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Getting started - FreeCAD Documentation. What's new Version 0.11 Release notes : Check what's new in the 0.11 release of FreeCAD Version 0.12 Release notes : Check what's new in the 0.12 release of FreeCAD Version 0.13 Release notes : Check what's new in the 0.13 release of FreeCAD Version 0.14 Release notes : Check what's new in the 0.14 release of FreeCAD Foreword FreeCAD is a 3D CAD/CAE parametric modeling application.

Getting started - FreeCAD Documentation

It is primarily made for mechanical design, but also serves all other uses where you need to model 3D objects with precision and control over modeling history. FreeCAD is still in the early stages of development, so, although it already offers you a large (and growing) list of features, much is still missing, specially comparing it to commercial solutions, and you might not find it developed enough yet for use in production environment. Like all open-source projects, the FreeCAD project is not a one-way work delivered to you by its developers. Installing Exploring FreeCAD. Anglo-Norman Crusader, 1189 – Step by step. Due to the elements included in this bust, it can be painted either in a very simple or very complex way.

Anglo-Norman Crusader, 1189 – Step by step

That leaves a lot of room for the painter to make a lot of choices and it is possible that we will see quite different versions of this one in the future. It’s a quite interesting piece for those who like to play metallic effects and experimenting with clothes textures. After cleaning the pieces and checking their fittings (check the parts of the kit), I glued a pin at the base of each part and put everything on comfortable mounts to be able to paint them. For this, I normally use corks. Once everything was ready, I primed all with Black Surface Primer: Here, I decided to start from this color, that would make easier to paint metals, most of all the chainmail.

As usual, I started with the face. I chose starting from Brown Sand, that would be highlighted with Light Flesh and darkened with Black Red. Introduzione zbrush in italiano. This video series was first created under commission for a friend of mine, but in the end i decided to make this for free, and so i also put it as a free resource for all those lazy guys who have problems with english language and so cannot appreciate video tutorials from better international instructors The videos are put here as they were done, i didn't have time for extra editing and voiceovering, so take them as they are meant to be, a real introduction for people that have never used the software and want to have an overall look at all the possibilities the program offers. when i'll find some time i think i will voice over them in english, even though the same concepts can be found in about 2 or 3 millions tutorials out there All the tutorials hosted on this site are free of charge, made from a passionate person who loves to share his (very limited) knowledge with people.

introduzione zbrush in italiano

Cgchannel Training. ZBrush Tutorials Forum. ZClassroom. Miniature Mentor - Miniature Painting and Sculpting Tutorials. Tutorial Description Miniature Mentor is proud to present the S-65 Stalinez Heavy Tractor with The Weathering Magazine's resident editor and frequent contributor Rick Lawler.

Miniature Mentor - Miniature Painting and Sculpting Tutorials

Rick recreates his masterpiece beginning with the preparation and assembly of the basic kit, the installation of the after-market engine and scratch building the roof and boom. He covers all the painting, weathering and final effects in over 6 hours of in-depth instruction. Join Rick as he builds up the most convincing rust and weathering we've ever shown. Using multiple controlled steps employing Oils, Enamels, Washes, Filters and Glazes to create effects that feel rich, nuanced and unified with the original surface. LISTEN UP MINIATURE PAINTERS: Miniatures are traditionally painted in Acrylics for a reason: they dry fast so you can quickly build and field your army. Tutorial Format Length : 6+ hours Download Size : 13 GB All files including files contained on DVD must be viewed on a computer screen. Mentor Profile. The Gnomon Workshop - Professional Training for Artists.