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Common Core State Standards

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Common Core and 21st Century Standards. CCSS ELA Lesson Plans. Common Core State Standards SMUSD. THE Journal February 2013 Page 35. Text Complexity: Simplifying Text Complexity And The Common Core. 5 Places To Find Free Educational eBooks. Hunting down classic literature and important manuscripts may mean more than a quick Google search for many of us. You may turn to paid sources like Amazon or even (the humanity!) Turn to printed books in your library. The horror! We kid. We love the library and feature effective ways to use libraries all the time. So what happens when Google, Amazon, and your local library come up short in your quest for free educational eBooks? The Harvard Classics Some of the most important works of literature are a part of the dozens of volumes available in The Harvard Classics.

Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 free e-books (free epub books, free kindle books, read online, or download them). Bartleby The go-to source for the classics, features Gray’s Anatomy, the Harvard Classics (see above), the King James Bible, and just about every major publication you could ever require. OER Commons ICDL – International Children’s Digital Library Thumbnail courtesy of GoodEReader. Six Traits for Identifying Complex Texts. Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions. When we're working with schools on our Design Thinking School programme, one of the easiest ways to explain what we're looking for in the way a project is set, is whether the statement or questions being asked can be Googled easily: is this a Googleable or Not Googleable topic?

Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions

The Why Every topic, every bit of learning has content that can be Googled, and we don't want teachers wasting precious enquiry time lecturing that content. We want students, instead, to be using class time to collaborate and debate around the questions that are Not Googleable, the rich higher order thinking to which neither the textbook nor the teacher know the answers. And, where we do have "Googleable facts" for students to learn, the snap-decision shouldn't always be to 'teach' it.

Auditory explanation alone (i.e. the teacher speaking) is only one tactic that is ineffective on its own in helping students internalise knowledge, as shown in experiments such as the Harvard "Private Universe" project, for example. 5 Degrees to Becoming a Common Core Ninja [INFOGRAPHIC] - Corestand - teachers, not textbooks. Common Core. Gifted Education and the Common Core State Standards. Literacy Design Collaborative. Steal These Tools / Close Reading Exemplars. Loading [MathJax]/extensions/MathMenu.js Jump to a Section Close Reading Model Lessons Sign up to receive updates from us.

Steal These Tools / Close Reading Exemplars

Featured Lessons Download All Send us your feedback. Inspirational Teaching Videos: Covering Common Core, Math, Science, English And More. School Library Monthly - Common Core Standards. Supported file types: .doc/.docx, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/.pptx, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp Max file size: 25 MB Supported thumbnail types: .jpg/.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmpMax upload size: 500 kB.

School Library Monthly - Common Core Standards

School Library Monthly Blog » Common Core. Education Reform Movement Learns Lesson From Old Standards : NPR via kwout I was riding in the car this morning when I caught a teaser on NPR for a story about new standards coming to schools “near you,” so I had to keep listening to hear what Common Core State Standards news might be taking shape.

School Library Monthly Blog » Common Core

So I listened on (through a story on what really constitutes “breaking news” for local stations) and learned . . . not all that much, really, except for some interesting statistics about state test scores. I’ve linked the article (by Cory Turner) for you above, and I encourage you to read it, as well as other national or local stories about the CCSS, or education and educational policy in general.

We know very well what “we” believe – across all our “we” memberships – but we also must pursue and thoughtfully consider what other groups and individuals are thinking, asking, and expressing. So read (or listen) — and also listen for the education stories around you. –Rebecca Morris. S Resources on the Common Core. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have become the topic du jour in educational circles, and librarians are key participants in the conversation.

s Resources on the Common Core

School Library Journal‘s Leadership Summit, “Advocacy and E-volution: Creating Stronger Schools Through Stronger Libraries,” taking place in Philadelphia October 26-27, will focus on how librarians and school media specialists can propel the dialogue and help teachers and administrators deliver on the full potential of the Common Core. This list of tools and resources from SLJ staff, bloggers, and contributors will enrich your understanding of the national initiative to implement new standards of language arts, information literacy, and mathematics for grades K–12.

SLJ 3-Part Webcast Series: On Common Core We kicked off a 3-part free webcast series last week on the on how the new Common Core education standards are impacting your library, your school, and your students. All Aboard! In the States. Forty-two states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

In the States

The map below provides information about the process each state or territory followed to adopt their academic standards. Please note that states routinely review their academic standards and may choose to change or add onto the standards to best meet the needs of their students. Common Core Galore. Common core for elementary library. A Match Well Made: The standards’ emphasis on information aligns with librarians’ skills. I grew up on the ’60’s outside New York, where there were racial riots and free love.

A Match Well Made: The standards’ emphasis on information aligns with librarians’ skills

The Beatles boomed from boxes and people sang about clouds, vanity, and love. Today we are largely beyond racial riots, love is cheap, and music still booms in ear pieces playing tunes of confusion, vanity, and love. Transformation has occurred, but there are timeless elements. Information is one—valuable and priceless, but packaged differently today than it was 25, 50, or 100 years ago. Librarians recognized the value of information more than 20 years ago when our profession launched the first edition of Information Power as a national library best-seller. McCants Middle School, an IB World Candidate School / McCants Home. Appendix B.indd. Common Core / Homepage. Guidelines for Implementing the ELA Common Core Standards - International Reading Association. The International Reading Association has issued the following statement, which offers detailed guidance on seven issues that have proven enormously challenging to teachers, principals, administrators, and others who are charged with implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts.

Guidelines for Implementing the ELA Common Core Standards - International Reading Association

Download the Literacy Implementation Guidance for the ELA Common Core State Standards This statement zeroes in on specific language in the Standards, including new meanings of key terms, major shifts in instructional focus, and critical points on which the Standards are simply silent. In each instance, the committee has given bulleted recommendations that address the identified challenge by offering practical strategies for moving forward.

