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40+ Free Windows Apps For You. Free Online Storage, Sharing and Publishing. Sproutit: Sprout Home. Share easily. The 40 coolest free applications around - Posted on Thursday 23rd of August 2007 at 12:37 in Software*Update: a new list has been published - the 70 coolest applications in existence.

The 40 coolest free applications around -

Everyone loves free software (open source or otherwise) and this list demonstrates quite how many excellent applications can be had for free. If you thought you needed to buy something - maybe check this list first. The aim of this list is to compile the greatest free and open source applications currently available; I spend many many hours online each day (through the nature of my work) so it's worth writing down some of the things I find for the benefit of those who are fortunate to have better things to do. Image Editing and Graphics.