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Marsha Sarv

Hey, I’m Marsha. I’m a web developer and working in Sarv Webs Pvt Ltd. I am a fan of photography, technology, and designs. I’m also interested in music.

Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your CTR Instantly.pdf - Zoho Docs. Start Your Own Business With Zero Initial Investment. "Yes, you are reading it correct, you can start your business with zero investment.

Start Your Own Business With Zero Initial Investment

" If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, Become a Channel Partner. We can define business as economic system where goods and services are exchanged for money. Every business needs some kind of investment, operating model and client base in order to start and sell the products to generate revenue.

Is Your Business Focused Only to Make Money? Money is the most important factor to consider if you are into business.

Is Your Business Focused Only to Make Money?

After all, you constantly keep on re-evaluating your strategies to ultimately maximize your profit and stand out from other competitors in the market. Going by the conventional advice, diversifying your business is considered a good option but the important errand is to not lose your profits in diversifying your existing well-established business.

If you are determined to make more money from your business, cutting off costs is important. Leadership is a Challenge: Top 5 Challenges and How to Overcome Them. Leadership is a challenging role.

Leadership is a Challenge: Top 5 Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Being a leader is not an easy job. Toll free Number & Its Implementation in Business. Wondering, what’s a toll free Number?

Toll free Number & Its Implementation in Business

A toll free number allows users to call free of cost to a business or service provider and the charges are paid by the toll free number subscriber or called party, instead of the calling party. This makes reaching a company or service provider a zero-cost experience for its clients and customer. Getting a toll free number is not just about giving a brand national recognition, it goes beyond that as it comes with numerous benefits.

For instance, it gives your customers a privilege of calling at your business without being charged and that makes you a concerned service provider about its customers’ experience. In today’s era, toll free numbers are a usual thing even for the small scale businesses, as it has quite a successful history, particularly in customer service and telemarketing. Missed Call Service: Impressive Results within Few Minutes. When customers are trying to reach you to enquire your product or service, the message saying “all lines are currently busy….please stay on the line” or the “beep beep beep…” tone can really be the most annoying part that might even end up your relation with them.

Missed Call Service: Impressive Results within Few Minutes

We live in a generation where instant gratification and limited patience are highly admired. And if you can’t deliver immediate attention to your potential customers, they simply move on the next one. So, asking for a simple miss call to those who want to reach you and return to them with the quick response would work thousand times better. Today, the role of missed calls is beyond mere personal communications. Get Cloud Telephony Services to Create Interactive Call Center. Get Cloud Telephony Services to Create Interactive Call Center. 5 Winning Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs. When a business starts as an enterprise, its prime consideration for success is dependent largely on its marketing strategies formulated to suit the nature of business and products in consideration.

5 Winning Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs

The strategies need to reach the wide spectrum of targeted customers in the specified region. After all, it is the profit concept behind the driving force of any Small and medium business. Also, it is fundamentally true and known to all of us, that without marketing, nothing sells. You have to do trumpeting about the attractiveness of your businesses in a loud manner, to the very taste of customers listening to you. There are a variety of proficient strategies for SME available to adopt and implement it with all its niceties.

The market is full of cut throat competitions for SMEs, posing as great hurdles in their way of marketing whether it is physical or digital marketing. Hence, your manoeuvrability has to be very deft and carefully planned. The image shows smart marketing trends for SMEs: 1. 29 Expert Tips for Successful Email Marketing [Infographic & E-book] 225 Billion.

29 Expert Tips for Successful Email Marketing [Infographic & E-book]

That’s the number of emails sent and received per day. According to Radicati Group email statistics report. That’s a huge number! Did you know, that the first email sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971? How to avoid losing Leads through Virtual Receptionist (IVR) As a business owner, you are entitled to a lot of responsibilities like managing your employees, overlooking the business pattern, analyzing the business statistics etc.

