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Papi酱 - 古希腊悲剧【papi酱的读书日特别篇】 [無言] 菜單英文翻譯 - 看板 StupidClown. 作者yian10201020 (鴉川君) 看板StupidClown 標題[無言] 菜單英文翻譯 時間Mon Feb 20 14:32:29 2017 大家好,在下是鴉川君是也。

[無言] 菜單英文翻譯 - 看板 StupidClown

相信大家可能都看過一些讓人啼笑皆非的英文翻譯。 呃…請問你的China girls要本地的還是外省的? 幹。 嗯,野菇的翻譯感覺好像比較對一點點…? 金針菇跟杏鮑菇都這樣寫,歪果人能懂這是哪種菇嗎QAQ 而且竹炭丸子的英文也…根本是木炭球啊。 呃,我保證我煮湯的時候沒有放扛棒下去熬…。 Drew Binsky - Taipei is one of the best foodie cities on... B1U8 Santa vs. Grandfather Frost. Research by David Owens, December 24, 2014 Ded Moroz vs.

B1U8 Santa vs. Grandfather Frost

Santa Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from St. Nick and Ded Moroz! Though they come from different traditions, they both agree that good little girls and boys should rewarded with gifts for good behavior. Ded Moroz (pronounced “Dead Morose” and meaning Grandfather Frost) is the reigning St. The original St. Happy New Year! St. However, as the Russian Orthodox Church separated from the Catholic Church traditions changed.

Ded Moroz, the friend of children, became much more than the spirit of Frost from old folklore. Snegurochka is most often in blue ir white However, after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Vladimir Lenin outlawed organized religion and many religious traditions were made secular. In 1948, Josef Stalin restored New Year as a National Holiday and Ded Moroz as the friend of all Russian children. Ded Moroz may have may vary his robes Sometimes, Ded Moroz has appeared in red robes and on other Winter holidays. B1U8 吃12顆葡萄跨年?各國跨年習俗好特別. B1U3網友瘋傳的哲學課,人生快樂的秘訣. 美國有一名教授透過一個瓶子、高爾夫球、小石頭及啤酒,告訴台下學生們擁有快樂人生的秘訣,有趣又直觸人心的手法讓這堂人生的哲學課上傳臉書才幾天的時間,就迅速累積近億的瀏覽量~更多精彩翻譯影片:男子被惡煞押到深山逼吃屎,神展開結局讓國外鄉民全高潮這碗超酸的心靈雞湯將讓你對「煩惱」這件事從此改觀美國網友上網問關於懷孕的問題,結果一堆人拼錯「懷孕」的英文還原度百分百!


南方四賤客經典歌曲「凱子媽是個臭婊子」真人版臉書創辦人仿效鋼鐵人,開發出具有「上帝之音」的賈維斯同場加映: 國外瘋傳的超勵志演說! 《該豐富的不是履歷,是人生閱歷》 (觀賞影片及完整註解可按此連結) 人生中的最大遺憾? 反思神曲《每個人都會死,但不是每個人都曾活過》 (觀賞影片及完整註解請按此連結)「把你的錢花光吧!」 B1U6 taiwan innovation. 到國外點「半糖去冰加珍珠」這樣說~ - Yahoo行動版. B1U6「女性」發明家. Naked Market, Taiwan’s First Package-free Supermarket, Opens In Taipei. Say goodbye to pre-packaging and start ‘pre-cycling’.

Naked Market, Taiwan’s First Package-free Supermarket, Opens In Taipei

Taiwan’s first eco-friendly package-free supermarket has opened in the Minsheng Community in Taipei’s Songshan District, allowing customers to purchase the precise amount of an ingredient they need. From spices, oils and dressings, nuts and grains, flour and other baking ingredients to diary products, the store specializes in selling dry ingredients used in Western cuisine using the bulk-bin design often seen in western supermarkets.

The products are sold in bulk using gravity bins, which are upside down containers with a lever that allow customers to help themselves to as much – or as little – of an ingredient as their need. The ingredients are then weighed at the counter, and a price is calculated based on the item and its weight. The store offers recycled paper bags for customers to use in place of traditional plastic bags, but there are discounts for customers who bring their own bags or containers to take the produce away. TED:哈佛研究了76年,研究成果告訴你幸福從何而來?什麼人最可能成為人生贏家? Learn About Chinese New Year. Happiness Long Life Togetherness Wealth Noodles Shrimp Egg Rolls Chicken.

Learn About Chinese New Year

請路人在黑板上寫下他們這輩子最大的遺憾,而大家寫的都有個共通點‧‧‧ (中文字幕) 紐約街訪:你知道台灣嗎?Do you know Taiwan?│老外看台灣│郝毅博 Ben Hedges│新唐人電視台. The Myth of Four Season. 那些“吓死”老外的中国菜!不止口水鸡和狮子头! 40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without. Sure, there's the internationally accepted three-meals-a-day dining format -- but why limit yourself when you can make like the Taiwanese and do gourmet snacking any time of day?

40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without

The Taiwanese capital, Taipei, has about 20 streets dedicated to food. Every time you think you've found the best streetside bao, the most incredible stinky tofu or mind-blowing beef noodle soup, there's another Taiwanese food shop that surpasses it. The island's food is a mash-up of the cuisine of the Min Nan, Teochew and Hokkien Chinese communities, along with Japanese cooking techniques. It's a culinary love-in with diversely delicious offspring. Arguments about Taiwan's best food risk ruining relationships and lifelong friendships. Food: it's serious, it's respected, it's all excellent in Taiwan. Note: Foods, not the restaurants, are the stars in this list. 1. "Where there's a wisp of smoke from the kitchen chimney, there will be lurou fan [braised pork with rice]," goes the Taiwanese saying. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.