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CULTURA SUBTERRANEA. Hipsters Los hipsters son una subcultura de mujeres y hombres que están típicamente entre los 20 y 30 años y se caracterizan por tener un pensamiento independiente, se consideran contra la cultura normal, progresivos con la política y aprecian el arte, la buena música, la inteligencia, la creatividad y el cine independiente.


En España se les llama Gafapastas porque muchas veces usan lentes de pasta como parte de su forma de vestir. Otra cosa que los caracteriza son los tatuajes que suelen ser graciosos, únicos y peculiares, escogiendo siempre cosas que sean irónicas. Date un salto y mira algunos diseños de tatuajes de hipsters. Universitarios: La moda hipster. Being a Dickhead's cool.. ¿Está pasado ser moderno? · ELPAÍ

Pitchfork: Home. Why Does Everyone Hate Hipsters Assholes? - LAist. The main theme of the seminal grunge documentary Hype!

Why Does Everyone Hate Hipsters Assholes? - LAist

Is how something that by its very nature was anti-commercial became commercialized. One thing that particularly struck me about Hype! Was the grunge scene's intense resentment against the greater culture for appropriating the look and style elements of their subculture. Anti-fashion became the fashion. It lost all meaning. That feeling of resentment strikes a chord with me, because I notice that people who came of age in the 70s and 80s punk rock movement seem to universally hate “hipsters”. By "hipsters" I am not referring to the radical college kids, the animal rights activists or the anarchists in their mohawks and Black Flag shirts. And I'm not talking about everyone who lives on the Eastside and shops at Wacko and eats Yuca tacos.

Hipsters are the ones walking around Los Feliz and Silver Lake with two-toned pink and black hair. I look at the hipsters, and I think, “Well, I like that haircut. We had the Minutemen. Why the hipster must die - This week in New York - Time Out New York. Illustration Credit: Jesse Philips Has the hipster killed cool in New York?

Why the hipster must die - This week in New York - Time Out New York

Did it die the day Wes Anderson proved too precious for his own good, or was it when Chlo Sevigny fellated Vincent Gallo onscreen? Did it vanish along with Kokie's, International Bar and Tonic? Or when McSweeney's moved shop to San Francisco and Bright Eyes signed a lease on the Lower East Side? Was it possible to be a hipster once a band that played Northsix one night was heard the next day on NPR's Weekend Edition? Yes, the assassins of cool still walk our streets: Any night of the week finds the East Village, the Lower East Side and Williamsburg teeming with youth—a pageant of the bohemian undead.

"I wish I'd thought of this phrase, but we call the Lower East Side 'the last real neighborhood in New York,'" Desjadon, an amiable fellow and a patron of LES bars, told me when I called him up. The mouth of a real-estate agent is rarely the source of truth, but Mr. Photo: Alexander Milligan. Auge y decadencia del 'hipster' Ser 'hipster' en España · ELPAÍ "Un moderno español es alguien que ha copiado algo a alguien que a su vez lo copió a otra persona, pero dos años antes aproximadamente" (Joaquín Reyes).

Ser 'hipster' en España · ELPAÍ

"Nos vestíamos con ropa de verdad, no como putos mecánicos, que era el uniforme oficial de las bandas de la movida. Cada vez que bajábamos a Madrid nos partíamos el culo con lo que llevaban. '¿Dónde habéis comprado eso? ', preguntaban. Putos pringaos. Flickr: Intercambio de fotos. Hipster, Scenester Barcelona : The Modern Age. It seems that recently everyone I know has decided to go to Barcelona, Spain.

Hipster, Scenester Barcelona : The Modern Age

I went a couple of years ago, so I’m deciding to just put all my tips about the great city all in one place for everyone to read. (Feel free to add your picks in the comments.) Check it out: HOTELS A hotel I really wanted to stay in was the Hotel Banys Oriental. It’s moderately priced, and is very sleek and modern, but unfortunately it was all booked up by the time I got around to securing a room. COOL NEIGHBORHOOD I especially liked the El Raval area of Barcelona, which is the southwest side of La Rambla. Cool hip restaurants are scattered throughout the area and it’s the “ethnic” area of Barcelona–but a very up-and-coming neighborhood.

The contemporary art museum Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) is in the area, as well as Barcelona University which means the area has lots of young hip kids running around. Hipster1.jpg (1229×838) The Hipster Handbook. Look at this fucking hipster.

Qué es un Hipster. Hipster. Hipsters couldn't incite more blind hatred if they were all ginger-haired Al-Qaeda members.


But why? Could it be their taste in music? Fashion sense? Attitude of superiority? Perhaps. Just The Facts The term arose in the 40's to describe middle class whites acting like black musicians, now referred to as "nerdcore". A Brief History of Smug "Hipster" is another one of those subcultures that is hard to nail down.