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Obama, la guerre financière et l'élimination de DSK. New Windows Phone 7 OS Tablet Concept Photos. By David Curry on March 19, 2010 The trend of porting a mobile OS to a tablet isn’t a new one at all.

New Windows Phone 7 OS Tablet Concept Photos

After all, mobile OS are much finger-friendly than the full featured OS that we mainly use on our laptops and desktops. Here, designer Umang Dokey has taken inspiration from the same approach and made a concept tablet that runs on Windows Phone 7 OS. The Tablet has a 8-inch capacitive touch screen, 2 web cams for 3D video calling, an in-built stand and a keyboard. Interestingly! FR. Accéder au site What is INNOVACT?


Innovact is the Innovation Branch of Invest in Reims, the Development Agency of Reims and its suburbs which was set up by Reims and the Reims-Epernay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It manages a local network of establishments and partners specialised in the creation, development, and establishment of innovative, new, or existing businesses. This applies to all forms of innovation, from social to technological innovation, in any field of activity. Houellebecq chez Sarkozy: le souper de l'Elysée - Actualités.

Ring - The Universal Tabloïd. Loués soient leurs seigneurs - Essais. News.