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Le tableau périodique des éléments est enfin complet. C'est un jour à marquer d'une pierre blanche pour tous les scientifiques : Slate rapporte que l'Union internationale de chimie pure et appliquée (IUPAC) a validé la découverte des quatre éléments qu'il manquait au tableau périodique des éléments.

Le tableau périodique des éléments est enfin complet

"Le quatrième groupe de travail mixte entre l'union internationale de chimie pure et appliquée et l''union internationale de physique pure et appliquée a passé en revue la documentation autour des éléments 113 («ununtrium»), 115 («ununpentium»), 117 («ununseptium»), et 118 («ununoctium»), et a déterminé que les affirmations de découverte de ces éléments étaient satisfaites. [...] Lsr.php?u= Assembly of the Majorana Demonstrator Module 1 detectors.


Twenty-nine detectors are arranged in seven strings and mounted in an ultra-low-radioactivity copper cryostat. The array is assembled inside a nitrogen-purged glovebox to avoid exposure to naturally occurring radon in the air. Test Your Knowledge of Science With This Quiz. What Does E=mc2 Truly Mean? What does E=mc2, the most famous equation in history, mean?

What Does E=mc2 Truly Mean?

(Image Credit: PBS Space Time) Albert Einstein remains one of the greatest minds in history. Leaving Facebook... Science, Astronomy, Medical News & Updates. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Leaving Facebook... Protons and antiprotons appear to be true mirror images. In a stringent test of a fundamental property of the standard model of particle physics, known as CPT symmetry, researchers from the RIKEN-led BASE collaboration at CERN have made the most precise measurements so far of the charge-to-mass ratio of protons and their antimatter counterparts, antiprotons.

Protons and antiprotons appear to be true mirror images

Leaving Facebook... Un neutrino de très haute énergie. Here's How You Can See Subatomic Particles At Home. New molecular transistor can control single electrons. Researchers from Germany, Japan and the United States have managed to create a tiny, reliable transistor assembled from a single molecule and a dozen additional atoms.

New molecular transistor can control single electrons

The transistor reportedly operates so precisely that it can control the flow of single electrons, paving the way for the next generation of nanomaterials and miniaturized electronics. For our electronics to become more powerful it's vital that the transistors, the tiny switches that make them up, keep getting smaller and smaller.

EN IMAGES. Un nano-monde haut en couleurs. ATOME.

EN IMAGES. Un nano-monde haut en couleurs

À quoi peut bien ressembler le monde à l’échelle d’un atome ? Sciences. Découverte de nouvelles particules : les pentaquarks. Une nouvelle particule constituée de cinq quarks a été mise au jour par le LHC, le plus grand accélérateur de particules au monde, validant ainsi une hypothèse proposée en 1964.

Sciences. Découverte de nouvelles particules : les pentaquarks

Alors qu’une grande partie de la communauté scientifique avait les yeux rivés vers l’espace, mardi 14 juillet, pour oberver la sonde New Horizons s’approcher au plus près de Pluton, une autre regardait 100 mètres sous terre, en direction du LHC (pour Large Hadron Collider), le plus grand accélérateur de particules au monde.

A crash course in particle physics. Could black phosphorus be the next silicon? Is the Future Already Written? Time off from Time Even though Ellis had reservations about time and the block universe, he still admired Einstein, and his respect deepened when he moved to Cambridge in 1960 to pursue a doctorate degree with world-renowned cosmologist Dennis Sciama.

Is the Future Already Written?

During his early years as a researcher, Ellis earned a reputation as a world-class cosmologist for his ability to tackle the tricky mathematics needed to fully solve some of Einstein’s space-time equations. Ellis respected Einstein’s mathematical ingenuity, but he later balked at the philosophical implications of the block universe, in which the future stands on the same footing as the past. “If we are just machines living out a future that has already been set, then Adolf Hitler had no choice to do other than what he did; Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid, had no choice,” Ellis says.

Experiment explains why quantum behaviour doesn’t occur in everyday life. An international team of researchers believe they've figured out why strange quantum behaviours occur at the level of individual particles, but aren't in the classical, everyday world.

Experiment explains why quantum behaviour doesn’t occur in everyday life

And it all comes down to Einstein's general theory of relativity and the effect of gravity on time. Stephen Hawking says AI could spell the end of the human race. Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed in an interview with the BBC that he believes, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Stephen Hawking says AI could spell the end of the human race

Since Professor Hawking is in possession of one of the most intelligent human brains on the planet, his words merit further examination, particularly since they come hot on the heels of similar warnings from Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Hawking’s statement came in the context of discussing his new speech-enabling equipment, which is better able to predict his words based on his past usage patterns. While acknowledging the benefits of the limited artificial intelligence (AI) available today, in imagining a far more sophisticated technology he said: “It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” In a Tweet on 2 August, 2014, Elon Musk commented, “We need to be super careful with AI.

UAB Researchers Design the Most Precise Quantum Thermometer to Date. Printer friendly version Share 05 June 2015 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Physics at the UAB have found the “formula” to construct a quantum thermometer with enough precision to detect minute fluctuations in temperature in regions as small as the inside of a cell.

The research appears today in the journal Physical Review Letters. The science behind the coolest candle trick ever. At ScienceAlert, we love to tell you guys about the technology and discoveries that could change our world for the better. But we also love to show you the simple science behind much-loved party tricks, like this one. Because what good is science if you can't sometimes use it to impress strangers? As you can see above, you can blow out a candle and then light it again without ever touching the wick, simply by holding a flame to the smoke trail - just like magic. But what's actually going on here? The Slow Mo Guys decided to figure it out by filming the whole thing at 2,500 frames per second.

Quelles innovations sont les plus susceptibles de se diffuser durant la prochaine décennie? «La prédiction est un art difficile, surtout quand elle concerne le futur», disait Mark Twain. Dix écrivains anglo-saxons de science-fiction sollicités par le Huffington Post se sont prêtés au jeu et ont essayé d’imaginer quelles innovations pourraient marquer notre futur dans une décennie en se diffusant le plus largement. Leurs réponses montrent bien quels sont les facteurs qui peuvent faciliter, ou à l’inverse freiner, la diffusion d’une innovation: la demande sociale, le soutien des pouvoirs publics, le cadre législatif… Lauréat du prix Philip K. Évolution : un "chaînon manquant" découvert au fond des océans. Watch What Happens When You Stick Your Hand Into "Hot Ice" Uk.businessinsider. Icists stop and store light traveling in an optical fiber. Researchers at the Kastler Brossel Laboratory in Paris have managed to store light that propagates in an optical fiber and to release it later on demand.

By causing interaction between the traveling light and a few thousand atoms in the vicinity, they demonstrated an all-fibered memory. In the May 8th issue of the Physical Review Letters, Prof. ​‘Cosmic barbeque’: Dying stars could give birth to DNA, study claims — RT USA. How to turn Light into Matter in LHC?