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Encoding. Stubs. Design and Implementation of a High-performance TCP/IP Communica. Download Communications Library source and demo - 126 KB Introduction This article is the second of a multi-part series that will cover the architecture and implementation of components needed to create and maintain a robust, scalable, high performance, massive multiplayer online game server and game engine.

Design and Implementation of a High-performance TCP/IP Communica

The first article of the series focused on building a Scheduling Engine to drive organized, real-time change in a virtual world. The present article focuses on the design and implementation of a TCP/IP communication component, designed to efficiently handle communications between the game server and remote game clients (players). Encodo C# Handbook. Resource Page DescriptionThis document covers many aspects of programming with C#, from naming, structural and formatting conventions to best practices for using existing and developing new code.

Encodo C# Handbook

Background It's the manual developed at Encodo Systems AG for developing with C# and .NET, but many of the concepts and ideas can be applied to any programming language. The intent of this document is not to codify current practice at Encodo as it stands at the time of writing; instead, this handbook has the following aims: Whereas the Encodo Handbook draws mostly on in-house programming experience, it also includes ideas from Microsoft’s Internal Coding Guidelines and Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries and benefits as well from both the IDesign and Philips coding styles as corroborative sources. Using the Handbook. Channel9 Wiki: HomePage. Spec# - Home. Spec# is a formal language for API contracts (influenced by JML, AsmL, and Eiffel), which extends C# with constructs for non-null types, preconditions, postconditions, and object invariants.

Spec# - Home

Spec# comes with a sound programming methodology that permits specification and reasoning about object invariants even in the presence of callbacks and multi-threading. Spec# is a research vehicle that has been used to explore specifications and the dynamic/static tools that make use of them. The Spec# programming system is a new attempt at a more cost effective way to develop and maintain high-quality software.

Spec# is pronounced "Spec sharp" and can be written (and searched for) as the "specsharp" or "Spec# programming system". The Spec# system consists of: A Theory of Programming.