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Science of Exercise Overview » LifeDojo. Monday Morning Motivation: Here Comes the BOOM! | Dear Teacher/Love Teacher. Dear Teacher, For the last two Mondays, I have really striven to give you some motivation and get you pumped up for the week ahead. I have been posting theme songs for you to play while you read, and this has been extremely popular and well-received. I have loved doing this myself, and I the theme songs have stuck with me through the week. So, I think I am going to stick with this new trend I started. I have a week of training that I am excited about; it is training about poverty and brain research that I think is going to give a new edge to my teaching next year, and this song sums up how I feel about it.

Play the song before you read on. It is an awesome song and a pretty funny video (you may want to watch it after you read, if you have never seen it before). (Disclaimer–if you have never heard this song before, there is a lyric you may think is saying something that it is not…the line is “big S.D.” for San Diego…not what it sounds like the first time you hear it.) Love, Teacher.