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10 Things You Must Know To Avoid Screwing Up When Drainage Problem Happens Next Time. Some of the top drainage specialists across the UK reveal their piece of advice on real causes of blocked drains, DIY drains unblocking ideas and more.

10 Things You Must Know To Avoid Screwing Up When Drainage Problem Happens Next Time

You will not screw up on your drainage problem this after. Read on. Be Aware Of The Location Of Main Water Hose Every year drainage companies across the country receive so many calls from homeowners saying the drains overflowing and waste water is flooding across the house and they don’t have any clue where the main valve of water supply is located. Here’s A Snapshot Of Apple’s Mega Launch Event. Apple’s most awaited event of the year is finally over, and the tech giant has again shocked the gadget lovers with the announcement of the latest versions of iPhone from it’s iconic iPhone series along with ‘iOS 10’ and ‘Apple Watch Series 2’.

Here’s A Snapshot Of Apple’s Mega Launch Event

Yes, ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ have been finally announced by the company at a launch event that took place in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on 7th September 2016. The company also unveiled iconic AirPods, which is nothing but wireless earphones. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Are Finally Out One of the best thing about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is that they come with water and dust resistant capabilities apart from having a dynamic processor, high-end cameras, and better storage. Google AdWords Update: Null Quality Scores Will Be Assigned To Keywords. With an intention to bring a little more transparency to Quality Score reporting, Google will shortly replace the existing default Quality Score of 6 with Null Quality Scores for all the new as well as low-activity keywords in Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Update: Null Quality Scores Will Be Assigned To Keywords

In other words, the quality score reporting method or technique for Google AdWords is going to change now wherein null quality scores for new and inactive keywords will replace the present default quality score of 6, in order to make it more transparent. Google AdWords In A Nutshell Before getting into the technicalities of Google AdWords update, let’s discuss a bit about what exactly is Google AdWord and how important are quality scores. Google AdWords is nothing but a highly significant online advertising service that makes it possible for an advertiser to exhibit a short advertising copy to web users and it is normally developed on the basis of predefined keywords and cookies. Significance Of Quality Scores To Advertisers. 5 Must Have Magento Extensions For Successful E-Commerce Stores - Creative Alive.

Any idea what remains the most indispensable tool for developing a successful e-commerce store that can sell all kinds of interesting products to customers online?

5 Must Have Magento Extensions For Successful E-Commerce Stores - Creative Alive

Well, the most important thing that is required for developing a highly functional e-commerce store is a powerful and effective e-commerce platform like Magento, which makes it easier for you to run your website and eventually the business. Written in PHP, Magento has a wide range of extensions, which help you in enhancing the functionality of this open-source e-commerce platform and allow users to revamp site management, improve customer experience and implement unique marketing strategies. 7 Plugins Every WordPress Website Must Have. Choosing the right Plugin for your WordPress website will help make easy to maintain your website and deliver a better experience for your users as well.

7 Plugins Every WordPress Website Must Have

There are many plugins available for WordPress, a fewof which are described below. Google XML Sitemaps. 5 Magento Extensions One Must Have. The key to any eCommerce solution is creativity and flexibility to make the online business impactful.

5 Magento Extensions One Must Have

Magento is one of the most reputable and reliable eCommerce solution providers available in the market. In order to improve the productivity, Magento extension is used to help setting up eCommerce store with an excess of features and functionalities. It is an open-source eCommerce solution that comes up with robust characteristics, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. There are different Magento extensions that are helpful for the purpose of increasing the flexibility and online business of an eCommerce site which are described as follows. Mobile Shopping Cart. 8 Advantages Of Using WordPress As A CMS. At a time when a number of content management systems (CMSes) are easily available to individual users and organizations in the market for maintaining and running their websites, what distinguishes WordPress from rest of CMS in terms of its growing importance among the users, is something that we are going to discuss in this post.

8 Advantages Of Using WordPress As A CMS

In order to understand the importance of WordPress in this case, it’s extremely necessary for you at the first place to have a clear idea about what exactly is a content management system. A content management system or CMS is nothing but a kind of computer application that helps users in creating and editing digital content for their websites. A common UI (User Interface) is used by the people as far as content development and it’s editing (modification) is concerned, which eventually helps in strengthening a collaborative working environment, wherein multiple users can work together.

Some of the Famous Magento Extensions Developed by ZealousWeb. ZealousWeb being prominent in the field of web development has been serving its clients efficiently and consistently the best services.

Some of the Famous Magento Extensions Developed by ZealousWeb

It has got a highly experienced and efficient team of developers who develop the best and superior quality products for the clients. The Magento team of developers have developed some of the most advanced Magento extensions which you can use with your eCommerce portals are described as below. With the increased use of mobile, many technologies and apps have emerged one of which is WhatsApp.