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Contracts. Lean. Agile Journal - KPIs for Agile Teams. Staying Agile in an uncertain economy. It's no secret that the state of the economy and disruptions in capital markets have impacted many companies, large and small, during the first few months of 2008.

Staying Agile in an uncertain economy

This March, Gartner advised that CIOs must prepare to cut IT costs in order to cope with the tightening economic environment.1 Software development projects, especially those of the exploratory, dynamic, forward-leaning sort where Agile methods really shine, are being frozen at current levels and even deferred entirely until the business climate improves. Some teams have undergone reductions in workforce, and thus losing valuable domain and project knowledge.2 These uncertain times have provoked some software managers and executives to return to their comfort zones, which is understandable. Most of us seek familiarity and security when under threat, whether comfort food or a cozy bed. Planning and Running an XP Iteration. Cara Taber ThoughtWorks Martin Fowler Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks Last Significant Update: January 2001 Since the begining of the new millenium, we've been running an interesting XP project.

Planning and Running an XP Iteration

Recommended TDD Tutorials. Improving Software Process - A Letter to Upper Management - Tim. The Qualities of a Software Architect. The software/enterprise architect job is an important one.

The Qualities of a Software Architect

The duties of an architect are numerous and require specific leadership, communication and technical skills to be fulfilled. In a recent post, Gabriel Morgan wrote about the qualities of an enterprise software architect starting from Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence (EI) abilities: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Iteration Negative One. Agile Journal - Software testing in an Agile environment. BlueBlog: Software Engineering Tips for Startups. Just one more thing you get when you have Immersion, the full 12 week undulating meal plan.

BlueBlog: Software Engineering Tips for Startups

Those in the Fat Loss manual were merely samples to get a few people started. Notes from a Tool User: One year of Scrum - Lessons Learned. This is a series of posts that will focus on seven key lessons I’ve learned over the past year of implementing and coaching scrum.

Notes from a Tool User: One year of Scrum - Lessons Learned

I became interested in Agile development in 2000 after failing at every other approach I’d ever tried: waterfall, RUP, drawing UML diagrams (I spent a lot of time perfecting the diagrams and less producing a working product). In Jan 06 a team I was a member of started doing daily standups during a crisis. When the problem was solved we decided the standups had been effective at sharing information so we decided to keep them. After a reorg in Oct 06 we decided to start iterations and add regular Planning, Review and Retrospective meetings.

So began our journey with Scrum. Lessons Learned. Notes from a Tool User: Best Agile Books the 2007 Edition. Last year in response to some questions at a CSM course I wrote a post: "Top 8 Agile Books: Beyond the Basics".

Notes from a Tool User: Best Agile Books the 2007 Edition

This past week I was help out at a CSM course when the topic came up again. This time I’ve a much longer list of books. Top Three – I wouldn’t start an Agile project without these Agile Software Development: A Cooperative Game (2nd Ed) by Alistair Cockburn – Possibly the most interesting book I’ve ever read about agile software development. It’s not about any one methodology, instead Alistair analyzes game play, individual communication, team cooperation: the elements that are the core of all software development. Column info : 11 Ways Agile Adoptions Fail. [article] Summary: Usually, when Jean Tabaka lists practices, techniques, ideas, or recommendations about software development, she sticks with the number ten.

Column info : 11 Ways Agile Adoptions Fail

Ag. In the last post we covered the importance of engaging the right people in the estimation process and the need to use more than one estimation approach.


Today we will look at some examples of team based estimation approaches and practical ways to combine estimate result sets. Large_project_risks.pdf (application/pdf Object) Evidence Based Scheduling. Evidence Based Scheduling by Joel Spolsky Friday, October 26, 2007 Software developers don’t really like to make schedules.

Evidence Based Scheduling

Usually, they try to get away without one. Agile Alliance: Article Library. Video Learning Center Featuring video Libraries of Agile2011 and Agile2012 keynote talks and special events, and selected full-length Conference Sessions including a wide variety of subject matter.

Agile Alliance: Article Library

Learn from the world's most interesting voices, most prominant thought leaders and seasoned practitioners. You will find talks and tutorials for all experience levels. Fixed bids, agile projects. Jeremy Miller is talking about agile adoption, and he raised the issue of fixed bids in agile projects. Fixed money, fixed time, fixed scope projects are the ones that are easiest for the bean counters to work with. You pay X$ you wait Y months, you get Z features. If the other side fails to hold their end of the bargain, you start reducing X$. Easiest for bean counters doesn't mean that it is easiest for the software project itself. Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz's Cirrus Minor - Fixed Bids and Agile Pr. Successfully Applying Agile to Fixed-Bid Projects. Bryan Wheeler, Director Platform Development at “Udi Dahan is the real deal.

We brought him on site to give our development staff the 5-day “Advanced Distributed System Design” training. The course profoundly changed our understanding and approach to SOA and distributed systems. Consider some of the evidence: 1. Months later, developers still make allusions to concepts learned in the course nearly every day 2. Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD): The Key to Scaling Agile. Table of Contents 1. Overview. Dr. Dobb's Agile Newsletter 8/07. By Scott W. Ambler , August 16, 2007 Putting your project on firm ground -- thanks to requirements modeling In This Issue How Much Initial Requirements Modeling Should You Do?

Hot Links. Agile Testing. The demise of the Gantt Chart in Agile Software Projects. User Stories to User Experience - Scott Bellware [MVP] Jim Newkirk is blogging about the down side of setup and teardown methods in test classes, and why you shouldn’t use them. Setup and teardown methods attract entropy faster than an outsource programmer with his first patterns book. Jim’s new framework, xUnit.NET doesn’t have primitives for setup and teardown, although it sounds like there are mechanisms that could be used to accomplish the same kind of thing. Roy feels that xUnit.NET isn’t quite there yet. I think that Roy’s perspective will be reflected by lots of folks who have become used to NUnit (et al) over the past six years. An Agile Bookshelf: 10 Must-Read Books.