Common Core misconception: It’s not plants versus Shakespeare - Opinion. Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards. Making the Parent Connection. As the mom of a now-first-grader, my parenting world is colliding with my professional world.

Making the Parent Connection

Last year, I eagerly brought my daughter to kindergarten geared not to be one of “those” meddling parents, micromanaging the teachers and hovering over projects. However, I soon realized it was going to be very difficult to keep my professional experiences and opinions to myself when it came to the Common Core. Then again, should I? Common Core Toolkit for Principals: Part 1. My district’s plan to realign our curriculum with the Common Core State Standards (which we are calling the C4 Project, for Cheltenham Common Core Curriculum), I will be developing a Toolkit for Principals.

Common Core Toolkit for Principals: Part 1

Each month, I will prepare a four-part package of resources and activities they can use both for their Online generic cialis 100 mg own professional development and as part of faculty meetings with their staff members. The four parts each month will be Think: a warm up article, blog post, or video to set the stage for a faculty discussionShare: two activities principals can use with staff members during the month in faculty or team meetingsTest Drive: A key instructional practice that teachers can try out in their classrooms without expectationsExplore: Links to other resources with more information for those who want to dig deeper.

Common Core Standards Resources. Interpretations Differ on Common Core's Nonfiction Rule. Moving forward school libraries & expository text. An Interactive Image. Report image You can report this image for abusive, violent or sexual content, and our staff will take a look at it. Add image to a channel Create a new channel Replace image Allows you to replace an uploaded image. An Interactive Image Visit 2 years ago 12 touches Touch imageShare image Source Touch Comment Create Share Report Comments. Home » TextProject. Crosswalk of the Common Core Standards and the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. Skip to main content ALA User Menu Search form A Division of the American Library Association.

Consider the Source: On the Common Core Trail. Here’s my latest report from Common Core land. Two weeks ago, I was on the road for four days along with Sue Bartle leading Common Core (CC) workshops. I learned a lot—much of it encouraging. There was a clear pattern to the week: the crowds increased each day—and by Thursday, there was a waiting list for people who wanted to get into our packed sessions.

(We’re scheduling a new event for them.) School Librarians and the Common Core Standards: Resources. Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts. 1 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. (show more) Print many upper- and lowercase letters.

Use frequently occurring nouns and verbs. Form regular plural nouns orally by adding /s/ or /es/ (e.g., dog, dogs; wish, wishes). Wondering how to put Common Core into practice? It’s easier than you think. By Marc Aronson and Susan M. Consider the Source: The Problem with Common Core’s ‘Appendix B’ Photo by Jupiterimages. Master Common Core Skills with Free DBQ iBook. What Should Children Read? Schooling: Sara Mosle on students, teaching and schools, from within and beyond the classroom. Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point” and a New Yorker staff writer, told me how he prepared, years ago, to write his first “Talk of the Town” story.

“Talk” articles have a distinct style, and he wanted to make sure he got the voice straight in his head before he began writing. Non-Fiction Text Structures! « Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing. How are you doing with teaching non-fiction, informational texts? Great Common Core Nonfiction. Common Core and Informational Text.

A Sticker Won’t Do the Job: We need appealing nonfiction that will engage students and build rigor. A Librarian's Tricks for Finding Those 'Complex Texts' Cited in the Common Core. A librarian’s ability to find quality texts, like all good magic acts, blends art and science to amaze the audience. We can accomplish things with Google and databases that exceed the ability of the average user. Common Core. Common Core State Standards. Exploring the role of literature in common core. Text Dependent Questions: Meeting the Common Core Demand for Analysis.

Achieve the Core has published an excellent “Guide to Creating Text Dependent Questions for Close Analytic Reading,” urging teachers to focus on identifying, evaluating, and creating text dependent questions as a first step toward implementing the Common Core Standards. The authors rightly extol the importance of using text dependent questions to develop students’ abilities to read closely and, by high school, to “cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.” Non-Fiction Fodder for the Common Core. Here is a list of Non-fiction links that might help you find resources in support of the CCSS shift to read non-fiction materials. This list was recently archived by a few librarians from around the country.

A book such as this Notorious Benedict Arnold, would be a good substitution for a weak biography unit that does nothing more than give students an opportunity to copy and paste. This book (Lexile 990, AR 7.3), along with primary source documents and debates, could easily model a good CCSS aligned 7th grade lesson. Making the connection: Common Core and National Educational Technology standards. Activities: Create. Using WebQuests to Fulfill Common Core Expectations. Assessment and Rubrics. Kathy’s updated assessments. Compare-Contrast, Cause-Effect, Problem-Solution: Common 'Text Types' in The Times. Using Multimedia to Present Knowledge & Ideas. Digital Media and the Common Core Archived Webinar.

Printables™ reproducibles. LMC @ The Forefront. Tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces. GLMA Summer Institute 2012 Presentation: Leveraging the Discourse of Common Core Standards to Spur Conversations for Student Learning and School Libraries. The Common Core Conversation - Common Core Conversation. This site offers resources, ideas, and advice about differentiating literacy instruction to help all kids achieve the Common Core standards. Help everyone reach common ground. Four Myths About the ELA Common-Core Standards. 4 Tools for Building Academic Vocabulary - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad. Vocabulary, Vocabulary Games - Core Library. The Best Resources For Learning About Common Core Standards & English Language Learners.

ELLs are Everyone’s Kids: The Role of Collaboration in the CCSS. Writing in Math Class. Common Core - South Carolina Department of Education. Determining Assessments Aligned to Common Core. Office of eLearning. Harvard Education Letter. Palatable CCSS. The Hunt Institute and CCSSO Release Common Core Implementation Video Series.