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Contemporary Furniture by Designitures. 5 Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea. A package of my favorite Kineta matcha green tea sits unopened on my kitchen table, reminding me of all the benefits of matcha tea that have made it an important part of my daily routine.

5 Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

It’s a pick-me-up, a way to spend quality time with friends, and a way to restore my body after a particularly long week. While some of matcha tea’s benefits have been known for centuries, it’s only recently that science is catching up and explaining some of matcha green tea’s amazing health benefits. We are finding out that matcha green tea has cancer-fighting properties, helps to reduce stress, and fortifies the immune system against disease.

That’s pretty impressive. Organic Matcha Green Tea to Improve Vitality. Now you can get 3 x the super power of this vitality super drink!

Organic Matcha Green Tea to Improve Vitality

We believe that Matcha green tea powder is the super drink of all super drinks jammed full of nutrients and antioxidants. That is why we affectionately refer to it as “Natures Daily Boost.” Only the best of the best Matcha tea is used in our Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea: Our single estate for the Tencha is in the Nishio region in Aichi prefecture, buried deep within the heart of Japan’s main island, Honshu. Kineta has a creamy and savory flavour matched only by its vibrant green coloring and sweet aroma. These attributes are produced by carefully shading the plant prior to harvest, which increases the amount of amino acids and vitamins A, C & E in the leaves. 100% JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA – totally natural and sourced from a small family owned tea farm in Kyoto region.

How Cogen UK is helping to Convert Waste to Energy? Kineta Providing Finest Quality Matcha Green Tea. If it has a Green Tea then it has to be Matcha Powder Tea. Which Italian furniture brand is good? Do you know the benefits of matcha green tea? Is there any alternative to Gas Boiler or repairing is the solution? Sony Xperia Z2: What are the TOP 5 Features? Sony is renowned for offering various mind-boggling smartphones.

Sony Xperia Z2: What are the TOP 5 Features?

This time, it comes with an innovative smartphone called the Sony Xperia Z2. It is officially unveiled, and will be available in the UK market from the month of April. This extra-ordinary Android device comprises incredible specifications, features and premium design. However, you might be confused when it comes to choosing the Z2, as there are lots of options available in the global market like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5S.

Therefore, to sort out your doubts regarding this device, we are going to introduce you top five incredible features of the Sony Xperia Z2. First Smartphone with Live Colour LED Feature The Sony Xperia Z2 is honoured as the first smartphone featuring a new Live Colour LED technology. The device houses a wide 5.2-inch TRILUMINOS display panel with a resolution of 1080p. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. LG G Pro 2 – A Quick Comparison. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is considered as the best phablet available in the global market and most of the critics admitted this fact.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. LG G Pro 2 – A Quick Comparison

This could be a reason that the Galaxy Note 3 mobile deals are available on almost all the leading networks of the UK. You must have tested and enjoyed the various stunning features of this extra-ordinary device. On the other hand, LG has come with a new concept smartphone called LG G Pro 2. However, it’s still not clear whether the smartphone would come to the UK market or not, but we can still hope to see it in the UK as soon as possible. Galaxy S5 - Superb Design. Samsung Galaxy S5: In-depth Review of Features and Expected Deals. Samsung Galaxy S5 Finally, Samsung has displayed its most awaited smartphone Galaxy S5 during the Mobile World Congress, 2014 and got a huge appreciation from the critics.

Samsung Galaxy S5: In-depth Review of Features and Expected Deals

The new handset will be available worldwide from 11 April, 2014 and we are expecting some better deals on Galaxy S5 by our renowned retailers like Carphonewarehouse, Phones4U and It will be available in four different colours: Blue, Black, Gold and White as shown in image. As expected, the phone is boasted with high-end features starting from fingerprint scanner to 16MP camera which we already revealed in our last post. Apart from this, the Galaxy S5 is capable to deliver lightning fast internet speed and ultra clear images via its 16MP camera. Colours of Galaxy S5 Security via Fingerprint Scanner This incredible feature allows you to register your fingerprints as a security pass to bring your handset in active mode.

Source: S Health 3.0: App to measure your Fitness Level. Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Ahead – Will it bring 16MP Camera and Fingerprint Sensor? Concept Design by When it comes to upcoming handsets, we certainly start thinking about the Samsung’s most awaited smartphone called Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Ahead – Will it bring 16MP Camera and Fingerprint Sensor?

However, there is no official confirmation regarding the specs, software and internals of the device, but still masses want to know more about it. It is expected that the Galaxy S5 could be unveiled on 24th February during UNPACKED 5 event. Some evidence have found over the internet which concludes that the new device will be boasted with these two features i.e. high definition 16MP rear camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Mobile Devices. Android development. Future of Android OS: Unlocking Expected Google’s Android in 2020. We have seen lots of significant alterations in Android OS from 2008 to 2013.

Future of Android OS: Unlocking Expected Google’s Android in 2020

In 2008, Google first launched its operating system in the “T-Mobile G1”. However, 2013’s Android is surely different from 2008 version as at that time G1 had no playback capabilities, no multi-touch and other functions. Needless to say that Google has always been improving its mobile operating system to lead the smartphone market. We already unlocked the hidden secrets of Android KitKat v4.4 and now, we are expecting something very extra-ordinary in the next phase of development from Google. Therefore, we have decided to explore the future of Android in 2020. Google Maps in 2020 Maps are considered as the most important segment of OS thus Google has launched various facilities when it comes to maps. In 2020, Google will offer you “Street View Cameras” to discover what is going-on at that particular moment. Android Messaging Messaging is the best way to communicate with your loved ones. Hardware Share and Enjoy.