: Build Trust. Use a Variety of Mediums. Be a Thought-Leader. Presentation - Guy Kawasaki - The Art of Innovation. Pay Per Click ROI/ROAS Calculator.

Wouldn't it be nice to know what kind of ROI you were going to get ahead of time from pay per click?

Pay Per Click ROI/ROAS Calculator

Well now you can! Just enter the following metrics, hit calculate, and prepare to be enlightened. You can also play with the values to see what increases and decreases in various metrics will do to your ROI. Note, ROAS is called Value/Cost in AdWords. ROI subtracts the cost of advertising, but ROAS does not. Definition of Terms: ROI = Return On Investment (Gross Profit/Cost) ROAS = Return On Ad Spend (Revenue/Cost) CPC = Cost Per Click Conversion Rate = % Of Visitors Who Buy Average Sale = Value Per Conversion = Revenue Per Conversion. Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change. Writing Copy for the Web: Tips to Stay Fresh and Creative - Onli. A novelist can ride the tails of that one great book for years.

Writing Copy for the Web: Tips to Stay Fresh and Creative - Onli

And a print journalist who’s broken the story of the century might be able to play off that success for several months. But for writers producing copy for the web, creating that one great blog post or article is just that: one great blog post or article. The challenge when writing copy for the web is to consistently create content that is unique, relevant and entertaining—all at the same time. But it’s not easy to feel inspired and creative day after day. The next time you find yourself in a rut, test out these 5 tips for creating fresh and unique copy for the web: 1. The next time you’re stuck with regards to your writing, randomly select one slip of paper and include that word or phrase in your blog post or article. 2.

Essentially, both story versions include the same takeaways: how to keep good credit, and the dos and don’ts of email marketing. 3. 4. Along those lines, write the end of your story first. 5. 10:10: What's it all about? The 10:10 campaign tag is made from a scrapped plane.

10:10: What's it all about?

Photograph: David Levene What is 10:10? 10:10 is an empowering climate change campaign with the aim of getting individuals, companies and institutions to reduce their carbon footprints by 10% during 2010. Why 10% in 2010? Although politicians argue about targets for 2050 and 2030, the scientists say world emissions must peak and begin to fall within the next few years.

Franny Armstrong: 'If you're not fighting climate chan. Franny Armstrong is talking about yeast.

Franny Armstrong: 'If you're not fighting climate chan

"If you put yeast in a jar and give it an energy source like sugar, it will gobble that up as fast as it can, surround itself with its own waste and then die. " There is, she suggests, a close parallel between yeast and us. "We're on the yeast path. But we're worse than that – we're intelligent. We are going to be the first species to wipe itself off the planet knowingly. " Armstrong, the director of 10:10 and the film-maker responsible for feted eco drama-documentary The Age of Stupid, sips her coffee at a pavement cafe round the corner from the campaign's office in Camden, London. Zerofootprint (zerofootprint) How To Kick Start A Community –an Ongoing List « Web Strategy by. One of the top 10 questions in social media marketing asked is “How do we kick start our community?”

How To Kick Start A Community –an Ongoing List « Web Strategy by

This post aims at providing some resources for brands that are preparing their community strategy. The old adage of the field of dreams isn’t true -if you build it–they won’t neccesarily come. Brands must have a kick start plan to be successful with their community. Below, I’ll list out some practices I’ve heard from companies that have had successful communities, and I’d ask you chime in and add more ways, let’s get started, I’ll be as specific and actionable as possible. How to Kick Start A Community Create compelling content on a recurring basis. I’ve also signaled to some of the vendors in the community platform space to chime in –giving them the chance to strut their knowledge.

Du developpement durable à l'entreprise durable -l'eff. Les enjeux et les défis du developement durable.