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The Current French Rap Scene Explained to Americans BE STREET. —Since PNL helped opened the door to the US...

The Current French Rap Scene Explained to Americans BE STREET

France and rap has always been a complicated story. It sells. It’s everywhere. It influences. But everybody looks down on it. Wether we like them or not, PNL has gaven us a big slap in the face. Equivalent: Lil DurkThe album to listen to: Le Monde Chico Adding JUL to this list could easily put me in the hot seat, but it is hard to avoid the guy in 2016. Equivalent: The album to listen to: Emotions Hamza Hamza is from Belgium, which may not seem that relevant because most Americans only have a blurred idea of what Europe is (just kidding!).

Equivalent: Young ThugThe album to listen to: Zombie Life Booba Booba may have been around for a while, but is still killing the game. Equivalent: 2 Chainz / Rick RossThe album to listen to: Nero Nemesis Damso I wasn’t expecting Damso to be on such a high level. Equivalent: FutureThe album to listen to: Batterie Faible SCH could have/should have released an impactful LP. Coyote Spirit Animal. Perhaps losing your job is an opportunity to embrace your passions in life, you are no longer committed to the obligation of a job.

Coyote Spirit Animal

Maybe go on a trip, or an adventure, spirit quest perhaps? Things will work out, and get better, maybe it’s just not in the way you expected. Every single one of us is here for a reason, the world needs you, whether you can feel that right now or not, it is true. Your energy/ soul is connected to everything and every one, we are all star dust. Sans titre. Le rap transforme nos adolescents en philosophes  MUSIQUE - Les adolescents sont traversés par des tensions (tension physiologique, retour du refoulé, avenir incertain, changement de carapace, compréhension de la complexité du monde) où la prise de risque devient une solution pour tenter à la fois de retrouver l'insouciance de l'enfance tout en usant des moyens adultes (attirance pour la nuit, sexualité, alcool, prise de position radicale, activité délictueuse).

Le rap transforme nos adolescents en philosophes 

Ces attitudes existent à chaque génération, démontrant leur nécessité pour construire une individualité propre. Les adultes ont expérimenté ces prises de risques nécessaires avant d'avoir assimilé les règles de vie en société, les normes sociales, pour se sentir "adulte", à savoir, ne pas être adolescents! Or, ces adolescents sont nos enfants. Pourquoi se protéger de nos propres enfants, ne sommes-nous pas responsables de leurs comportements?

Pour beaucoup d'adolescents, refuser la norme institutionnelle, consiste à signifier combien ces institutions les ont exclus. 20 Tips On Using Microphones. It doesn't matter how good the microphone, put it in the wrong place and you might as well be using cocoa tins and string.

20 Tips On Using Microphones

Hugh Robjohns shares some of his top tips... If your music involves acoustic instruments or voices, the ultimate quality of your recordings depends entirely on your microphones and what you do with them. The good news is that a well-positioned cheap and cheerful mic can often outperform a poorly-positioned thousand-pound microphone.

Also, how you look after your mics, and how you rig your studio, can make a lot of difference to the smooth running of the session. Looking after your mics and positioning them carefully is the key to capturing great sounds. 1. 8 Common Microphone Mistakes. This past weekend I spent a lot of time in the car, so I pulled out the iPod and listened to the entire “Joe Gilder catalog,” almost every song that I’ve written and recorded over the years.

8 Common Microphone Mistakes

As I listened back to some of those very first recordings, it reminded me of all the stupid mistakes I’ve made along the way, particularly with microphones. Here’s a list of eight microphone mistakes, and yes, I’ve done all of them. 1. Not using a pop filter This may seem silly, but it took me several years to finally buy a pop filter. After all, all the singers in those microphone advertisements are singing directly into the mic without a pop filter…and those ads are always super-accurate, right?

You soon find, however, that whenever anyone sings into the mic, there’s nothing to block the plosives, those annoying pops in the audio whenever the singer sings a “p” or “b” sound. So you think you’ll be all clever and fix it without buying a pop filter. 2. Raise your hand if you’ve done this. 3. Wrong. 4. 5.