How to avoid losing Leads through Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

In other words, overcoming challenges is one of the major tasks on a day to day basis for any business owner. However, statistics suggest that only half of the businesses in the market make it past the first four years of their initial start up, out of which only 40% remain profitable. With such an extensive competition in the market, you need to look for the best alternatives available that will help you sustain your business in the market along with providing you an edge over the others. One of the basic assets that any business needs for success is customer retention. Customers form the backbone of your company’s success. Obviously, no business would like to lose their customer calls. 15 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Voice Broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is versatile in all its attributes.

15 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Voice Broadcasting

When it comes to reaching out a group of people effectively then voice broadcasting is unparalleled. Many big brands use automatic voice broadcasting service towards a better business success. Further to this, it is used in all type of responsive campaign which demands quick results like surveys, lead generation, alert information, political campaigns, weddings invitations etc. All in all voice broadcasting is cost effective way of reaching out your customers and make the benefits of your services conveyed to the end customers. Because of a large number of simultaneous calls made possible with voice broadcasting, it’s one of the fastest ways to disseminate information on any running campaign.

As the picture above is indicating, record your voice, upload in the platform and send. Ask Yourself These 7 Questions before Creating Your Marketing Strategy. "In the factory, we make cosmetics; in the store we sell hope.

Ask Yourself These 7 Questions before Creating Your Marketing Strategy

" - Charles Revson Unless the product is push through or sold in the market, there is no value of it irrespective of an actual higher value. The company should make a spectacle of their products and plan to induce its own very Sales strategy concepts in the market. Marketing is a conceptual idea or philosophy of preparing a scientific approach that takes the entire gamut of sales and purchase into consideration. It also includes the efforts for enhancement of company's credible image. This aspect covers the small, medium and big businesses. How to Make Engaging Email Content to Drive Conversions. We live in the “Age of Customers” – According to Forrester research. Meet today’s buyer – Digital Buyer.

Thanks to Smartphones, Social Media & Web, these channels provide instant information to customers. Consumers can access detailed information and reviews about services/products anytime anywhere – Just need finger/thumb with a Smartphone. How IVR Can Target Different Sectors to Drive Best Results. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows interaction between a customer and computer through recorded voice and DTMF. It plays a very crucial role in providing efficient, responsive, economic and quick customer service. It's cloud telephony service which is increasingly being implemented by both small and large businesses to improve overall customer experience and to cut business costs. IVR is widely used in different sectors, it isn’t an industry specific services anymore. Top 6 Strategies to Make Your Content More Popular and Engaging. If life was food, content would be the basic ingredient of it.

Sarv's Marketing Resource Hub. How to get more conversion from your emails – Sarv Email Marketing and Transactional email services (SarvTES) If I ask you how many emails do people send and receive every day, what will be your answer? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds, still, I guess your answer will be in billions. If I go with the last year’s reports submitted by the Radicati Group, it is found that the number of mail users were about 2.6 billion and the number of texts sent and received by them were more than 205 Billion, that is beyond our expectation.

Going by the reports, we can assume that each user gets around more than hundreds of social and business emails in his/her inbox. So in this case, it goes without saying that a single promoting text or email can make them frustrated as well as bound them to send your mail into the trash or for Spam. Undoubtedly, email marketing is an economical and effective solution to enrich your goal within an appropriate time, but, it also can’t be denied that every easy and simple maze carries higher chances of risks with itself that can be clearly seen in such marketing strategies. Navratri Splash Sale - 2016. Sarv Transactional Email Service. Grow your business with Sarv Email Marketing. Powerful & easy to use software Sarv offers the easiest way to create & send email campaigns or newsletters. Easy to manage email marketing platform with cloud solutions. Email Marketing Tour Dashboard Link to Dashboard Settings Create SMTP user and decide limits here Mail Find all sent email and their status.

Developer API Create API and API token, also find example of API call. Today Statistics Statistics of emails that are submitted the same day. All Statistics Statistics of whole account from beginning. Hourly Usage Percentage of used hourly limit. Total Hourly Limit Maximum hourly limit allowed. Reputation. One Destination for Web Marketing & Enterprise Hosting Solution.